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    • Only slight overrated. I don't think there is any more buzz around it than it did. It's not like they pulled in 'million dollah sponsors' or anything to begin with.   I don't blame Inkster and Co. for overselling it a bit. I would if I were her. But yeah, the whole things a bit meh.    
    • OK I have been stewing over this topic since I first saw it.  So here goes my "Etiquette Confession" This takes me way back, like way back.  Senior year in High School.  District Golf Tourney.  I was ranked #2 in the District which was pretty decent.  I was the 2nd Golfer off the tee and the entire District and all of the H.S Coaches are watching.  I was so nervous I literally almost peed myself. I wanted to go to Regionals so bad that year and then hopefully State. So I grab this chunk of wood attached to a steel rod with electricians tape for a grip and tee off (My Persimmon 3 Wood).  I played a fade back then and I had it down pat. Well not only did I pull the ball but I also hit a Draw while playing a Fade.  I crushed my tee shot.  It flew over the 18th fairway that ran parallel to the 1st fairway and sure enough it looks as if it goes O.B.   One of the guys from another H.S starts laughing loud and hard and loudly states "That's the longest Drive I have ever seen"  Let me add that the two of us had tied earlier in a duel match so we had a side bet going on this round. I pull out a provisional and I just drilled it the exact same way in the exact same spot.  Now my shoulders drop and I go to my bag for my 3rd golf ball. #3 - Identical to the first two, I am lost and have no idea what golf is any longer.  I go over to my bag and pick it up and the same guy asks if I am going to hit a 4th ball and I said "No, one of them will be in bounds" Ok I get to all 3 balls, they are all in the same spot so it was very easy to grab 2 of them.  The 3rd ball was a lousy 3 inches O.B.  I looked back at the entire group and they were all staring at me.  I hit that ball from where it laid, Out of Bounce!.   I never called it - it didn't matter at that point.  I finished 2nd to last in the entire field.  Even when I was in 7th Grad playing in this same District Tourney I never even came close to that. So there, my "Etiquette Confession" and I still am upset over that day. 🙂 
    • Sharper, better lit, night time golf swing vids coming soon?
    • Getting the best sand wedge for you involves more than just hunting for some all-occasions Magic Club. To be a decent bunker player, you need a SW with a head and grind which matches your normal turf conditions, and proper technique. Traditional wisdom (above) says that if you play out of very firm sand, you want a SW with lower bounce. This means the clubhead will cut through the sand and not get hung up in it. If you play in fluffy or powdery sand, you want a high bounce wedge that will glide through the powder without digging in too much. @iacas explains additional aspects of bounce in his forum Edel Wedges (or "Super Bounce") Then there is technique. For starters, access @mvmac's forum on How to Hit Sand/Bunker Shots.  An excellent video begins the thread. If you have a history of bad experiences in the sand, you take a bunker lesson. A good instructor could help you incorporate the basics into your swing.
    • I've been Playing Golf for: I played lots as a youngster (from age 4 to 15), but haven't ever taken golf seriously until this season. I had played ~6 rounds in the last 10 years. I am 30 years old My current handicap index or average score is: If the course is 6500 yards, I tend to play in the upper 90s. My typical ball flight is: either a high fade or a mid-high pull on bad contact. When I feel that I have hit it good, it goes straight The shot I hate or the "miss" I'm trying to reduce/eliminate is: pulling mid to mid-short iron shots I've put off doing this because I was afraid of what I might see, and I generally like how I strike the ball when it is good. I finally busted out the tripod today to get some clips for review and to post here especially. I hope I can get some good info out of this and will hopefully be updating this regularly (maybe 1 time per week). Thanks, and Cheers! Videos:   
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