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  1. Couple of things… If you're interested in SuperSpeed, see the link on the right side of the site. Highly recommended. Consider, please, trimming videos. Also consider posting videos in high-speed (or "slow-mo"). Your lower body could support the turn a bit more:
  2. Nah. Hell, make it two minutes. 😉
  3. I disagree. Harris English lost a ball? Oh pooh. "The problem with cutting two minutes from a lost-ball search is that it affects competitions without fans or marshals." Awwww, shucks. I don't consider that much of an argument. Watch where your ball goes, or hit a provisional. "Pretty soon, there’s at least one provisional hit every third hole." Uh huh. Sure. "Did the USGA conduct a study on how long it takes to find a 300-plus-yard drive in the rough, or do any research on how often lost balls were found in Minutes 4 and 5? Not to my knowledge." They did.
  4. These 2 revised rules could use another ruling Reduction to 3 minutes for a lost ball leads to unintended consequences, and tapping down spike marks creates a bad look What point is that? That you lose a lot of balls? 🙂
  5. You can swap out the tips, sure. A club fitter at a TaylorMade authorized dealer will be able to do it.
  6. I would have made this a poll, but there are too many variables. I shared somewhere that I yell "fore" maybe 2-4 times per year, either for myself or for golfers in my group. I also said I don't yell "fore" if I know my ball will not hit someone (i.e. if it's going to land far enough away from them, I don't yell it). Others were incredulous at this, and acted as if I was not yelling fore when a ball might land ten feet from someone else. This isn't the case at all. So, here is my multi-step, multi-variable poll: How many times per year do you yell "fore" (either for yourself or someone else in your group)? 0 1-4 5-8 9-14 15-20 20+ What is your handicap level and those of the people you play with? 0-5 6-10 11-15 16+ How holes on the course(s) you play most often have "danger areas" where a shot played from the tee or an approach shot that's hit off-line can land near an area where other golfers commonly are? 0 1-3 4-6 7-9 10-14 15+ How likely are you or the people you typically play with to yell "fore" when a ball has a chance to hit someone? Highly likely Likely Average Unlikely Highly unlikely I could think of some other questions, but basically, that covers most of it. My answers would be 2, 1 or 2, 2, and 1 or 2. (The higher the numbers for questions 2, 3, and 4, the higher the number will likely be for question 1.)
  7. On another forum, members were talking about how, because of the ball lost during the U.S. Open on Sunday, many decided 3 minutes is too little and they should go back to 5 minutes. Part of their argument was that because you have only three minutes to search now, people help search first, instead of hitting and then searching. I don't know if I'm for that, and I'm against going back to five minutes. Few balls found in 3 minutes are found in minutes 4 and 5, and it does speed up play. Particularly casual play. In tournaments, hit a provisional. Yes, occasionally a ball is lost when it shouldn't be, but those situations are rare.
  8. There are some good backswing drills here: 30-Day Practice Plan | Golf Evolution https://golfevolution.com/30-day-plan/
  9. Bryson DeChambeau's meticulous process to tame Winged Foot's rough A Zoom call with Bridgestone's golf ball team helped Bryson DeChambeau formulate a game plan for tackling Winged Foot's deep rough.
  10. They all have online accounts.
  11. iacas


    Okay. You didn't say it was the point for you, so I'm sure you could see how what you wrote could be read as saying it's "the point" for everyone. Generally speaking, to everyone… if you don't want gimmes to be given to you, just say "I like to putt out." I putt out in tournaments, and often take away three footers or so when I'm playing casually. It saves time and I make them 99% of the time anyway, so… yeah. Give yourself gimmes, don't give yourself gimmes. Whatever floats your boat. The point of golf is for most everyone here to have fun. You're playing it recreationally. Whatever lets you have fun, play at a good pace, etc. - good for you!
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