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  1. No. I don't know who is in San Jose, but my advice is to look around, ask around, read up, and find a good instructor. Maybe - unlikely - they're at GolfTec. @mvmac may know someone, though San Jose is a bit away from him…
  2. Happy 19th, @freshmanUTA!
  3. That is the only good thing I've heard about this so far. Currently, I'm dreading what is coming in a few hours…
  4. The iPhone is great if you have enough light. If the clubhead is blurry, the shutter speed is probably 1/250th or 1/500th or something less than that. We record on the Casio FH-25 at 1/800th inside, and 1/2500th outside. The Sony is nice too, but they only record for two seconds, and they're slower, and the file sizes are larger, of course.
  5. Don't you think that's kind of a ridiculous question? The "declining popularity of the game" (which isn't even a fact I'll grant you as accurate) is not at all affected by this Lexi Thompson rules breach. I don't think that it boils down to that at all.
  6. Yeah. And to @No Mulligans, they had a week back in March where rounds were getting stuck in limbo.
  7. http://www.barryrhodes.com/2017/04/lexi-thompson-penalised-four-strokes.html Quoting: "I understand that the Ruling Bodies may implement a new Decision later this week, to take immediate effect, to address the question of assessing additional penalties on players who did not know that they had incurred a penalty before returning their score card." "The problem that may arise from this is that players (and their caddies) will not be encouraged to learn the Rules of their trade. If players, professional and amateur, do not know they have breached a Rule and so they sign their score card without the penalty, the worst that can happen is that the penalty will subsequently be added to their score if it is discovered. So might as well ignore them! Dangerous." "By the way, I must draw your attention to the fact that 2 years ago Lexi would have been disqualified, for her breach, receiving no prize money, so the Ruling Bodies did try to limit the consequences of a player not including a penalty for a breach of the Rules, whether they knew about it, or not."
  8. Oh Christ almighty… If this is anything like it sounds like I'm gonna be very disappointed in the ruling bodies. Be a professional. Put the damn ball back where it was and follow (and KNOW) the Rules of the game making you wealthy.
  9. I don't recommend doing much of that. I play plenty of shots relatively square to the target line. All of what you wrote encourages use of the leading edge: setting up open effectively moves the ball position back, taking the club outside exposes the leading edge, etc. This topic is about the way I teach pitching, and it's not by doing those things. The opposite is closer to the way I teach it: take the club under the plane, rolling the face open, square setup, weight and ball position forward…
  10. Golfers occasionally shank it. Just as Ian Poulter, Webb Simpson, etc. I wouldn't over-think it, or look to change much if it's still relatively rare. Either way, you're getting the sweet spot outside the ball.
  11. Schedule of Events Friday, May 5 Morning: Golf with @jsgolfer (contact him for details if you'd like). 5:30pm: AimPoint Express clinic at Stoneleigh Golf Club ($175 for TST members, normally $200). Saturday, May 6 10:30-11:00: Golf at Stoneleigh GC ($55) 4:00pm: AimPoint Express clinic at Stoneleigh Golf Club ($175 for TST members, normally $200). Sunday, May 7 10:30-11:00: Golf at Stoneleigh GC ($55) You can sign up for the AimPoint classes by emailing Stoneleigh Head Pro Sean Duggan at sduggan@stoneleighgolf.com. Space is limited so please sign up early! Please sign up with @DaveP043 if you plan to play golf.
  12. Yes. You may have to stretch it from time to time if you don't use double-sided tape, but it tends to hold pretty well in my experience.
  13. Which video is that? I rarely have the ball back of center.