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    • Maybe I'm just an old coot but when I hear golf commentators or media personalities talk about "The Game of Golf" it really irritates me. Why can't they just say, "golf"? When someone, and MIchael Breed is the perfect example, as much as I like the instructional stuff he's done, when he's interviewing someone or just talking about golf in general he always says the game of golf is this or the game of golf is that. It's never just "golf". He was interviewing Brad Faxon this morning on his Sirius satellite radio show and he must have said it a dozen times in 5 minutes. I had to turn it off. For those who have satellite radio listen to his show in the morning and tell me I'm wrong. Don't get me wrong. I find Breed very engaging and I like his energy and enthusiasm. It's only that one expression that annoys me. Other commentators do it too, ie: Jim Nantz says it from time to time but not as much as Breed does. I think it sounds sanctimonious, elitist and snobby. (Even more snobby than calling the gallery "patrons" at the Masters.) That bugs me too, by the way.        
    • Unfortunately I am a brand snob. Callaway Epic driver and 3 wood. Callaway Big Bertha 3 hybrid. 4,5,6, Edge hybrids, 7,8,9, Edge irons, and Mack Daddy wedges, 48, 52, 56, 60. Last but not least Versa 9 putter. However I do not play a Callaway ball. That is a Vice Pro Soft.
    • Firmer greens and fairways, less rough around the greens and more tight lies and run off areas, awkward stances from rough on approach shots, more holes where you have to hit tee shots to fairways from angles, better use of water hazards and OB (smaller targets with large rewards of these features are used), fewer bunkers, but deeper more penal bunkers, more centerline hazards. These are all features (not an all inclusive list) that I would like to see more of in American golf course architecture that would challenge the pros in more ways than just “let’s make it longer”. 
    • 93 and 98.  As always, I lost way too many strokes to wayward tee shots.  Not a good weekend.  Next weekend is scramble, so no scores.
    • "Nobody wants their records broken," added Nicklaus. "I don't want him to break my records, but I don't want him not to be able to play and not be physically sound to play. I mean, if he's physically sound and it's his desire to win and he breaks it, you know, well done. That's what it should be. That's what sports is all about. And he's done a great job."   This is the relevant part - fair enough  
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