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  1. Kind of dumb mods betting since they can lock it whenever they choose.
  2. I already said I don't care about the five minute rule. Three minutes, two minutes… those are fine. They don't change the way golf is played like the flagstick thing. And I don't think we'll be seeing free drops from divot holes in the fairway any time soon. Also, again, you said you wished the flagstick rule would be changed in your earlier post. You didn't imply any actual inside knowledge.e
  3. You're missing the point I made: the advantage would not be the same at all courses. Or even the same at each hole, if a course had different flagsticks on different holes, for example… This could fairly drastically affect things like handicaps. If one course has thicker, bouncier flagsticks and players leave them in when putting, they'll make fewer than the courses with deader flagsticks more likely to deaden the ball into the hole. It's past midnight and changing it to two or three would be fine by me. Going to 3 instead of 5 isn't in the same ballpark as a change as drastic as "leave the flagstick in when putting without penalty" would be. Also, it was discussed earlier, but not like this. The earlier discussion was quite cursory.
  4. I disagree. Flagsticks are made of different materials, and there aren't even rules about how thick the flagstick can be. You can literally make a flagstick 4" in diameter and it would be perfectly legal. So why should one course have thicker, possibly "bouncier" flagsticks while another course does not? Right now this only matters if you hit the flagstick from far enough out that you didn't want to remove it. A 4.25" hole, on the other hand, basically behaves the same each time. Leaving the flagstick in (current flagsticks), overall, provides a pretty good advantage. Balls are more likely to go in or stay close to the hole. Leaving the flagstick in lets you smash a testy three-footer and be comforted by the fact that it's far more likely to go in.
  5. No, this is what you said: You said you'd "like" to see the rule changed. That's very different than "this is for sure going to change." People don't pay up. I would pay up, but you're a guy without even an avatar. I doubt it. I just asked a guy on the USGA Rules Committee. When he was done laughing, he said "no." Ditto dropping to avoid "divot holes."
  6. It's not slow either. It's still a long course, with some importance…
  7. If that's what you think Twitter is, then you're not using it properly. I have had many, many important, far-reaching conversations on Twitter. And some fun ones, too.
  8. Uhhh, I'd wager good money neither of those things becomes a Rule of Golf in the next 20 years. P.S. You're allowed to leave the flagstick in while playing a stroke from anywhere without penalty. It's striking the flagstick with the ball when you've putted from on the green that's a problem…
  9. On a 200 yard hole? They weren't 85 right?
  10. A4 looks like a good righty's A10.
  11. We've never said there is. There's GamePlanning. There's the ability to generate speed. There are other things. What do you think is missing, and what would you add to the list of "what you need" to have a decent golf swing? We've only ever said they're the commonalities that are achievable. That's a small mental thing that admittedly affect some more than others. I don't think it boils down to that. For many, how much natural talent and ability they have matters quite a bit as well.
  12. Would love to see you turn your feet out and learn to turn your hips. You're not getting the upper body turn and are over-bending the right elbow to get a "full" backswing. You likely sway your hips back too. I know this thread's not about you, but I wouldn't use that image as a "good" example of lifting your left heel. You likely wouldn't need to lift your left heel with a better pivot, @rehmwa. Bingo.
  13. You seem to be confusing what might be good PR with what definitely is not a "good business decision." "Showing ownership" when you had absolutely no ownership or obligation is not "good business."
  14. Not a difficult thing to do. I beat people in putting contests putting with a wedge while they use a putter. One mistake I made in my first year of coaching was to do just that against one of my golfers just before a tournament round…
  15. The answer there is right, but I just want to be clear about one thing @asal70… this isn't what's commonly called "Internal OB" is it? Where OB stakes are put up to stop players from cutting the corner of a hole and/or to protect players on a neighboring hole?