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    • Well Damnit, I didn't read enough, now I see how it applies. I took this as "Free Relief" from loose impediments... Another Question. When I need to move a loose impediment? I will usually announce my intention to Identify my ball and mark it. Then is it OK to remove any loose objects before replacing my ball back to it's original position?
    • Thanks for the tips. I will try the towel method today. That should also take up the slack in the tie-down straps (which probably "helps" the bag to rotate).
    • I’d invite him to do so. Put him to the test. If anything I’d like to see BC’s comments when he fails to do it.
    • Have you all tried this method for putting your stand bag on your ClicGear trolley? Back before I switched to a cart bag, I used this method and it worked like a champ. The bag didn't spin at all. The video may make you nauseous as this guy really needs a tripod. But the method works great. IMO.  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Xn0RJJjia9w  
    • If you find that spot let me know. I have a very similar list minus the soccer. You could always watch the local college team to get your fix. My boss hates the cold also so warm weather is a must for her. I have to be able to golf all year round. I have at most 7 more years in the shitty ass DC metro area and I’m packing my bags. I can’t wait.
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