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    • It's equally as easy to curve either. The difference with the driver is that the ball goes a whole lot farther. If you could hit your wedge 300 yards with 10k spin, a couple of degrees off straight axis would put you a football field to the side. Let's compare apples to apples. We have 2 players. Player A is an older gent who plays a hybrid bag with high launch and less spin. Player B is a strapping young lad who plays irons with a lower launch and higher spin. For comparison, they both have the same delivery, an in to out swing of 5 degrees and a square to target face. Both of their balls will start at the target and then draw. If player A generates 4500 rpm and player B generates 6500+ rpm, which will finish more off target at the same distance?  
    • Is it easier to curve a driver or a wedge? It's not necessarily more accurate, but greater spin rate closer to vertical will be straighter
    • Haha, turns out it's going to be more like 4 months in total... I can putt again, and I can probably start chipping soon. Full swings are a while away still. I've lost quite a bit of grip strength in my left hand, where the injury was. It's coming back, and should be back to normal eventually. But it's actually pretty amazing how weak it is compared to my right hand. Bottom line: be really careful when using knives!
    • I have never heard of this. Do you have something to back up the "more spin=more accurate" claim?
    • I generally do not like trees on golf courses. On most courses, they are overgrown and narrow playing corridors, making the course more difficult than it should be. Any tree that's in play and not trimmed so someone can hit a golf ball under them is a crime. That said, there are some courses where the trees fit in nicely. If they do not narrow playing corridors too much and allow for recovery, then they're fine.  Gary Player, though...
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