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    • Day 350 : Good day with the longer clubs! 3h,4h, and 5h all did what they were supposed to do.  Good loft, excellent distances, good direction.  I made a slight mental adjustment to keep my head down and keep the contact square.   Both the GX-7 and the Ping G5 were strong off the tee and the GX-7, which I call my 3W, was solid off the turf. I should also say all 3 wedges played as expected. Feel ready for my round tomorrow!
    • Cooler than the 115 last week!  
    • Hello from rainy (for the time being) Georgia.  This has been an odd week.  I met a Chinese guy who doesn't play Ping Pong...and now I find out that everybody in Scotland isn't a scratch golfer.  It's a funny old world sometimes.  
    • My "full swing" wedge is no more than 3/4's anything else.  I'd try backing off a bit.  Think about the spin, the trajectory, and where you want the ball to land...instead of  "what would go that far if I really hammered it?"  There is no need to maximize distance with irons and wedges...it's all about where the ball winds up.   Next time you are at the range...hit some 3/4 wedges and short irons.  My guess is that your distances won't change much.  When the ball launches at an angle greater than 45 degrees it usually just goes higher...not farther.   Anyway...we all have a club, or two, get away from us from time to time.  When that happens I go back to square one and walk it back out.
    • If you had asked me two months ago, I'd have told you I have a similar problem:  I can't hit a full swing with my wedge.  My solution:  I don't.  Two months ago, if I needed 115 yards, I'd hit a full PW.  100 yards, a full UW.  And I probably had +/- 15 yard variance with them, not on purpose. What I do now:  I don't hit them full swing.  If I need 115 yards, I flight a 9-iron.  100 yards, I flight a PW.  It isn't perfect, but there's a reason I have a double digit handicap.  Check out this thread to see how to do it: And then spend a bit of time practicing this at the range and maybe in a practice round or at a par-3 course, figure out what your distances are for these.   My hits with my short irons and wedges are now better, and my misses are better too.  
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