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    • Ok, I get it. You guys don't like Kooch. 
    • I'm not a big believer in goals.  Have a system, and that will lead you to things others set as goals. Your system might be:   * Continue practicing regularly.  See also our "5 minutes a day" thread.  When you have incorporated successfully the change from your latest lesson, you can then go onto your next priority piece.  Don't forget: the purpose of lessons isn't to immediately get better.  The purpose is to guide your practice, so when you practice you do improve and get better.  * Continue playing regularly. * Continue enjoying the game.
    • I love what the R&A is doing with the grandstands around 18 :    British Open 2019: The R&A's ingenious way to prevent ‘grandstopping’ The R&A has a simple way to stop players from 'grandstopping', which you can see on the 18th green at Royal Portrush.  
    • I have a hard time seeing him being in contention this week. I hope I’m wrong, but with as little reps as he gotten, the cold weather coming in, his unfamiliarity with the course and the fact he is admitting his confidence isn’t the highest, things are looking grim.  
    • Yeah, me too. Like him missing the cut.
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