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  1. Congrats! What sims do they use?
  2. iacas

    My Swing (StuM)

    Can you go higher and a bit less deep?
  3. Here's my first (final?) stab at groupings: Saturday @ Bedford Springs, 11:00: @iacas @Slim_Pivot @Divot Master Saturday @ Bedford Springs, 11:10: @Hardspoon @Hardspoon's genetic near-equivalent @saevel25 Sunday @ Royal New Kent, 9:00: @DaveP043 @DaveP043's better half @saevel25 @Divot Master Sunday @ Royal New Kent, 9:10 @iacas @woodzie264 @Hardspoon @billchao Sunday @ Royal New Kent, 9:20 @GolfLug Wife of @GolfLug (non-playing) @davechen Offspring of @davechen I've invited a guest, but he's unlikely to be able to play. However, if he's able to play, then CBS and FOX are going to flex @billchao to the 9:20 group. This is also true if the non-playing person (wife of @GolfLug) opts not to see the sights.
  4. I think just about every ball since then performs about the same with minor tiny differences in feel, spin, etc.
  5. Does anyone doubt that being more fit improves your golf? In my experience, serious golfers will work out for golf. The rest… will not.
  6. They put $2M into it before it reopened last year so I’m expecting it will be. 🙂
  7. This isn’t the topic to continue to discuss it.
  8. Use the 2MP camera and just record separate swings. Everyone does. No need to record the same swing - your swing is pretty much the same every time.
  9. I mostly meant during your fitting. The number on the bottom shouldn't matter. It's "do I hit my 165-yard club more accurately than I did with my old set?" that matters.
  10. Congrats. So is your new 7I more accurate than your old 6I?
  11. Nobody anywhere near CHQ was enforcing anything like that. You didn't spend an overnight, either.
  12. Two years? Man. They can build a whole course in about a year. Philly doesn't get that much snow.
  13. NY state had no such restriction. New York City may have at the time.
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