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    • You are not kidding. I could not believe the things she does now. Or maybe she did them before and I just did not know...
    • I'm not voting at all until we get a Paige Spiranac channel.  m'kay  
    • You need to research the term "Confirmation Bias". The players you want to watch were has beens or never weres. It is very possible that one of the reasons why LPGA events are not as popular as you would like them to be is that the powers that be tried to push a futile narrative that people like Natalie Gulbis were actually good players and they ignored (or paid less attention to)  the outstanding players and interesting characters of Asian descent. There are plenty of "appropriate" replies to your posts. You just don't like them. There is nothing wrong with wanting to see a certain type of player. I don't actually enjoy watching players with red hair, tanned skin, or glasses. I have a a particular set against players with weak looking biceps and small calf muscles. Never liked Huh, Kim or Finau.  I think that tall, blonde players in the mould of Johnny Miller should be given preference on Tour and the coverage should represent them more than those who happen to be doing well.  Now....does that paragraph seem reasonable? Would I be deserving of criticism if I truly held those beliefs? People "twisting your words" are merely clarifying your ideas.    
    • I am concerned about this too. The course I played last summer had a back nine that was Donald Ross design that was fairly tight at times. The front nine was a modern Hurdzan design that had some fairways that were much wider.  I moved to a new state and the course I am considering looks pretty tight all the way around. Most fairways look to be slightly wider than the greens. Maybe 30 to 35 yards. Which I think is more in line with a PGA tournament set up. If you have a consistent, reliable shot shape and no more than say a 20 to 30 yard dispersion, you might have a shot at a decent round. When I am swinging my best, I have a draw with driver so I would play down the right side and be in the fairway often enough. If it didn't draw I might be along the right near or in the rough. If I tugged it a bit I might be along the left side/rough. Anything consistently 20 to 30 yards off line would seem to me to spell trouble unless you have a wide open course with a short rough and few trees. But then you learn a game that you can't really take elsewhere. I will need to learn quick at my new course and may need to pull out the 3W or 3H on a number of holes instead of driver.
    • If there is a market here at all, it is the hardcore gambler.  Certain types will gamble on anything.  Forget sponsors and forget the USGA. We are talking about guys willing to put up big chunks of their own money. These are guys that won't really give a crap about their amateur status. The really hard part is how you assure all these guys that the other guys are playing on a level and their HI is legitimate.   Like I told the OP, security will be necessary.
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