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    • Welcome to the Ohio clan @Slim_Pivot!
    • They closed Fort Hays, Kansas for about 2 days. After being the only course to close, Fort Hays decided to make some new rules and open back up. (Mainly because the other courses didn't close.) Good for them.  In Kansas, we have been practicing Social Distances since January 29, 1861. 🙂  La Crosse, Kansas, where I live is always open. (9 hole course with sand greens)  BTW, I shot an 86 from the whites last week and my handicap went to 19. (Not bad for a 73 year old senior citizen) At the beginning of 2019, my handicap was 28.  I will be glad when all this is over and I can work on lowering my handicap even further.  Retired Old Man 
    • Same here, just announced yesterday.  Our Florida Courses have been classified as essential.  Our Northern course just got reclassified as essential.  Only open Fri-Sun 1-6 for now.  1 per cart. No pairings with strangers.  No clubhouse.  Online payments only.  No rakes.  No touching flagsticks.  Disinfect carts before and after.
    • I’ll give it a go! Disclaimer. A lot of these are feelings. I don’t want to type “feels as if...” every line. It would be hard to read. Backswing. In the takeaway, shifting into my trail hip.  As the backswing continues. The un-weighting of my lead foot. I’m not picking it up off the ground. But as it unweights, transition becomes dynamic. Obviously the steep shoulder turn. Lead side feels crunched when I turn steep enough. Downswing As mentioned above, the planting into my lead foot. My weight goes into my lead side bowing my wrist to square the face Impact / follow through  the stretching of my lead side. To me it feels more up, my body moves around pretty good.
    • Our town implemented a stay at home order yesterday morning, and the governor did one statewide later in the day. (It’s kind of what I see people doing here anyway, but I suppose there are some who didn’t. Not sure how much it will help St Louis or Kansas City at this point.) The updated info for our muni: Course is open. Clubhouse is closed to the public.   Credit card and online payments only. Golf carts are available and sanitized after each use. One person per cart. All leagues and tournaments have been cancelled at this time. Not mentioned there, but the bunker rakes and ball washers have been removed.  Each flagstick has a sign saying don’t touch, and the holes have styrofoam swim noodle inserts. If it hadn’t been 34* with a thunderstorm, I would have played yesterday afternoon.
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