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  1. iacas

    My Swing (HJJ003)

    Just feel more old Rickie Fowler: Also, watch the camera angles. That's not on your toe line. More specifically: on your the toes of either foot and parallel to the target line.
  2. iacas

    Sand Traps - That's Not Right!!

    You can see how the metal or plastic hole liner thing is shaped like a "cup" at least, though. Except for the fact that the bottom usually has one or more holes and it would make for a very poor actual cup. 😄 But I'm with you on the distinction when talking about rules versus casual conversations. Casually it's "where's the pin?" but officially it's "what's the hole location on the seventh green?" I almost never say "sand trap" outside of talking about this site, either. BTW… this is funny, on this topic: Wrong kind of "traps" there.
  3. iacas

    Johnny Miller's Legacy

    He didn’t really play the Champions Tour. And yes, big reverse C.
  4. @Righty to Lefty, I should be clear, too: I'm talking about the low spinning chip shot. The topic here covers a bit more than that, but my comments today are mostly about that.
  5. iacas

    Johnny Miller's Legacy

    You missed a whole section: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Johnny_Miller#Subsequent_career A lot of articles have been written about him as a broadcaster. It's fine that you've got a different opinion, but I'm still sticking with mine: Johnny influenced far, far more golfers with his broadcasting career, and was better known by more people for his broadcasting, than he ever was as a golfer.
  6. To a point. He's wrong about reducing the smash factor leading to an increase in spin… I can hit shots with about 0.1 smash factor… that barely spin at all. Once you get past about 50° spin loft, friction is reduced. The most spin occurs around 45° spin loft, but you can get more spin up to about 55° spin loft if you also catch the ball almost two grooves thin. The 45°+ landing angle stuff is also out the window when talking about a chip shot - the ball shouldn't be that high in the air when hitting the topic title here: a spinning chip shot. (FWIW I'm talking about a low spinning chip shot, not a 75-yard "chip" or even a 50-yard pitch.)
  7. iacas

    My Swing (HJJ003)

    The clubhead gets too far inside, so you have to shove it out to get back to the ball. You just shoved it out a little too much today.
  8. That's a 75-yard shot. That's not a chip shot.
  9. iacas

    My Swing (Slim_Pivot)

    I don’t teach “one way.” And, I can back up the things I ask of students with reasons. Facts. Data. I prefer to see the same from others offering help. I care about the members here and enjoy discussing the golf swing. Theories. Prioritization. Etc.
  10. iacas

    Favorite TV Show(s)

    "If it's easier, you can just put it on a GameStop gift card."
  11. iacas

    My Swing (Slim_Pivot)

    I wouldn't call it all "opinion." Good players are much more open at impact than you are (demonstrating, at least), and I've got good data, good reasons, etc. for the things I recommend (and teach).
  12. iacas

    Johnny Miller's Legacy

    I wouldn't be so sure. My local high school team has broadcasters. Every radio station. Local sportscasters. Yeah, the pool of national golf broadcasters is small, but the pool of "broadcasters" is actually quite large. Erie, PA alone has probably 30-50. We don't have many PGA Tour players… Heck, I've been a broadcaster. And a radio DJ. College. Myth. https://www.foxsports.com/golf/story/16-things-to-know-about-johnny-miller-s-underrated-yes-underrated-63-at-oakmont-061516 Only four players broke par that day. The stories about the rain or the sprinklers is a myth.
  13. iacas

    My Swing (Slim_Pivot)

    I'm not a fan of those photos up above. The average good player is far, far more open with the hips and torso than you're demonstrating, and I hate having to roll the hands and forearms like you're demonstrating in the second picture. Quite often if you're that closed at impact the overtaking rate is through the roof (like you're demonstrating) and you have to roll the hands/forearms. But, not a fan. Average PGA Tour player is about 40-45° open with the hips at impact, and 20-25° with the torso. Don't love that setup position. I prefer the sternal notch relatively centered, and axis tilt created by the hips being an inch or so forward. Creates the axis tilt without putting your head back like that. And hey, don't take any of this personally… just sharing what I think, as you are. If the OP @Slim_Pivot wants more explanations for the "why" on some of these, happy to share more. P.S. How about a face-on view, there, @Slim_Pivot?
  14. iacas

    Funny Reaction

    Angle the sticks away from you at like 45 degrees.
  15. Both awarded. Congrats!

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