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  1. Flying Elbow video

    Yeah, that's one of the ways. Another is when people don't turn properly… to help them turn properly. They let the elbow go to help them "finish" the backswing.
  2. They're nearly permanently curled from being rolled into those tubes.
  3. NFL 2017-2018

    **** the NFL. Absolute bullshit that has real effects on the post-season.
  4. He's not. Let's move on, okay? He's 5'10", 5'11" when he wears spikes with a thick sole.
  5. Star Wars Episode VIII: The Last Jedi

    No. This topic is fine. The movie's out. If you're participating in this topic now, AFTER the movie's opening weekend… you should expect spoilers.
  6. I don't know about that. I'd imagine you're losing a lot more strokes in your full swing than you realize. You're an 11.5. Probably. But a lot of premium balls - which give you the short game spin without costing distance off the tee or other full-swing performance - are about $25 to $30/dozen, too. Like the Snells.
  7. They kinda suck. So hard to get flat.
  8. I’m tempted to try an iron through a towel. Then books.
  9. TST Member Review - FlightScope Mevo

    Dot on top is the way I go.
  10. My Swing (stricklerlee)

    Got a face-on video?
  11. Are you sure they’re not being forced? Failing to complete? What version are you on?
  12. Note that if you force the update it’ll always apply it. I had a very fast one last night but I think that just fuenliads it to the phone. Then it actually applies it to the device which took 8 minutes roughly?
  13. Grades for Tiger's Performance

    I don’t think he was going all out. Its like people forget… he was a long hitter.

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