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  1. Day 506 - May 17, 2021 Hit balls (including one ball into the parking lot) from the back of the range at Whispering Woods today. Didn't quite have the same feel as the other day, but… it's close.
  2. So I was helping my daughter out at the back of the range today. I had chipped literally two 8-irons, then wanted her to take a break, so I said “watch this in case I duck hook it onto the practice green” (short game). I’m on the back of the range, hitting toward the mats that are 300 yards away. I hit it, a high seed, and… it hits by the mats (between two people, about six mats apart) and bounces into the parking lot. It’s a gravel parking lot, the ball didn’t go very far. But, ooooookay. So, that’s enough of that. My daughter was both in awe and frightened that I may have dented so
  3. Tournament details? We even have topics for that. 🙂
  4. So you’re a unicorn? Putts have a ceiling. You’re closer to a Tour player putting than you are at anything else.
  5. FWIW, April 15: Can't thank you enough. Just had my best range session in a long time. Also short and not a lot of balls. Went through our lessons and focused on my downswing path and hitting ball first with half to 3/4 swings. And May 6: Just wanted to let you know things are still going well. I'm still working on my downswing path and striking the ball first (things we worked on in my lessons) and it continues to improve. My range sessions are now like 45 minutes when in the past they could be two hours or more. My GHIN index has dropped almost 3 points!!
  6. That guy has a series of videos on how to play both of the courses there. Here's hole #1 at Sand Valley.
  7. Edel has released new wedges (the "SMS Wedges" or "Swing Match System Wedges"), and they're being discussed here: I'll keep this topic open, as it's still got good information, but please consider posting in the new topic instead.
  8. Edel: "The Swing Match System Wedges are the most exciting technology brought to the wedge category since, well, ever. Our new Swing Match Weighting Technology allows you to finally fit a wedge to your swing. With three machined out weight ports and interchangeable weights to optimize the club to your swing. In our internal studies, testers showed a 44% increase in accuracy down range in distance and lateral dispersion combined. 80% of testers saw their best spin results with the weight somewhere other than center." Wedges - Edel Golf Edel Wedges are designed &
  9. Day 505 - May 16, 2021 Played 18 holes of irons-only (hit one driver on 15) with Sculley. Really focused on some short game shots, too.
  10. Seriously. Also, we saw your post earlier, @David in FL, but it's as dumb the second time as it was the first time. In addition to what Dan said above, here is another article from the WHO: The effects of virus variants on COVID-19 vaccines The text in bold is quotes from that article: The COVID-19 vaccines that are currently in development or have been approved are expected to provide at least some protection against new virus variants because these vaccines elicit a broad immune response involving a range of antibodies and cells. Hmmmm.
  11. What differences do you see here? Look at the right elbow. W-I-D-T-H, man. You can't get enough. YOU can't get enough.
  12. Can you put something over/behind your trail shoulder?
  13. They’re all basically the same. I think it’s 17 foot pounds of torque. Or 40 inch pounds, or something. Anyway, they’re all about the same.
  14. Nobody was watching it (on TV anyway), and if your son/daughter was playing, I just about guarantee you'd watch. And that you'd want your son/daughter, especially if they were a senior, to play for the championship rather than being opted out because they're not in the top six or three.
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