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    • With the way my sciatica has been acting up, I've only been able to hang for 9 holes. So yesterday I did some short game work since it's been sucking bad and and played 9 today. I shot a 45 with 2 pars and a birdie #fistpump. The Good: Driver, putting, and bunker play.  The Bad: Chipping again. If I could have gotten the ball closer, I could have gotten perhaps 3 par saves. The Ugly: Inconsistent iron play. I had a short stretch where I couldn't get the ball in the air. Then put it in the bunker. Fortunately my 64 wedge and putter came through. Still I had fun. 2 pars and a birdie for me in 9 holes is good. I've learned to play with zero f***s to give. Getting into trouble on the 9th hole in the woods and managing a GIR and a par was a nice way to end it.
    • This is a perfect example of why this argument gets silly. Ruth was definitely better compared to his peers. But...if you put him in the game in Aaron’s day, against the same pitching, he would have been mediocre at best. Things are all relative. 
    • I had my Titleist 915 shortened to 44”. It made a huge improvement in my accuracy. I never did hit the ball that far, plus I don’t hit very many GIR, but I stay in the short grass more than not.
    • Like you said, the legs or specifically the knees are really dancing. Would probably like to see the lower body a little more stable through the swing. Imagine straddling a barrel during your swing up to impact. Focus on getting those knees turned out just a bit to stabilize the base and keep from losing that front knee at the top of the back swing. Getting that base stable is a must before you can put the club consistently on the back of the ball.
    • He's got what they used to market as the stack and tilt movement where he stays directly over the ball without much weight shift through the swing. That can work and be very consistent, however he needs to either shift his weight back during the backswing or keep it more on his front side over the whole swing. Right now he moves it to his front side on his back swing which will lose power and consistency. Only other glaring issue is that back leg locking out in the back swing. Really want to keep your knees consistently flexed just a little throughout the entire swing. 
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