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    • Your situation still calls into question the accuracy of or the confidence we should have in the recovery/hrv numbers.  In reality, your SWS cycle occurred when it occurred.  And thus, your HRV in the last 5 minutes of that cycle was what it was.  However, if the change in the algorithm can change the estimate of when that was and have it result in a 25% change, then what does it really mean? I've had a similar debate going on about my numbers.  I actually manually start my sleep activity when i lie down to go to sleep.  Last night, that was 10:15 or so, and I know i didnt actually fall asleep until close to 11.  However, my whoop data counts 10:15 to 11:00 as light sleep with only one occurrence of "awake".  Does that mean lying still in bed while awake isn't any different than light sleep?  If so, thats fine.  If not, then the same thing holds where the baseline calc could be off, and that changes the rest of the metrics. Yes, that is a better answer.  Still uncomfortable with a 25% difference in recovery.
    • Day 17 - got to do a practice round today.  Working to continue developing a repeatable driver.  Overall - ball striking was not as consistent yet I was in the fairway just as often.  Iron play was decent while fairways suffered.  Putting - worked on keeping the eyes looking down and not chasing the ball once struck....not easy as "eye" want to see it go in.  
    • A better answer:  
    • I focus on a point a foot or two in front of the ball on the target line. A blade of grass, a leaf, some color anomaly in the turf... I actually then visualize a line between my ball and this point. That is how I align my feet, hips, the shoulders parallel to this line.  
    • Guys...this might all be true...except when we’re talking about.....THE HAMMER!!!!!
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