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    • I try to make every putt.  It is impossible to do but I don't care.  Sometimes that means I've got to hit the stick just to keep the ball on the green.  So I try to hit the stick.  If it doesn't work it doesn't work...but at least I gave it the old junior college try.
    • Unless Tiger can basically birdie the Entire back 9, it appears his season will end today. Who would have thought that after winning the Masters he wouldn’t make it to East Lake.
    • That second link is interesting. I am probably firmly in the "bad" category of accelerating too much as it is how I was always taught to putt. I don't have an egregious "hit/pop" in my stroke, but contact always sounds better than the times I feel decelerate (but probably wind up in that 3 foot circle despite coming up short).
    • Unless you slightly pull the ball left. Not entirely uncommon for someone who fades the ball.  Do you are to publish your findings on that 99% of people lift the ball. I find that your statement is not even close to being factual. If you consider that it is a fact that bad golfers actually have very steep angles of attacks, then I highly doubt they are lifting the ball with the club.  Second, it's not that easy. The reason being, they can't produce the correct mechanics that allows them to hit the ball first. No matter how much you think it, it doesn't mean it will happen.
    • Well to be honest I'm a self taught 4 or 5, it came easy to me. But, 1. Hitting drives accurately is more about margin of error, in other words, curving the ball back onto target. If I aim inside left edge of the fairway, I have the entire fairway to bend it right. I'd have to play a stupid shot to be right rough, let alone the trees. 2. Iron contact is more about concept, as 99 percent of people lift the ball. I find if people think ball first-ground second, and accelerate through the ball, after some practice it won't be an issue.   To be honest, it came naturally to me. So I don't know, maybe it is way harder than I made it sound. But either way, I hope I clarified.
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