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    • I disagree. I’ll go on the record now and say he’s changing people’s perceptions of what the ideal golf body is (in fact I might have already said/wrote this). If nothing changes on the PGA Tour to reduce the viability of this strategy, in 10-20 years you’re going to see bigger, bulkier guys become the norm on tour, much like Tiger’s success inspired a generation of golfers to work out and hit the ball far with lean muscle. Tiger, remember, had his share of critics for approaching fitness in golf different than the norm. The media and some others commenting on this seem to make it out to be a novelty, like Bryson is a circus act because he’s quirky, but I bet there are coaches out there quietly taking notes right now.
    • And, they got zero camera coverage.
    • Just pulled the trigger on some used JPX 900 Forged irons! I currently have Mizuno MX-100s, which I've had for over 10 years so figured it was time for an update. I got those for cheaper than I was expecting so I went ahead and bought a 54/58 degree SM7 Vokey wedge. Excited to put these in the bag in the next few days as both of my current wedges are 10+ years old.    Tonight, I'm hoping to get out on the range and work on few things: 1. (Flow) Looking to move upper body a few inches back on backswing and before the downswing shifting weight onto left side. I'm hoping to  2. Slower transition to help with my "flow" 3. Hands slightly forward at address   Will get a few videos up from the range session tonight!
    • Something I noticed in your recent driver video, once you get to A3 (I think) in the backswing, it seems like you begin to lose the depth you created from the takeaway. I think this is due to you starting to bend your left elbow. Is that something you've ever addressed?
    • @ShawnSum, I think that is pretty exaggerated. I'd bet the most of the guys that have been grouped with BDC these last 4 weeks are contemplating distance chasing, even if they aren't admitting it to the public. Pretty tough/wearing watching a guy hitting 3 clubs less, watching them struggle with short pitch shots, and still blowing your score away.
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