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    • yawn....I better put on my monocle and spats and go create a new etiquette book. (spitting - as long it doesn't spray seeds or butts,......yawn)
    • I once had a similar shot on a par 3.  I was on the green and had to wedge over the corner of a sand trap to get it close to the hole.  Used a high bounce, wide-soled wedge but, nevertheless, took a divot out of the putting surface.  Seems like a golf course architect wouldn't design a hole like this. Which begs the question: Is this a one-putt or two-putt?  I made the 3 footer off the wedge shot.
    • Which was the tougher shot, Woodland's three wood on 14 or his wedge on 17? IMO, the three wood was the tougher shot, very high risk reward. That could have easily turned into a bogey or worse. Those guys are all magicians with a wedge in their hands around the green and Woodland said he had almost the same shot on 17 on Thursday and pulled it off then as well. 
    • Geez another similarity win him and Koepka. I guess that one poster who hates guys spitting on the course isn’t a fan.
    • This thread is the spittin' image of another similar thread on here.
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