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    • This is really interesting.. I have a Big Bertha Fusion (in really good shape) that has an adjustable hosel on it. Would be ani interesting experiment  Have wanted to build a club so why not! Thanks
    • As many of us know, Full Swing has been in the simulator business for quite some time. From my experience, their simulators have been top notch and seem pretty accurate. So I have faith in their ability to create a high end product. It only makes sense that they jump into the launch monitor line of products and it seems this jump is coming into fruition in 2021. I received an email days ago inviting me to get in on the pre-sale of the Full Swing Launch Monitor kit for 100.00. I have been somewhat in the market for a simulator or launch monitor offering for a little while but just have not pulled the trigger. With this in mind, the email peaked my interests. From my reading,  it looks like they worked with one of the main faces of Full Swing, Tiger Woods, in developing the launch monitor. This only adds to my interests. So far, this is what I see: -It utilizes Machine Learning Enhanced radar -OLED screen with customizable heads up display -1080p HD Camera for swing video capture -Lithium Ion battery -15 data points after every swing including carry and total distance, launch angle, spin rate, angle of attack, club speed, ball speed, smash factor,etc.. -No leveling calibration -No metal stickers needed -Cloud based storage for club/ ball data history and swing videos -App for use across all of your devices -Like other launch monitors, you can use it indoors/outdoors and for simulator play on your favorite courses. The price comes in at 3999.00.  Compared to the SkyTrak or Mevo+, it is a bit more expensive. I do not believe its overly expensive though, but I'll save that final decision once the unit actually comes out and a comparison can be made against other devices in this market. I wanted to post up some info since I made the pretty vague post earlier in the Mevo thread but also just to get it out there as a new product coming out. You can reserve one for a fully refundable price of 100.00.  https://www.fullswinggolf.com/kit-pre-sale/#open  
    • Horrible.  They looked like a bunch of APA 5’s.       Love him or hate him, Ronnie O is amazing.   For anyone who thinks that pool on a 9 foot table is even remotely difficult, I highly recommend that you try snooker. An absolutely horrible, unbelievably difficult game.  For which I say f**k the Brits! Yet, I drive an hour each way to play it a couple of times a month...  
    • I chose 3w/hybrid because if I hit a decent drive and still have that much left into a hole it means I'm playing a "big boy" course and it feels challenging. Now, if the question is more about with which club I would be confident hitting the green, then realistically, I'd have to vote 8/9.  I'm roughly a 4 handicap at this point (haven't played too much, so possibly closer to a 5-6 realistically) and I am way more likely to miss the green than hit it if I'm 7 iron distance or more out.  It's a sad truth lol.
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