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    • Johnnie-O HOLIDAY20 Combine it with a free cotton polo in white, green, or omg-bright watermelon when cart totals $150 California and Golf Apparel - Birdie, Mashie, Albatross, etc Polos ... and casual wear ... Kewl Stuff
    • Thank you... working on the following: -Hip turn not sway while keep spine angle the same -Shorten back swing (I think the two of these go together) -Not flipping of my wrists (I noticed the bent lead arm at impact) this will help with fat/thin shots -Swing path (Take away looks good to me, but coming over the top/out to in with most hits near or on heel = SHANKS!!!) Any advice on this as my swing is in complete shambles!  I am very frustrated and really feel like giving up golf, but my competitive edge wont allow me to and I honestly love the sport too much, just really really frustrating! 
    • Yesterday a tournament at Torrequebrada, in the seventies used for Spanish championships. Beautifull course but the bunkers are filled with shiploads of thick sand. If you step into a bunker, your feet sink 2 inches, if you rake, it is impossible not to rake a load of sand with you. I hate these bunkers. Every time I was in a bunker I could not get out. I scored 20 Stableford points, every bunker was a no-score, had also two balls deep in the sand.  @iacas how do you play out of a bunker filled with too much (way too much) thick sand?
    • Anyone hear or have experience w these?  $80 a dozen where I saw them, and I think that's what titleist required in the CA, FL, AZ test markets.  If I had anything resembling a decent game I would have bought them just to test.
    • Would love to participate.  Have a challenging schedule w family, so prob could only do S.D. unless I happen to be up in la/oc at the time.
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