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    • I’ve had a couple and most were mostly a lot of luck.  My first was a chip in from 10 feet off the green on a par 5, when I was just learning to use my 60 degree wedge.  The second was when I got a kind bounce on a long 2nd shot on a par 5, it rolled to within 2 feet.  Third was a holdout from the fairway from 85 yards, this was my favorite one because I knew I hit it exactly the way I envisioned it.  My last one was this year on a 545 yard par 5, I pulled my tee shot a bit left and clipped a small branch overhanging the fairway which kept me on the fairway.  My 2nd shot was a nice 3w that landed on the apron and rolled right past the hole.  I was actually thinking albatross, lol. I get up to the green and I’m about 15 feet past the hole.  My partners were trash talking, trying to make me nervous.  I actually hit a bad putt but misread the green and it went in.  I’ve never had a hole in one so the eagles are some of my greatest memories.  Point being, for us hackers, eagles are a combination of perseverance and luck.
    • You have an obligation the be honest.
    • two new videos. I am currently pretty happy with my short irons (7 and down). My 3 wood is hot and cold and my driver is pretty horrible.  The carry distances are nowhere near where I’d expect them to be with the woods. I will play my 7 iron somewhere around 160-170 yards, so from the swing speed chart you’d expect a 3 wood of 235 yards and I say I average about 220 yards on my good strikes. But my driver is going the same distance, maybe 10 yards further total. It seems that I just can’t hit up on it, and there are a lot of slices and pushes. 
    • I have been trying to feel the weight really spread evenly left right and forward backwards when I setup but if I stand up taller (so that my armpits would be further back) I feel that my club would be toe down. Maybe I need to push my butt back to do this 🙂
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