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    • Who faced the tougher competition?   My analysis covers the 20 Masters Tournaments Woods has played in as a pro (1997 – 2019), and the first 21 Masters Tournament Nicklaus participated (1960 – 1982).   The Masters Tournament was chosen because the Masters is the only event played on the same course—Augusta National—each year.   I have one underlying assumption with regards to Tournament scoring. Golfing technology and equipment have steadily advanced. However, after researching the USGA opinions and the course overhauls that occurred in response to the technological advancements, I believe course designers have done a job preserving the emphasis on the player skill.    My assumption is that the efforts by executive committees to create more challenging courses has offset the permitted use of more advanced equipment. As a result I feel confident that the Tournament scores from the Nicklaus period in the sample (1960-1982) can be compared to the Masters leaderboards from the Woods period (1997-2019) within the margin of error of any statistical adjustment.      I merged the field from Woods’ first Tournament in ’97 with the field in Nicklaus’ first Tournament in ’60, maintaining the cut line at the top 50 qualifiers. I simply repeated this process through the 2019 and the 1982 Masters Tournaments.   In this period that I assessed, Woods did not participate in three tournaments ’14, ’16, and ‘17. Nicklaus did not participate in one tournament in ’67. Although the Masters Tournaments in ’61, ’73, 2003-2007 were played in poor weather conditions, after reviewing the cut lines, only ’03 and ’05 seem to be significantly affected by weather. A slight adjustment was made to players scores to normalize the scores.    After taking measure among the qualifiers during the merged tournaments displayed in the link, I found that the level of difficulty increased in the Woods’ era 28.1%.   ·     68% of the top 50 lowest qualifying scores are from the Woods’ era See 2ndsheet in link, labelled “top 50”   Additional Findings:   -      After merging the best of the two periods, Woods finishes with an estimated 4 green jackets and Nicklaus finishes with 2. -      If Woods competed in the Nicklaus period, Woods would have an estimated 9 green jackets. If Nicklaus competed in the Woods era, Nicklaus would have an estimated 5 green jackets. *Note: Nicklaus finished his career playing in 15 additional Masters Tournaments beginning in 1983. Woods is still active as of 2019. -      Woods finishes the 23 Tournament sample 106 below par. Nicklaus finishes the 23 Tournament sample 75 below par. Missing the hypothetical cut = +10 towards Masters career score.    Woods vs. Nicklaus  
    • A buddy of mine gave me a Bobby Jones 460cc black driver today and I played absolutely great with it! Highlight of today's round, however, was a beautiful 3 wood onto a par 3 that landed about 7-8 feet from the hole. There must have been a closest to the pin challenge earlier in the morning, because a marker was out there. My shot would have won it today had I been there to play in it 🙂 Overall, really solid round. Still some inconsistencies with iron play, but it's getting the better (the last three holes were really good with my 6, 7, 8, and W). 
    • Who knows. Maybe not happy that Nick reported the 2017 Champions Dinner story in the media. Tiger might have said things in that room that he expected the other Champions to keep to themselves instead of spouting to the media about it.
    • Not sure if it counts, but: Scrambled with some great guys today (foursome). We played an absolutely beautiful course. Shot a 73. 
    • You do realize my response was to “Diece”? But addressing your post, glad you are improving. However, even at 59, I usually play at 6700+ yards. On a mini tour, you will be at 7200 minimum, and expected to be under par, at least if you plan to play for a living. either way, golf should never define you. And making boast about a difficult game is a recipe for disappointment. But like most of the folks on this site, we will be ok if proven wrong. Will you be ok if we are proven right?
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