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  1. Did you read the previous 10 or 20 posts? 🙂
  2. I don't do any of them, though I've tried looking at the ball (just the middle I guess). I still employ a bit of what I call a "fuzzy focus." Down at the ball but not at anything specific.
  3. Yeah, no. I get what you're saying about people looking to be offended, but if someone calls a black person in your group the n-word, it sounds like that is understood within the group as having a certain kind of intent. Not true when one person utters the word in front of hundreds of thousands, or millions, of people. This isn't a "bleeding heart liberal" thing. It's just a word that has no place in an advanced society.
  4. Tiger is 5'10" and they list him as 6' or even taller. Ernie is tall, though.
  5. This is a tough one to talk about if only because this isn't something that's easily measured. I posted this video in the Blast Motion for Putting topic because @boogielicious had posted something about his hand speed. Blast will measure what it thinks your hand speed is, but it doesn't tell you where you reach that peak hand speed, telling you only that it should occur prior to impact. The video above talks about how your hands should be reaching peak speed pretty early in the downswing — essentially between A5 and A6. The Pro achieves it at about here: The amateur gained
  6. I did mine in the morning before my massage here at home. In the snow. After throwing snow (I don't like to say "after snowblowing" or "blowing snow." Sounds… not right.). Looking like @Daveje97 and @phillyk and @georgep need to get back on the horse, at least as far as updating the spreadsheet goes.
  7. Study: Pfizer Covid-19 vaccine effective with variant first detected in U.K. The paper is a welcome signal that existing vaccines don’t seem to be weakened by the variant in question, known as B.1.1.7.
  8. I get a little of the rubbing from the LUX Knits, but there's an actual "bump" in those shoes.
  9. Day 387 - January 20, 2021 Got a very strong massage today on my shoulders, so even though I felt nice and loose… I… just did some putting. Supposedly I'll be sore tomorrow? But we'll see.
  10. The Original is a very good shoe. Not the best in hot weather, as it can get a little sweaty (that's just logical - if you want a waterproof leather shoe). And of the Knits, the original is a very good shoe, too. I see what you mean about the higher back, but it's pretty soft IMO. Do you wear a sock that goes up that high, or is it rubbing skin? I don't like a high back, either, but if I'm being specific I don't like a high back that's more solid or firmer. These are like socks, very "huggy" without digging in or rubbing much. The Knits are some of my favorite shoes. I wear them
  11. These were the cup liners where @NCGolfer sometimes plays golf, and where he used to play a lot of his golf. I thought they were a good blend of not making the hole behave oddly (like a foam noodle that's a bit too tall) and not getting in the way like some of the "ejector" sticks. Also, though, I look forward to the day when we get back to just letting the ball go in the hole, all the way, and getting it out. There seems to be virtually NO data to support the idea that COVID could be spread this way, and if you were still worried about it, rub some hand sanitizer on yourself now and
  12. Yeah, this. I teach my better players a more "squared up" back foot, but many others benefit from the turned out deal.
  13. I thought I remembered that too, but I think the plans were slightly different at the time. I think he was going to be moving to a new place, or doing something differently formatted… something.
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