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    • Shot an 86. Usually play the blues but today they were teed up with the blacks. As with my last round, I can count the eff ups that led to me not sniffing 80 - including a par putt a half inch short and an approach shot with a bunch of chatter mid backswing.  What I was most happy about is that I did that with a C driver all day. Didn’t have a slice the day and week before, but I brought it with me today haha. So instead of 260-280 drives I was 230, but making up for it.  Most importantly, I stopped turning easy two putts into three putts by working on my distance/speed. Saved me a lot of frustration. And for the most part, I stopped overthinking shots and just committed to them, and that worked out pretty well. Felt nice for a change.
    • Day 4 8/17/19 Putted to a target 4-6 feet away at home.  Day 5 8/18/19 Pitched with SW to around 10-15 yards out. Used a small 10" diameter bucket as a target at different locations. My distance control was poor at first, but I eventually eased into better control.
    • 106.  Played 18 at my home course with some friends today.  Shot 90 on the nose.  Hit exactly 4 GIR, plus hit another three greens with a full swing motion but not in regulation:  first hole 6-iron, hole 16 a 9-iron (after topping a 5-iron off the tee), and hole 17 a half 9-iron.  View this round on GAME GOLF Strokes gained, approximate levels: Putted at about a 20 handicap level. Driving around a 23 handicap level, which included hitting into an unplayable lie on the first hole.  Still hit plenty of 220+ yard drives which have to have helped...  Short game at about a 15 handicap level.  It'd basically have been better if I had ... I don't know.   Approach at about my handicap level, 12.5.  Includes the stroke where I was able to take a penalty (this got attributed to driving) for unplayable, but then was really only able to move the ball to where I could top it a few yards down (the next shot was from 150 yards to about 24 feet on the green) and topping a 5-iron off a par-3 tee (and then hit a 9-iron to 24 feet) Somehow the same person hitting these shots today shot a 77, albeit at a slightly easier course, just over a month ago. 
    • Rock bed sound the same as what we call Arizona or desert landscaping.  Rocks in place of lawn or the like. large pebbles or larger stone   
    • Towels, ice cubes, umbrella (looks lame but better than heat stroke), those little portable fans that can spray a mist.  Feels like it's more about survival than looking cool. 
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