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    • Nicklaus?  Norman?  Nicklaus won a long drive with the old gear at 341.   Chad Campbell averaged around 290.  With old gear 243.  Snedeker couldn't break 80 with old gear.  50-60 yards distance disparity between new and old.  Seems to me the new guys were the ones mishitting old gear. Davis Love hit over 400 with new gear.  He's another who wasn't hitting low spinners with persimmon.  Tiger also. I do agree though about Tiger maybe winning more if the new equipment had not come out.  At that time he had more skill and the gear leveled the playing field somewhat.   Maybe this was said in haste... HAPPY HOLIDAYS!
    • FWIW, I bought a few potentially used Tour Balata 100 balls from a local store that I sorted out of a pile of balls. My son and I played a 9 hole executive the other day with them. We both shot low 40s. These balls were just a bit better than hitting range balls on the course. My son teed off with a 3i Cleveland CG Tour blade. He consistently hit it 230 off the tee. I teed off with my Tour Selection circa 1980 3 metal wood 15 degree loft with steel shaft hitting about the same distance. No modern drivers wood or hybrids  were employed. I used my Ping i20 clubs for approaches, and my son just used those old style blades. Not muscle backs. So, the only thing we noticed different is that blisters started forming on the balls after a few  holes. Possibly just getting too old? They were possibly used as well. Don't ask why I bought these, but apparently the balls are not what you'd call "collector" items.  My distances were shorter with the 30 year old stuff, but not significantly score altering. Shots did feel good off the face though.
    • Happy Thanksgiving players! The Golf Channel is showing the documentary “Summer of ‘76 Royal Birkdale” right now. For an old timer like me who wouldn’t even start paying golf for another 10 or 12 years it’s an interesting look back at the time and a golf history lesson as well.
    • I think retailers should watch the video then they wouldnt be giving false advertisment like the following: Professional testing shows no performance loss between new, recycled and refinished? Tell that to Rafa.
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