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    • Mavrik driver, old XR 3 wood, (best I ever had), Bertha 4 hybrid, Rogue irons, 5-GW, 54* Mac Daddy SW, 58* X Tour LW... old Cobra putter.  
    • Do your students lose their sponsorships when they use that word?
    • I agree completely.  Two reasons.  First, when you've learned Aimpoint Express, you've learned to collect the information presented in those books, for every single golf course you'll ever play in your life.  No need to buy another greens book, ever.  Second reason, once you have the book, you still have to learn  how to turn the arrows and numbers into an actual read.  Yeah, you'll know the putt goes left, but you need to learn how to estimate how FAR left it will go.  Aimpoint Express teaches you not just how to collect the data, but how to actually use the data to determine your start line.  I haven't priced an Aimpoint clinic for a few years, but I'll just about guarantee that the clinic price would be less than buying three greens books, and quite possibly less than buying just two.
    • I've been buying the Strackaline combo books. The price of yardage/green book combo is $125, and yardage only is $29-$47. A guy on Youtube was saying you should only buy the yardage book, and spend the $78-$96 you save on learning Aimpoint. Any thoughts?
    • And those who continue to downplay it prolong how long it will continue to be used. A friend postulated that the word is much more common in the south. Can't say that's true or not, but it "feels" somewhat accurate. "We" (my age group) said it some in the early 90s, but even by the time I graduated from HS we knew it wasn't a good word to say at all. I can't remember I said the word other than when discussing the "word" itself since 1996 or earlier.
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