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    • Grad school starting up again means I haven't been able to get out much in the last few weeks, and when I have, I spend the first few holes trying to get my feel back. Fortunately, my irons have felt much better the last couple times out after a stretch of just miserable golf for a couple weeks. Unfortunately, that has come at the same time as my driver completely abandoning me. Haven't had a ton of issue keeping it in play, but my home course loves to line the fairways with trees, and I have been spending most of my holes punching out. Hopefully I can correct that down the stretch of golf season here.  
    • Doctor, heal thyself.  I'd say you need that gimmicky set of irons with no hosels.  Late night TV and you're good.  😁
    • I voted 1-2. Now although it’s been better lately ....I’d say 4-20 shanks which for me are pure as the driven snow.
    • I don't know because I was thinking I had it maybe a little forward so I was fetching arms through quicker to the ball?? I'll do that thanks
    • I play a push draw, so I line up with my feet aiming left side of the fairway. Sometime it pushes straight, but if I aim the face down the middle, it stays in play. i recommend starting a My Swing thread in the Member Swings section. You will get some pointers there.
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