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  1. The toe hang = It's just a matter of how far away from the axis of the shaft the CG is. The more it is out toward the toe, the more toe hang you get. It doesn't matter where into the head the shaft actually connects - it's about the projection. Some shafts project through the CG even if they're heel-shafted, and you can have a center-shafted putter with a little toe hang, too (though that's uncommon). Different sweet spots = that's just where the CG projects through the face. Impact toward the toe or heel results in twisting, so not the sweet spot. Project the CG location through the face and that's your "sweet spot." Both vertically and horizontally, though most people don't "thin" their putters or hit them too high on the face. Different toe hangs favor different strokes = bogus myth. The forces and torques present in a putting stroke are really, really small. Find a putter you can aim. Find a putter with the overall weight profile that fits your distance control tendencies. The end. There's no physics reason why the really really small torques and forces present in a putting stroke should have any bearing on the type of stroke you use relative to the putter you use. Every iron we swing is toe-down… and we swing those at faster speeds with significantly more forces involved. It just doesn't make any sense at all from a physics perspective. Your hands would have to be so finely attuned to the smallest amounts of rotational torque (redundant) that, well, you'd be superhuman. Did I above well enough?
  2. http://www.seriouseats.com/2017/03/how-to-reverse-sear-best-way-to-cook-steak.html Seems you could cook your frozen steak and then reverse sear it, and you don't really have to worry about all that prep just to avoid splattering from the ice melting. Most of the steak I eat at home… is done this way (prime rib): http://www.foodnetwork.com/recipes/alton-brown/dry-aged-standing-rib-roast-with-sage-jus-recipe-1939502 And yeah, you use a flower pot.
  3. Just look at the type of surgery it was and what it helps fix. His spine was compressing his nerves. This gives them space again. He said he couldn't even lie down without pain. Now he feels great. I'm not saying he won't re-damage things, but I said before and I'll say again now this was a quality of life surgery, not a golf surgery. If you can't even lie down without being in pain, swinging a club is a non-starter.
  4. To argue against myself, longer videos give those who watch 'em a better understanding of who you are. I've just been very busy lately and want to watch these videos, but carving out half an hour has been tough. Fortunately, I don't have to watch this one super intently as you're on the losing team's side of the country…
  5. Welcome to the "5 Minutes Daily" Practice Challenge for June, 2017! The rules are the same as always: Make a detailed post describing your practice every day during the month. Try to limit the number of very short or "ditto" type posts. Describe what you did for at least five minutes of practice (indoors or out, with or without golf balls, etc.). No back-dating or pre-dating posts or practice sessions. On the last day of the month, if you completed the challenge, post about it in red text so I can notice it and give you the award. Enjoy and practice hard! Note: you can miss one day per monthly challenge if you have a good reason and still be eligible for the monthly award.
  6. So, not that I'm changing my position or anything (a 40 differential is still a HUGE leap), but what would you estimate his index would actually be if he played full Rules of Golf, proper handicapping procedures, etc.? 22? 25?
  7. These videos are getting rather long. That's fine, but… y'all know length doesn't matter, right!?!? . I'm kinda hoping future videos are about ten to twelve minutes. Just answer the questions, hit some shots, call it a day. (Note: I haven't watched yours @DeadMan and you're a West Team guy anyway so maybe @mvmac loves the long ones… I just saw the length and wanted to comment. Also, bear in mind this is coming from a guy who struggles to make a sub-8:00 evolvr video. ) P.S. Loved the dancing at 24:08. Wow!
  8. Of course it's incorrect. I told you that. I illustrated it a few times. I've spent hundreds of hours on force plates. I was one of the first to own a SwingCatalyst. What I told you is backed by that experience, and thus weighs quite a bit more than "in his opinion there is a small weight shift." If he had told you that in his opinion there was a huge weight shift it would matter just as much: not at all. His opinion isn't scientific data. Goodness, look around here… I've done more research on weight, pressure, and forces in the golf swing than almost any other golf instructor in the world. I'm not "the powers that be," I'm just a reasonably intelligent guy who has studied this stuff, has a background in actual sciences, etc. Feels aren't accurate. They're not scientific. They're not "good data." Why are you working on reasons to support the "old school motion"? To what end? And… what @billchao says here in its entirety:
  9. I'll keep this on the short side because some random person's Member Swing thread isn't really the place for this kind of discussion… By most I'll clarify: the vast, vast majority. I'm not talking about 53% here. That doesn't mean you were doing it right or most efficiently. You may very well have been capable of making the change - and making it more quickly - with a ball if you'd done it differently. Sounds slow. Not for everyone, but for a good chunk of people. That's not what I advocate in the above linked post, either. Generally speaking, here's what I see: You tell people to fix the move without a golf ball. They work and work and film and record, and eventually, they've got a great practice swing. You say "great, now do that with a ball" and they almost immediately and completely revert to their old swing. Simply put, what I recommend to people is: A rehearsal swing or two. Often these too are shorter, slower, simpler swings. A shorter, slower, simpler swing focusing just on the "piece" while hitting a ball. As you become proficient, the swing gets less short, less slow, and closer to the full swing. Practice at the edge of your ability, but do it with a ball. The approach there blends no-ball practice (the first bullet) but immediately ties it to a motion you make with a golf ball. If you're shanking, topping, etc. the ball too much, you're not doing it slowly, "shortly," or simply enough.
  10. I don't know that it'll add anything. It likely won't even do all that SAM does.
  11. The pace of play already considers this type of thing. If you have to go to the restroom, plan to have to walk a little faster on the next hole and you should be fine. You can use ten minutes for a medical reason (don't have to be consecutive), so if you had diarrhea or something, that would cut it. But there's no reason a woman or man can't be expected to visit the restroom quickly and get back on the course. It's not confusing. There are shuttles waiting at the holes where you're shuttled. You hop on, and they give you a ride. On the other holes, there are no shuttles. And often the shuttle on hole 11 would say "Hole 11 Shuttle" or something on the thing that hangs inside the front window. It's not nearly that confusing. Players walk, and know to walk, except when there is a shuttle provided by the NCAA. We had some LONG walks (i.e. four minute cart drives) between holes at Division III Nationals a few weeks back. Nobody was penalized, and it was abundantly clear. There were two or three four-passenger carts sitting there waiting to shuttle you (and some spectators). Carts are driven at these events by a ton of different people. Coaches, assistant coaches, players (like from the range to the putting green), spectators allowed to have carts, rules officials, medical staff, the grounds crew, scoring officials, volunteers, etc. It's really pretty clear. They goofed.
  12. Nah. It'll be Murray.
  13. I think it's perfectly believable now. That's what this type of surgery is designed to alleviate.
  14. http://news.tigerwoods.com/tigers-blog-updates-on-tiger-jam-and-my-recovery/