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  1. @Vinsk, what's your question? They've been around the past 3-5 years. The tech has been around for about 10, tops. They have lasers that can measure a green every cm to within 1mm, for rebuilding greens, etc. Those laser things can also be used to create super accurate maps like these.
  2. iacas

    GHIN - Should it be called PITA?!

    So what's your complaint? What was a PITA? Your browser of choice? @NatalieB has a GHIN account. It's easy to use. From her iPhone or her MacBook.
  3. iacas

    Short Drivers at the British Open

    You mean the clubs themselves? Some of the PGA Tour pros have drivers that are 44 or 44.5".
  4. iacas

    2018 British Open Championship at Carnoustie

    I agree with that. They could. It'd still drain faster because it's sandy, but a little water goes a long way in changing the color of the grass. Not a lot of how it plays would be affected, but the actual colors would change quickly. It'd be fine for the turf. But yeah, it would mostly just be a change of color, because of all the sand. Not traditional double-row sprinklers, but they can get water out there, yeah. Especially in the landing areas.
  5. iacas

    LPGA's Lincicome will play in PGA Event in July

    I don't know if either tour would want that: they'd each have half the number of playing opportunities. I don't see a lot of people making that argument here. I think they're starting to understand that sponsor exemptions are special cases.
  6. https://golfweek.com/2018/07/19/usga-ra-have-agreed-to-severely-restrict-green-reading-books/ USGA, R&A have agreed to severely restrict green-reading books CARNOUSTIE, Scotland — The U.S. Golf Association and R&A plan to severely restrict the information allowed in green-reading books. Beginning Jan. 1, 2019, the move will effectively render the books impractical to players who have increasingly leaned on them for reading putts. Three golf industry rules experts confirmed the plan to Golfweek. The sources spoke on the condition of anonymity because they were not authorized to speak publicly on the move.
  7. I actually don't even measure my driver speed. I use the "light" stick I think and measure my speed with that. The protocols encourage that, I think. That way I know it's the same length, etc.
  8. iacas

    2018 British Open Championship at Carnoustie

    The fairways at Shinnecock were among the widest we've had in the U.S. Open of late. The fairways at Carnoustie are actually narrower than they were at Shinnecock. Shinnecock wasn't bad. There were two bad pins. That was all. They over-reacted and watered a bit too much on Saturday, perhaps, but Carnoustie isn't just "nature" just like Shinnecock wasn't just "the USGA 'manufacturing' things." But they kinda did… by choosing not to water it. They chose these conditions, just as the USGA chose the conditions they had (outside of each particular day's weather for both) at Shinnecock.
  9. Day 166 - July 19, 2018 - SuperSpeed in the evening, but ten minutes hitting 7-irons on the range before lessons this morning.
  10. iacas

    2018 British Open Championship at Carnoustie

    So has the R&A Bill. Had the USGA let Shinnecock totally up to nature it would have been an absolute train wreck. You’re taking this too far man. Every organization manipulates it.
  11. iacas

    2018 British Open Championship at Carnoustie

    Ryan Moore with four birdies in six holes is off to a hot start, eh?
  12. iacas

    2018 British Open Championship at Carnoustie

    Was -4 when I posted. Not a birdie fest.
  13. My 60° wedge has 22° bounce, and my 54 has 17°. I like a lot of bounce, but not a wide soles and particularly not wide in the heel and toe.

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