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    • Same.  Usually happens on Sundays during football.  I delete as well, but mostly because it affects the recommended sleep time.  And therefore throws off the performance metric and bedtime suggestion. But if sitting and doing nothing for 90 minutes is the same as a nap, then there's nothing to worry about.  But I dont think it is.
    • BTW I was wrong. It was 85 to 67. I had though it went to 57. Here are the images: What you'll note is that the areas marked as SWS are the same. So… And
    • THANK YOU!!!!  No crap, really!! If you recall I asked about putting with trifocals and you as well as others gave me some great advice.  But this, this one putting statement supported what actually made all the difference for me in putting.    I started to do this, what you stated and it makes me feel good that I am actually doing something right with this crazy game.  Been frustrating day/week of practice
    • Your wish is the easiest one in the world to grant.  In fact I asked the Greatest Wish Granter I knew this very thing.   I said "Dad I wish somebody would improve the playability of my irons" Dad's response "Go practice". Those were irons from the 1970's if you recall the only game forgiveness they carried was hitting it in the very center of the face. So as my Dad granted me my wish 50 years ago, I now will now grant you your wish "Go Practice" Today legitimate golf club manufactures can back up their marketing claims with science and hard data.  Funny thing is, I can even back up their claims.  At 58 years old I can carry a Driver 264, that is supported by Trackman as well as on a golf course with GPS marking.  In 2019 my longest drive went 340 yards, that was only 1 drive and it was crazy.  Flat hole I will add not down hill.  Probably will never do it again and I wasn't even trying to crush it when I did. At the peak of my physical shape roughly 36 years ago, mind you I did play some college football I didn't hit one drive 300 yards and probably averaged at BEST 250 yards with roll out.   The difference is 100% gear, clubs are more playable, more forgiving, longer by a lot because I am not stronger and faster in my swing today then at 22. Only issue, I scored significantly better with those old inferior technology clubs then today by a lot.   And oh by the way, not trying to attack you.
    • My son actually looks at a spot about an inch in front of the ball at address. His line of line is determined by a blade of grass about two feet in front of the ball towards his target. He originally stared at various points on the ball and experimented some time ago by moving his attention to one inch in front of the ball. 
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