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    • Hi, I started playing golf in May and have played quite a lot (35 rounds) this summer. I’m down to a 28 hcp. I’m having trouble with the length and height of my approach shots. I hit my 3 wood and 4 iron approximately the same length (only about 110 meters/120 yards) and therefore struggling a lot on par 5 holes and long par 4 holes. I tend to not get any height at all with the ball flying short and then just rolling through the grass. I hit short with the driver as well (about 150 meters/165 yards) but since I’m able to use a peg, height is not a problem. I’m 1,60 meters (5’2”) and 55 kg (121 lbs) so I’m sure this is part of the “problem”, but I see a lot of other women my size hit way longer. Any tips? How/what should I be practicing? Anyone been able to fix a similar problem? Thanks in advance!
    • I put money down on DJ right from the start ...covering like 6 of the top 9 coming into the last day ...  my wallet wants Champ / Scottie to pull out their first majors ...  As long as DJ puts alway Brooks I'll be happy ....getting far too big for his boots
    • What if you're dealing with an uneven lie or if the ball is mostly buried?
    • It depend. Getting on the far side of the green is often harder then chipping in from a close distance. If there is a bank for the ball to get a calculate lucky bounce I aim there a bit when hitting the other side risk the ball rolling off the green or into some bunker. A better miss.  Easy approaches just attack the flag 😄  
    • I have played the Super Soft and the original Maxfli Noodle Long/Soft but not the 2020 Taylormade model. But I am interested in trying as well. Good article that details new model vs old. For the $$ appears to be good option for those of us prone to misplace a ball or two. 😀 https://www.windtreegolf.com/noodle-golf-balls-review/  
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