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    • ^^^ This ^^^ People watch what they find interesting and/or entertaining.  I love both women and golf, but I find women’s golf to be neither.
    • The 3 wood is a club I hit well.  Actually might be the club I hit the best.  For me it feels like the perfect length and weight balance to fit my swing and setup.   If you find yourself topping the ball, pulling/hooking when hitting off the deck I can tell you what I do.  1.  I find it especially important to keep your width throughout the swing so there is a sweeping motion.  I think big arc, lead arm stays relatively straight, at least don't let it break down, collapse so to speak during transition or the downswing. 2.  I actually feel my head moving downwards during transition.  Or think of that squat move that lowers your body slightly.  Might feel as if you are going to hit it fat but it is the move I find that keeps from topping the ball because after all, you tee up the driver and the woods off the tee block the most, so you obviously have to have a different feel when hitting off the deck. 3.  No need to try and swing out of your shoes.  The 3 wood is a long club and keeping a big arc will provide the swing speed.  If it's not enough, know your distance and lay up the best you can. Note:  I wouldn't recommend looking for an alternative club.  I sucked at the 3 wood before I spent the time at the range to figure it out and put in enough reps to get comfortable with it.  
    • In addition to what's posted above, my suggestion is to find a practice area, and hit wedges off of side hill lies. I say wedges, because of possible limitations to available room to hit balls. If you have room, use longer clubs.  Learn for yourself what the ball does with "your own" swing. Try different stances. Open, closed, and/or square. Find your own balance in your stance. Weight distribution on your heels, or towards your toes. Manipulate your grip on the club a little to sole the club head flat to the slope involved. Maybe open, or close the club face at address.  In other words, expiriment with this situation. Home school yourself. Use available instruction for the basics, and then fine tune you own set up, and swing from those basics.  I practice these uneven lies 3, or 4 times a month. By adjusting my stance, grip, and the club face, I have managed to to take alot of the curvature out of the two ball flights. The ball still curves a little, but it's more of a consistent controlled curve.  Best part is, that once you figure out your own method of dealing with side hill lies, you can then look forward to those pesky up, and down hill lies.  Btw, welcome to TST. Golf is well spoken here.   
    • Never managed more than three states myself. ... But there's always next week.  
    • Hi greens - do what it takes prior to that to hit greens.  this also gets you closer to greens when you miss greens.  
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