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    • Congratulations!  You are a first!  I have never seen anybody shoot their lowest round ever and follow it up with another low round.  Then again, you did it on the same day, so you managed to stay in the groove.
    • Shot an 85 the other day. Went out to a new course with a couple buddies, one picking the game up after 12 years off, and another just taking up the sport. Had an awesome time with the boys. Had a 47 front and 38 back. Three putted a par 5 I reached in two, a par never felt so disappointing, ended up with 38 putts. Really need to bring the number down. 
    • Those are some scores. Wow tough go in NY
    • I finally put it all together today, I took the day off work and shot my best rounds ever. Before today my personal best was a 78 with a few 79s mixed in. This morning I went out walked 18 and shot a 5 over 76 then met up with a buddy later on played another 18 and shot a 77. This on one of the windier days I have played in.  My short game was huge for the 76 I honestly didn't feel like I was hitting the ball that well I didn't have a ton of GIRs but I putted great I think 27 putts is a new low for me as well. The second round was pretty uneventful aside from my second eagle of the year it was just a good job at keeping the mistakes to a minimum. On my eagle the wind was blowing hard and on the 320 yard par 4 7th it was right at my back and the tees were up so it was playing closer to 305. Well the fairway if you hit it far enough slopes down to the green and I hit a perfect 5 wood that got a big bounce and managed to roll up to about 12 feet. My stroke felt great all day and I was able to hole it. My big goal for the year was to get to a single digit handicap I'm currently sitting at a 10.6 I think these 2 rounds should finally get me under I'm feeling pretty accomplished. 
    • Day 11 - more of the same; right elbow straight with 9i. I did go to range and work on it there with 5W and driver and my trajectory was much straighter.
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