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  1. As we said earlier in the thread it depends on what you mean by "harder." No doubles could mean you shoot 87, but breaking 80 means you're a better golfer overall. So at my level breaking 80 is relatively easy, but some people have never broken 80 and yet have rounds with no doubles or worse. To them breaking 80 is thus harder.
  2. We're not talking about how to make your own here. We're talking about this product.
  3. Just watch the video on the first page. And… and… and… (There's a video in that last post too.)
  4. Their tips are currently not worth a ton… they're far too specific and tell you nothing about HOW to do it. @david_wedzik and I will look to help them with those…
  5. You don't even have to do that stuff. An object falling from 3m in the air is only going to be going, what, just under 20 MPH? And that's downward without energy lost due to friction, etc.
  6. No, I appreciate the correction. Replace and place imply different things (particularly without the context).
  7. I know. Just saying… 30" is pretty far. Almost no real need for it to be that long, unless you can think of another way to orient it. Should be fine. You'll see. Yes. In cold weather I could see them cracking too. And it's not like they have tension, so you can't swing the arms out to a certain spot and then be sure they'll kind of stay in that spot. See my picture above: not quite 90°. The question will be… $25 to $30 better? You realize you just suggested people are going to work on their ball position at home, right?
  8. Strokes Gained Putting Update The Strokes Gained formula was re-done starting today, and so new data is available in everyone's Insights. Here are my new stats, which align more closely with what I think should be accurate:
  9. Everyone go check your GG Strokes Gained. The improvement I've hinted about a few times has occurred… and this looks a bit more like what I'd expect:
  10. I'm in year five or six… The PGA doesn't do a lot for instructors, so… it can be pretty tough to want to slog through the crap they have us doing that doesn't relate at all to what we do day to day.
  11. @toto, please post in other threads. You didn't even reply to the PM I sent you. This is a golf site.
  12. Those are both true, but at the same time, the forces needed to counter those "without effort" motions are pretty small, too, and the club will have some momentum of its own, so they don't work for everyone.
  13. Slumping is fine in golf.
  14. Yes, at the beginning. But those lessons should probably often be about 15-30 minutes long. New golfers can easily get overwhelmed, and limiting the lessons to a short time span helps the instructor as much as the student. Almost. I agree. This post isn't really talking to the complete beginner. By and large, complete beginners aren't cruising websites reading about golf (though I would be… but I get obsessive over new things). Yes. See above. Yes, there are some who need or want the "personal trainer" style. That's fine. I'm actually starting on November 8th with a guy who wants just that. Instead of four lessons in the normal pack at 45 minutes (not that my lessons ever finish in less than 50 or 55 minutes…), I'm giving him six for the same cost with the understanding that most will probably be 20-30 minutes after the first one which will be longer.
  15. Right. I do like that they telescope and collapse, don't get me wrong there… Some photos: