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    • From the Definition of 'Obstruction' Player equipment, flagsticks and rakes.
    • I think as long as it helps you play and enjoy the game then there is nothing wrong with it. My 6 year old son has gripped "cack handed" as we call it over here since he picked up a club 2 years ago. No matter what i do he automatically goes back to left hand low so i let him do it. There are so many ways to grip the club, whether its overlap, double overlap, interlock, 10 finger or whatever as long as they allow you to deliver the clubhead to the ball as square as possible then all are good. I personally use a 10 finger butterfly grip (best thing Leadbetter came out with!) and it works for me.
    • Your wife is like mine... they are both Amazon masters!!!   Thanks for ordering it.... AND when you come to the Cape Coral area, let me know, maybe we can play some golf.and if you bring the book and are interested I will sign it.    Hope you played well in your league...  it has rained so much here it is hard to even find golf courses that are not cart path only IF they are open.
    • Toughest golf course I have ever played has to be Harbor Town at HHI. Small greens and tight fairways. I spray the ball around a bit and also can't putt. Second toughest has to be Rhein Blick Country Club right outside Frankfurt, Germany. In the mountains, and not to many flat lies.
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