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    • This whole ordeal reminds me of spots in pool matches. Everyone always wants more, especially when something of value is on the line. They don't want to admit that they can lose to someone of their same skill level, fair and fair. The only thing with golf is that typically age dictates distance, but handicaps don't lie. The 10 index seniors that always play off the forward tees are still 10 index. Just as the guys that play off the members with a 10, or the tips with a 10, they are all the same. I play in a local game sometimes where 60+ plays forward and then depending on the course, <60 plays from the members or the tips. I don't think it's right because they have their own adjusting system based on round to round play in the game. It just makes it loads tougher on the courses where the 59 and under have to play the tips, even if they only drive it 230-250 like me. The difference in distance on some of these holes is 30 yards (tips to members). I try not to play the game on those courses, but sometimes I do anyway because it's cheap and fun. I think the whole game should be played from the same tees, because after a few rounds everything would even out, but old men are hard to change.
    • Day 140 -- you know you're serious about the 5 minute daily challenge when you bring your 12 lb medicine ball to a hotel so you don't risk missing a day.  Did that drill this evening.
    • Having played tennis for years, (no way is tennis more difficult), my only thought is that a tennis swing might promote too much shoulder turn.  The last thing you want to do is crank a forehand winner with your driver. John
    • @topoftheline89, welcome friendo. I hope you find as much good stuff on this forum as I do. Glad to see you here.
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