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  1. I disagree, and given how I defined "luck" earlier, it's easy to see why.
  2. Dude, you don't have a plan. You have a dream, and a pipe dream at that. You've not actually seemed to DO anything except talk. You are moving to BC, and then a day later, to Florida. That's not a plan. That's just… making stuff up as you go. It is hard to make $120k/year working 10 hours a week. If it wasn't, way, way more people would be doing it. This discussion is a joke. You may very well win a Mackenzie Tour event some day… but I'd take some pretty long odds on that bet and bet against it and feel pretty content that my money was safe. You want to convince people that you have a good plan? MAKE A GOOD PLAN and then execute on that plan. Stop telling people "oh, it's easier than you think to earn $120k/year working 10 hours a week." You come off as foolish when you say things like that, partly because you have no idea what other people are actually thinking, and partly because you're naïve as heck. You've not posted your golf swing. You've not posted scores. You've not talked about any plans, any learning you've done about reading my book or anyone's book, any pros you've worked with, any insights you've gained into learning what it takes… nothing.
  3. And in 2020 it’ll be your 8 best of 20 without a 4% reduction.
  4. iacas

    2019 Newport Cup

    Add it yourself yeah.
  5. Ha. Plenty - and by that I mean many, many, many people - disliked Tiger Woods. They got on him about spitting on the golf course. They called him out every time he swore. The forums were full of racists Tiger haters. And… I never cared about his personal life. I wasn't lied to, because I didn't give a shit about what he was doing personally. I enjoyed watching him play golf. That's where it started and ended with me, and with most rational people.
  6. Here, mostly. Shaft should be pointing a bit more toward the pole, not well left of it.
  7. At the end of the day, any good golf swing is going to put stresses and strains on the body. It's a fairly violent action. I'm not particularly interested in talking about "biomechanically sound" golf swings, in the sense that a bunch of golf swings have been deemed "biomechanically sound" by bunches of people with medical degrees, biomechanics degrees, etc. Few of us here are medical doctors. Some of us here, myself included, do know quite a bit about the golf swing. So let's stick to talking about that stuff, not medical stuff you can get a ton of people to say. Hell, I know a guy who can't practice putting for more than about three minutes at a time because of the strain it puts on his lower back. That doesn't mean his putting stroke isn't "biomechanically sound."
  8. Day 445 - April 24, 2019 - Full swing work after a lesson today. Really having good success swinging to the top, exaggerating the move, and swinging down/through/forward with the pivot.
  9. I think that stuff is mostly fine, but you want to lay the club off less. Just turn your forearms a little bit.
  10. Jim, I'll give you some slack, but let's try to avoid stuff like this. At the end of the day these are still athletic movements, and people sometimes have pain writing with a pencil and paper, or walking, or doing anything with their shoulders, arms, backs, wrists, etc. It's quite possible that someone can have pain doing an athletic movement. Oh boy.
  11. @klineka, best to just work your piece and save the next stuff for the next lesson or something like that… best not to go searching for something. I have some slightly different thoughts. Yes, you're too closed at impact, but it goes a bit beyond that…
  12. What do you mean? You're not sure which way your one-finger reads GO? Like "breaks left" or "breaks right"?
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