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    • Day 375 FINALLY got a very early day at the range.  Only 90º when I started. I worked my 22º and 24º hybrids and my 6i and 7i. These are my usual clubs after the tee.  All gave good distance and fairly good loft, though the 24º was a bit to the right on some shots. I was, as well, concentrating on eliminating a chicken wing in the left arm, and, for the most part, that was good.  All in all, considering my lack of full swing time in these last few weeks.  Hope to get back tomorrow AM.
    • Overuse injuries don't tend to get better unless you rest them for a long time. If you want the pain to completely go away, you're going to have to put the clubs away for longer most likely. Ibuprofen might help, too. Your choices are really to just ignore it and play through it or rest it.
    • View this round on GAME GOLF   First round with my new irons. No warmup went from my bed to the first tee in about 15 minutes so the first two swings were a bit iffy to say the least. Really hit the new irons well especially on the back side. Hit the driver extremely well as well. I moved the ball position a bit forward on the driver and 3-Wood and it seemed to help a lot.
    • In 2016 I lost about 80 pounds of fat by lifting 5x a week.  My current routine has me doing a Pull/Push/Legs/Upper/Lower split.  3 of those days my workouts begin by preforming deadlifts, squats, and bench press.  I've never been good at golf and historically my practice has pretty inconsistent.  This year I've been really neglectful of my practice and even though I've played less I feel my swing is immensely better, the ball is going further, and even though my scores have remained the same, I feel as though my game is better.  I'm not particularly muscular but, at least for me, being fit and gaining muscle has certainly not hindered my game.
    • Also looks like the morning guys are going to get hit hardest tomorrow. Wind is forecast to let up in the afternoon. That’s good for Tiger, Rose, and Koepka if that forecast pans out.
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