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    • You're nuts, man. The text of the warning a moderator gave you says: "Please learn -promptly - how to behave on a forum. Because this ain’t it." The way you've behaved on the forum is not how you behave on a forum if you want to be accepted, tolerated, etc. You're not right about this topic. You're defensive about your 11.2 handicap when it's painfully obvious that you don't know anything about how to calculate a handicap. You don't answer direct questions. The list goes on.  
    • I respect what iacas has done here and I do not intend to ruin anything he has done. The only thing ruined is me. Because of one little mistake that caused a series of other mistakes.   And now I have to fix every little hole I punched out.
    • You’ve made several posts that simply don’t make sense. When asked for clarification you say you don’t like to give details. You’ve said you have psychological issues. You’re all over the place. Not sure why your golf story is such a coveted secret to you. Nobody cares. We’re all here to talk about golf and learn how to play better. The owner of this site, @iacas has put countless hours into this place and it’s a fantastic site to get instruction, learn some history and express your opinions on golf topics and more. You must have some goal you’d like to achieve regarding golf. Present it. Clearly, and without all the wishy washy bs. 
    • I stayed away from Calloway especially used once since I heard that these were very popular with counterfeiters. That was 10 years or so ago, but I have purchased two sets of Pings since then.
    • Not news to me.  Snead was good, but not close to Tiger’s level. The comparison thread/poll just got me wondering how anyone could possibly think Snead could be better. Others may not care, but I’d like to see him pass Snead. John
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