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  1. iacas

    "Rules" other players have told you

    I think he's pointing out that when virtually anyone talks about the "line of flight" they're talking about the line of flight, not a point on the line of flight. Here's a rule that a kid told Natalie. Natalie had putted from on the putting green and hit a ball near the hole. The "helpful" player said the penalty was on the girl's ball who was hit, because it "got in the way of your ball" (to Natalie). 🙂
  2. iacas

    Tiger Woods Master Catch-All Discussion

    It’s not like he sits at home doing nothing on his off days.
  3. iacas

    Driver Technique Confusion

    Feel ain't real @ohiogolfer. It's tough to say whether you are hitting down or up. And note that "hitting down" versus "hitting up" is often a matter of a total of only 5-8°.
  4. iacas

    Do You Hit Full Shots With High Lofted Wedges?

    Generally, no. The ball behaves a bit too unpredictably. 3/4 60° shots are almost the max.
  5. iacas

    Happy Birthday Thread!

    Happy 33rd, @billchao!!!
  6. iacas

    Putting Tips

    Yep. @Dunit507, a lot of people think that they should make a lot of putts that they can. But as the 8 foot/50% thing illustrates… can ≠ should. Without understanding strokes gained putting or something similar, you really are gonna have a hard time understanding whether your putting performance(s) are better or worse than they "should" be.
  7. Day 198 - August 20, 2018 - http://www.gamegolf.com/player/iacas/round/2347679
  8. iacas

    Putting Tips

    PGA Tour players average 50% from eight feet. Perception is often not reality.
  9. iacas

    Homeschool Golf

    www.google.com Can't say I can help you much, except that most of the time home schooled kids AFAIK play for the school in which they're a resident. So a home-schooled kid in "Topeka" plays for the Topeka area high school, generally. No?
  10. iacas

    Another Penalty for Lexi Thompson

    No. It’s not at all obvious.
  11. iacas

    Another Penalty for Lexi Thompson

    No, it isn't. The fairway you are considering is another hole's fairway. That is one of the most ridiculous things you've said in this discussion. As @Zeph said it has its own tee, green, there are cart paths in the way, etc. The ideal approach angle on that hole is LEFT. Not right. Look at the green. That Local Rule does no such thing. Where by "too arbitrary" you mean "not at all arbitrary." Got it. Completely disagree. And please don't try to pass off that you're now "someone who understands the rules." You've demonstrated no such thing. Your blades are probably fine. What?!?! Yeah, it's the RULES that caused that. 🤦🏼‍♂️ Let's stick to the topic, please.
  12. iacas

    Another Penalty for Lexi Thompson

    He told you it's not. It was not the fairway of the hole being played. They don't. They simply limited the area in which she could lift, clean, and place. The strategy still exists… Just as she could have hit it in the rough (and not gotten LCP). Yes it is, because it's the same for everyone. If you have nothing legitimate to consider, perhaps move along.
  13. Day 197 - August 19, 2018 - http://www.gamegolf.com/player/iacas/round/2346723
  14. iacas

    Another Penalty for Lexi Thompson

    @PraiseKek, please stop. You’re just embarrassing yourself. It’s an approved, valid LR per the USGA. One can easily surmise the logic behind it. Preferred lies are part of the Rules, too. By definition.
  15. iacas

    Another Penalty for Lexi Thompson

    @PraiseKek, almost everything you’ve typed in this topic has been wrong. It is a perfectly valid Local Rule that is used in a ton of tournaments.

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