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  1. He HAD to be aggressive at the Players. He had a three- or four-shot lead today.
  2. I'm about 20 minutes behind. He just missed the 7th wide right, the par three, so I expect I'll see a few more here shortly. But he still leads, so nobody's really pressuring him. Everyone else is playing poorly too.
  3. He started off playing the first hole exactly how he should: fairway, 20-footer for birdie to the fat side of the green, tap-in par.
  4. Or… golf is hard, and he got hot for awhile. Wouldn't be the first flash in the pan. We'll have to wait to see what the true version is. He could be quiet for ten years and then win a few majors.
  5. That makes a great third bullet point. Or a first bullet point, bumping my two down.
  6. This photo and the text above illustrate pretty well exactly why I and the entire moderation team is now done with you. The image fails on two levels: The center image is not representative of an actual good golf swing. The right hip is closer to the right foot in the center image, yet you maintain that it's farther away. Whether the second thing is done intentionally or accidentally I don't know. I don't care to know. But it's very representative of how you argue, and why you're now going to be prevented from arguing. You pervert arguments to the point where we're no longer discussing the golf swing. You get basic facts or concepts wrong (like when arguing about course rating, misunderstanding the radius vs. diameter in faulting the rating process for higher handicappers). You focus on some small thing - which often isn't even something anyone else has said - and lose sight of the forest or the big picture. You're not here to help golfers. You're here to "win" an argument, a goal that as yet is unmet, and you have to post absolute crap like the above to try to do it. I had a bit of free time this morning. So I responded to your last post in some detail. It, as one would expect, contains a number of typical @natureboy traits: cherry picking a photo while ignoring the concept, failure to understand basic points, perversion of the statements of others, putting words in the mouths of others, use of vague words like "a lot" (often in combination with the "putting words in the mouths of others), and hyper-focus on some small largely negligible point. Nobody else should waste their time to read the below, or open the spoiler and read that. It will not shed light on anything, it will not help you with your golf swing, and you will not glean any useful information. It exists simply as my last effort at illustrating to @natureboy a small part of the reason why we're tired of him… even though as I post it I know with certainty it too will fail. I gave you twenty warning points last night. It was made clear to you what you had to do, and you failed to do so, flaunting the requirement in several posts. The entire moderation team - @mvmac, @RandallT, @boogielicious, @jamo, @billchao, @nevets88, @mchepp, others - and myself have simply gotten sick and tired of your entire persona here. You're constantly and never-endingly arguing stuff to the point where you bastardize things so much you're no longer even talking about the golf swing, and you fail to comprehend or respond to what's written to you in response. You have two real choices once your current suspension is over: You can ignore these warnings, continue to be a belligerent arguer, and receive a final 50-point warning that will result in your permanent ban. You can avoid behaving in the manner that infuriates the entire moderation team. That will likely mean limiting the topics in which you post quite a bit, because though you fancy yourself to be capable of discussing the golf swing from a theoretical perspective, you've proven that you are not. Now, I want to be very clear about something. You're not being warned or "handled" because you disagree. You're being handled here because you contribute nothing positive. You're belligerent. You don't help people. You don't demonstrate anything. You pervert and distort topics in order to make a point that often has little or nothing to do with how people actually play golf. You're on a mission to "win" an argument, not to further the understanding. You speak as if you know and fail to ask questions, despite the holes in your logic and posts being constantly exposed as gaping. You quite often fail to read what's written, take a beat, and try to understand it. P.S. This requirement is anything but arbitrary. The list of reasons are long, the surface of which was only scratched in this post. Arbitrary would have been to say something like "to continue posting here you must dress up in a purple outfit and post a photo of yourself diving from a diving board into a pool of jello." Asking you to post a video illustrating your point is the opposite of arbitrary.
  7. He didn't look great in Training Day (the TV series), but that was also his character. I wonder what will happen to that show now. Bummer. I also just wonder if two things are happening: We're more aware of celebrity deaths because we're of the age when we started to learn about "celebrity" and follow careers of people. None of us cared when someone died when we were 8. The Internet makes it easier for more people to learn about the death of a celebrity. I wonder if that's why it seems like more celebrities have died in 2016/2017 lately. Complications from surgery, eh? I wonder what surgery. Small bit of movie trivia there.
  8. That doesn't mean every idea from "outside the box" is good.
  9. It's fine that he apologized. I think better of him for doing that than had he not. But he's still earned a net negative in this whole thing, and I think he was speaking honestly before. He thinks the USGA is punishing him or something, when they're just enforcing the same old rules.
  10. @b101, @alienator, @TheRookie, and some others are celebrating birthdays today! And now that it's flipped to midnight, @Catcher20 and @JD15 are celebrating!
  11. So list things on eBay. You don't have to use the PGA Value Guide. And… Again, you don't have to use it.
  12. http://www.golfchannel.com/news/rex-hoggard/playing-percentages-tour-players-look-us-open-purse/ Uhhh, yeah. Good luck with that one, guys. I encourage those who want to respond to read the original article.
  13. It's quoted almost verbatim from LSW. So the answer's already out there. I'm waiting for @proto to share his answer. And hoping that he can be open-minded about all of this…
  14. Yeah, I've seen up to about a degree (for similar classes of balls - I've seen more if you're comparing a cheap distance surlyn ball versus a softer premium urethane ball), which is why I asked about the 2° difference. If they could have achieved higher launch with the original ball it may have gone a good bit farther too. I got them to be about one or two yards different just by increasing the launch to 11.8 and keeping the first ball's parameters the same. It's a topic for another discussion, but I'm curious how well the average golfer produces consistent enough swings to really do a fairly quick ball test.
  15. Uh, had surgery, recovered, and rehabilitated his injury. Many do. Many of them did not. You've read about Tiger's practice routine, right? Plus, again, I didn't say everyone would be injured. But the golf swing is not a natural motion. Many players get injured doing it.