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    • Had an interesting round today. I've thought I've been struggling lately, but today, it all came around for an even round of 72. Easy to describe - birdied the first hold, pars on the next 16 holes, and bogeyed the last hole. 14 GIR's. Played it smart today, put it in the fairway, forget the pin position, just put it in the middle of the green, and putt smart. I hope I can keep that thought process.  
    • There are more things with numbers than tractors, ships, and Porsches…
    • I'm going with what the USADA and WADA think over what you think on this one. Sorry. It's a PED.
    • I'm generally not terribly interested in this, because I've learned over the years that people will read whatever tone they want into things, despite nearly every effort being made to not have any negative tone at all. This feeling of "negative tone" or "how" is increased (by the reader of the comments) when: the commentary uses a larger vocabulary. the commentary disagrees with the reader. the commentary (or commentator) has a confidence about it. Some posts hit the trifecta. I'm interested in the actual stuff being talked about, NOT about how various people can mis-read or insert their own tone, because, whether you like it or not, there's NO WAY to add tone to plain old text. Tone is almost entirely the reader's invention. And, this is the last we'll talk about "tone" or "how" or any of that here, because it's off topic and does nothing to help anyone actually get better at playing golf. Here's the thing… or things: You'd probably be better off with some palmar flexion, and a different/improved grip. Your definition of "successful" likely isn't at a high level. Your own "Member Swing" topic indicates you've been playing for a little over a year. Your version of "success" is quite different than the success a better player is looking to achieve. In other words, actively trying to roll the wrists is often a "band-aid" type thing for higher handicappers. I prefer that they learn the "better" and "longer-lasting" sort of way to square the face.
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