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    • View this round on GAME GOLF Really good round. Too bad I fell off the rails a little in the middle, or it would have been an exceptional round. As it is, it's still good for an 8.6 differential from the back tees, so I played really well. Started the day off striking the ball well, then got a little fatigued and stopped, made an adjustment and finished the last three holes strong. Seems like when I get tired I need to feel the right knee a lot because it just kind of stops working automatically. Probably the best short game round I ever had. Kept chipping/pitching the ball inside 10'. Almost holed a couple. Only snafu of the day was the lone bunker I got myself into and I ran that ball through the green to the other side, chipped that one back to 4' and made the putt. I'm getting better at club/shot selection around the greens and not just trying to vary trajectory with my LW all the time. I putt really well today, too. I didn't make any long ones (longest holed putt was an 8 footer) but I didn't miss anything inside 4'. Distance control was good.
    • Understood, but it's not $500 more comfortable, and my old driver with a standard shaft would be just as comfortable and i actually like the look and feel of the old driver better. My main purpose was to try and gain more distance, easier on the back was secondary, and that seems like a shaft issue. Either way i dont think they'll let me return, but maybe we can tweak a few things. 
    • Mabye he was cranky because he hadn't eaten anything in the last five minutes. Here's a Snickers bar, Bryson!
    • Tried out getting the swing flatter and pushing the club out more on the downswing so it comes less from the inside.  it’s hard to figure out what feeling I want in the backswing. I don’t like to feel the club being laid off because I just flip the club way to shallow at A2-A3. The swings above, it’s hard to say what feel produces the swing. It’s more like hands stay in and then raise up more from A2 to A3. Its maybe feeling like the left wrist is flatter at A3. Also, the left arm feels straighter. Maybe I don’t know what controls how the club flattens our in the golf swing. I don’t think it’s doing something like bowing the left wrist. I am finding it easier to send the club out from A4.   
    • I don’t know what you’re talking about. I didn’t hear that.
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