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    • No. That’s not what you do. It actually flips the way handicapping works so it’s wrong. Handicap hole 1 is the hole where the higher handicap player needs a shot the most. Your method would give an 18 playing a 9 strokes on holes 10-18. The holes he needs a stroke least.
    • This is a constant debate but we can solve both issues at once. Give everyone their strokes. A 4 handicap "should" be likely to bogie the 4 hardest holes. A 10 should bogie the 10 hardest and an 18 should bogie all 18. If you give EVERYONE their strokes. It is Even for 1-4, 5-10 the 10 and 18 get a stroke and 11-8 only the 18 pops. It makes more more pushes but makes the math easier.   JAT
    • Played in my first tournament in a very long time this past weekend.  One round saturday and one round sunday.  Shot an 86 on Saturday.  Shot a 96 on Sunday.  Felt like I was hitting the ball decently.  Still getting used to my new irons so that probably didn't help as much.  Turned lots of center of the fairway with 140 in into chips and long putts for par. Also had a couple of blowup holes each day.  Had some great shots sprinkled here an there so not all bad.
    • I finally broke 100! I've been taking lessons and hitting the range, but due to a few minor injuries and weather and life, haven't had a chance to play all summer until this past week, and I shot a 94 at the Keystone River course in Colorado, 47 on front and back.  The interesting thing was I only made one par and no birdies (not even a shot at one), and was pushing almost all my shots right, but I also only made one triple, it was just a bunch of bogeys and a few doubles. A few more pars or single bogeys and I could have broken 90. I turned around and shot a 119 yesterday on an "easy" but also very wet muni course here in Chicago with a bunch of horrible skulled/chunked chips and 4-putts, despite finding my draw (and hook) again and mostly hitting the ball better, so it's not all puppies and sunshine.
    • Shot 95 at Royal Golf Course in Slidell LA. Hit driver pretty good today,  I left at least 7 strokes on the green, putting was not good today. 
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