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    • This is what it looks like. 
    • You got hosed. That wasn’t and isn’t against the Rules now. I’m surprised you went along with them. The clubs weren’t being carried for you or by you. They were sitting in your trunk. Old: New: You can’t replace a club you broke if you had 14 now to start, but if you start with 12 or 13 you can assemble or retrieve a club on the course that came from almost anywhere. Or have it brought to you. They don’t want you to have a second caddie, carrying clubs or parts of clubs for you.
    • I only have a few greens that I play have areas above a four.
    • I didn't start playing until I was 32 and now I am looking at my 30th year this season. I am from the north, northeast (almost Canadian) so we only play 6 months at best out of the year. Although I was reasonably athletic, I was not a natural at golf. Originally I had a big slice off the tee, a frightening chicken wing, zero weight shift, and just about every bad habit you can think of, but a very patient PGA pro helped me.    100: Can't remember its been so long. Feels like it was the first season, but I can't prove it 90: I think it was the second season after taking lessons, but again can't really remember. I do remember the feeling of elation when it happened. 80: I took season lessons again and over about 5 more seasons the slice turned into a draw and I learned how to keep the ball in play off the tee. Also learned how to get up and down about 90% of the time which helped a lot. 70: It took about 10 years to get there and now it happens once or twice every year, but typically the round includes a chip in or two, a long lucky putt, a lot of good misses. Its been 30 years now and still no hole in one yet!  
    • Interesting, seems that many of us had a multi-year layoff from golf. I also just returned to golf after almost three years.
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