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  1. Not sure where you’re seeing that.
  2. Copy the list and add yourself with the following words: Definite Likely Interested Then, if you'd like, add a short description, like "Likely, especially if in OH or Pittsburgh/Erie" or something. Interested parties: @iacas - Definite @billchao - Definite @boogielicious - Definite @BradSomrak - Likely I'll tag a few other possibly interested people for this Sunday round of golf… @Braivo, @ChetlovesMer, @saevel25, @vasaribm, @Slice of Life, @Divot Master, @DrizZzY, @Hardspoon, @Grizvok, @Bonvivant, @DinnerTime, @Carl3…
  3. No, there's no option to do that, for good reasons including that it's part of your history here, other people took the time to comment and help, and so on. It's off topic but it's like people only want their most recent 100 posts to show or something. People can look at the date that things are posted and realize that it's "old." Some of the old content here, however, is some of the best. Your older (2015) posts highlight what you were working on then, how your swing has changed since, etc.
  4. @boogielicious and @billchao are coming in mid-June for a few days, and Sunday the 13th we'd like to schedule a little TST meetup. The location could be almost anywhere within about two hours in Pittsburgh, Ohio, or New York. I think the best idea may be to consider where those who are interested are coming from, and to play somewhere in that direction. If we get six, we get six. If we get 12, we get 12. But if you're interested, let's sign up quickly so that we can choose a course and get some tee times here quickly.
  5. I updated this article. The old one still exists, but the new one is updated and slimmed down.
  6. People responded, too, yeah. So you're fine. I wish people would just "unlist" their old videos. The first few pages of your topic look bad now.
  7. iacas

    2021 Masters

    I took a $20 straight up bet on Hideki just now (over the field). I don't even know that I think he'll win, but at least it gives me a little something to be interested in later today. Justin Rose lost a four-shot lead in about two hours on Friday.
  8. The Rules are available online. https://www.usga.org/content/usga/home-page/rules/rules-2019/rules-of-golf/rules-and-interpretations.html I’m trying to encourage those who have questions to do a little digging themselves. @Rulesman has given you the answer though.
  9. Let's help those who help themselves: what Rules did you look at in trying to come up with an answer to this one? You can list them by name, by number… etc.
  10. I’m not sure what you mean. It shows up as a new post. I saw it. That’s why I merged it.
  11. High end clubs typically want you to carry or take a caddie.
  12. Classic doesn’t connect via phone …?
  13. iacas

    2021 Masters

    Long irons don’t have enough mass.
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