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    • Won’t be able to make this one, but you guys will enjoy it I’m sure. Chautauqua has a really good practice facility. It’s the kind of place you could spend all day at.
    • This is what happens when I have two calendars and you don't sync them up. I am in for Sunday's golf. My cousin has a wedding on the 1st that was not on my work calendar. 🤦‍♂️
    • I played a great front nine and a good back nine today. I made four bogeys and a birdie (a repeat of hole 6) for a 39. The back nine brought me back down to earth a bit, and I shot 46 for a total 85, matching my PR. I had nine putts on the first seven holes and was +1, but I was +12 on the last eleven and had 23 putts. All three of my three-jacks today were after poor lag putts, one after I left a 45-footer twelve feet short. Don’t know what happened there. But other than that, I’m thrilled. 
    • Interesting! I’m likely in, barring a veto.
    • My apologies;  I didn't mean to associate it with the comment.   But I do think there's a stigma, at least in some corners.  I also know a few people who have seemingly attached a stigma to non-blades, among other things. I was convinced to get a 4-hybrid a few years ago by a plus handicap who saw a 4-iron in my bag and asked me why and I completely agree with you about lots of good players use them well into the iron sets.  Oh wow, Aerotech SteelFiber, those bring me back.  In '08, I went for a fitting at an outfit run by a former US AM Champ and that was the iron shafts they suggested (among other expenses).  I think I paid a grand, total, between the fitting cost and buying some of their suggestions (and I was in graduate school at the time, not exactly made of money).  And then I found out they suggested those shafts, in regular flex no less, to just about everyone who came in!  It seems a running joke around here around that time was that if you saw someone playing those, you asked them if they went to that particular fitter.
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