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  1. Just wait a few months. I don’t use the dots at Golf Evolution either.
  2. Going to have to wait until later this week. Traveling now.
  3. European Tour events are overrated. This has been demonstrated several times. OWGR I mean.
  4. Yes. I’d also be okay with: Bunkers purposefully unraked. Just smooth with your feet. They’re hazards. Grass them over. Eliminate them.
  5. http://www.torcgolf.com/ $9.99 - If you order one, order five and I’ll pay you for four. I can always use a few more.
  6. Can you recommend a club for him to fill in that 220-280 gap? Sheesh. Also, I love two other things: I love how his 5I and 6I go one distance, but the others cover a range of 10+ yards. I love how a guy who hits his 6I 160 hits his driver 280-310.
  7. I don’t use dots, and the point of a Mevo isn’t to be a sim. It’s also 25% the cost of just the SkyTrak never mind the subscription, the cage, the software licenses for the sims, the PC, etc.
  8. THE BEST PERSONAL LAUNCH MONITOR 2019 2019 PERSONAL LAUNCH MONITOR BUYERS GUIDE What a horribly done article. Basic facts like what data is given, what OSes are supported for the apps, etc. are not even right. They miss out on the fact that the Mevo supports speaking of your stats. They rate the accuracy of the SkyTrak so highly but point out that it doesn't work in bright weather or under bright lights… the list goes on and on. FWIW I'm testing the Rapsodo (works only outdoors, supposedly, but I hit a few 10-yard shots today that were just fine), and I have a SkyTrak and a Mevo, and for me, I'd take the Mevo every day over the SkyTrak if I'm looking to practice my game. No, the Mevo doesn't give spin axis (but wait), but that's about the only thing I'd take on the SkyTrak over the Mevo. Factoring in the cost, especially.
  9. At least you know now what is wrong and they can begin to fix it. The bowel perforation can’t be new. You’ve been full of shit since you joined the site. 😉
  10. iacas

    NCAA Football 2019

    Players want to play, and you can rack up stats to support a run at a Heisman in these types of games. I don’t think it was wrong at all for him to play. Just a freak injury.
  11. I think it’s too light (and if it's not, it’s just one weight). I think Orange Whips are good for some things, but speed training isn’t one of them.
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