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    • I managed 3 birdies today, including the first this year on hole 11.  I only have 4 holes remaining:  #6, 200 yards par 3, pretty tough, #8, 422 downhill par 4, tougher, #9, 315 sharp dogleg par 4 I'm surprised I haven't got this one already, and #14, 420 downhill par 4.   
    • A 56 degree wedge is normally considered a sand wedge. Lob wedges are typically 58+ degrees. 56 degree wedges are quite a bit easier to hit than the typical 60 degree lob wedge. When I mentioned a "gap wedge", they are typically 50-54 degrees depending on the full wedge set up of a player. For example, I carry a 47 degree PW from my set, and then 52 (GW), 56 (SW), 60 (LW) from Titleist/Vokey (brand isn't that important though).
    • By Associated Press, Wire Service Content May 23, 2020, at 3:22 PM Western Montana Virus Outbreak Tied to Luxury Golf Club An outbreak of COVID-19 in western Montana is tied to an exclusive golf and country club developed by financial executive Charles Schwab. - - - - - -KATU News requested and received records from Portland's Parks & Recreation Department and discovered that from March 1 through April 6, 2019, there were 23,089 rounds of golf played at its five municipal courses. During that same time period this year, from March 1 through April 6, 2020, Portland Parks Golf saw an increase of 15% in golf rounds - 26,554 rounds of golf were played as the coronavirus outbreak spread in the Pacific Northwest. Portland golfers play through coronavirus pandemic at city courses Golfers are still swinging away at Portland's five city-owned and operated courses during the coronavirus pandemic, with more rounds being played compared to this time period last year, even as orders from the governor...
    • Torrey allows them and play seemed to speed up during a period when riding carts were not allowed. Torrey South in particular with elevated greens and a lot of green side bunkers, I can see the 2 - 3 foot area off and around the edge of the greens getting extra wear from all the push/pull cart trafic.  With a push cart and the course setup all the walkers with push carts are funneled into these small pathways as they keep the carts off the green and avoid slowing play down by making trips back to their carts if they leave them back at the fairway.  It's pretty much okay as the Kikuyu grass is so tough, otherwise it would be a problem. They should just allow and encourage players to just walk the carts right onto the green.
    • And how about a massive mower that is on the green everyday.    I don’t drive my push cart over the green, but I do drive it over tee boxes if they are in my way. The only reason is that a lot of them are battery driven and they might spin out on the green doing some damage that way if the user is not careful.  Yes they still have them and charge some for them. But they are crap and most of the people have their own and many are battery driven. 
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