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    • Curious if anyone else is getting a certificate error when trying to access TST. I'm getting it when I try to get to the site on my old MacBook Air. I'm not getting it on my phone at all. I'm guessing it's a me problem, but wanted to raise it. Here's the information I get:
    • I broke my belt clip off getting into the car yesterday. Forgot to take it off after the round. I may have been trying to get away from that round as fast as possible and got sloppy. But that's neither here nor there. Pictures, if you're curious: I'm going to have to redneck engineer something together. Worst case, it can go in my pocket. I would look to replace it, but who knows how long GameGolf has left in this world. It's a shame because I really like just looking at my rounds afterwards, even if I don't find the statistical analysis all that useful anymore.
    • Yes, I know and consequently have abandoned that. I didn’t mean to suggest otherwise. What I meant to say was that now, while I set my grip with the club in the air in front of me, I feel like it becomes more palmy after I address the ball with club near/on the ground. I suppose I need to tighten my grip a little or maybe it’s just the feel and not real. Nonetheless, I’ll continue to be cognizant of it. 
    • You shoulda played the back tees minus 6".  😁
    • Actually there is a nice little 9 hole course nearby that's all Par 3, ranging from around 120 to 200 yards..but it's closed for COVID. But thanks for the tip, I will make it a point to play there asap. 
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