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    • @ALong17 I would also try to abide by this: Don't get caught up in the outdated advice some give to spend a great deal of time on the putting green. If you have an hour to practice, maybe 10 minutes on the putting green is sufficient. And if you are doing that be specific on what you are working on. Don't just mindlessly stroke balls from 15 feet at a hole, assess the weakest part of you putting and find a drill to work on it. Also, just buying a medium bucket of balls and hitting them one after the other is not practicing. I know you stated that you believe your putting to be the root of your problem, but most of the time we blame the short game when it's really the long game where we are losing the majority of our strokes. For example, I hit an approach shot onto the green 60 feet from the pin. I three putt from there and blame my putting for the bogey, when it was actually the shitty approach shot that was the problem.  Remember, the long game is more important than the short game. The long game is a much bigger determinant of your total score than the short game.  
    • Welcome to TST. You picked a good golf forum to receive, and share information.
    • No, I honestly hadn't until now. However, I stand by what I've said. While I agree about when the forearms actually roll over, after impact, that post or the repeated discussion points on this thread don't help people like myself that have had success with the feeling of the "gradual rolling of the forearms through impact". Its about a feeling and the results that the feeling produce.
    • What is interesting is that @Mudcatwilly listened to the advice he got here, and found that he accomplished the "squaring of the club" by concentrating on something completely different, actively turning his body through the downswing.  When he was focused on the active release, he was seeing inconsistency, which is what a number of guys have predicted.   This kind of thing is pretty typical, I think, when a player attempts to fix his own swing.  Many of us, myself included, focus on a "issue" that is a symptom rather than a cause.  The best long-term solution isn't to attack the symptom itself ("release the club") but to determine and correct the underlying cause (proper rotation).
    • @Bobby2Swings Be honest, did you read the post that @iacas put the link to? Your questions are all discussed there. Don’t take this as any tone please. It’s just nice to not have to repeat what’s already been discussed.
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