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  2. Welcome to TST.
  3. Ostensibly, it measures where the face would be, and the path relative to that. And clubhead speed, etc.
  4. 12/5: Working on the same thing as yesterday, plus a little putting work finding the sweet spot (an over-neglected aspect of putting):
  5. This thread is about where the shaft should be during the downswing in a full swing. The video is about how the shaft being slightly below the hands plane helps to "square" the face at the bottom of the swing. And you don't want to be under plane at impact or… you toe the ball. Duh.
  6. I made bold the changes that are going to affect regular users. The non-bold are more for moderators. Key Changes In addition to many small bug fixes, this release includes: Added quite a few new embed providers codepen.io coub.com deviantart.com docs.com funnyordie.com gettyimages.com iFixit.com kickstarter.com meetup.com mixcloud.com mix.office.com on.aol.com reddit.com reverbnation.com screencast.com screenr.com slideshare.net smugmug.com ustream.tv Google Maps Auto-saved content in the editor will now expire after 48 hours If you load an editor that has previous auto-saved content you will now be prompted to keep or remove it You can now set pre-filled reasons for Warning actions that will automatically populate the member notes editor when a moderator warns a user Escape key will now cancel quick-edit on titles There are now more "save and reload" options in various places to keep your place when editing content or settings You can now hide posts that are unapproved rather than just approve or delete When a moderator changes the status of a report in the ModCP the system now puts a reply in moderator comments noting the change You can now quickly edit tags when viewing an item without having to edit it if you have permission If you are using multiple devices to login to a site you will be less likely to be logged out Tags can now be quickly edited when viewing an item Enhancements to IP discovery tools for moderators Actions for reports in ModCP now show when status is changed as a comment Password strength rating and requirement option Guest terms of service alert Minimum age requirement Ban Filters are now Word Filters and can set words to automatically moderate Display name history is now available on profile view Leaderboard
  7. Tell me how I'm wrong. You said you wanted blunt talk. You're a 25, as @Phil McGleno noted. No way you're helping yourself by having "12 swings" (no way you have "12 swings" either), and no way you're at the point where you can discuss these little intricacies. Asking why is never an issue, unless you never get out of asking why and onto actually practicing. At some point you've got to put what you know or what you're told into action. Golf is challenging enough. You're going to get lost down the rabbit hole. Bear in mind, Mike, that the guy is a 25. Look, @cartierbresson, I'm happy to engage in theoretical discussions about the golf swing. I do it all the time, with fellow high-level instructors, and those looking to get to a high level that I train, and with golfers on the site. But at the end of the day I'm an instructor and I'm looking to do what's best for a student, whether they're paying me or not. You're a golfer, and a student, and what's best for you as a 25 is not to worry about the intricacies of a little move that is almost certainly not your priority piece right now. You've repeatedly said that you could easily post your swing, but you won't. I'm calling you out on that. Start a Member Swing thread and post your swing. If the way the hips work on the downswing is a priority for you, I'll say so and get into the details of what you should look to do. You have my word. You post them here: https://thesandtrap.com/forums/forum/13-member-swings/ .
  8. Just paste the URL to the tweet and it embeds: She's said things that didn't come to fruition in the past. So we'll see.
  9. I love to teach short game and putting lessons. Dave and I are considering using a good chunk of our space downtown to create a virtually separate putting performance area. We teach putting and the short game well, and it's one of the areas of the game - the only areas, almost - where golfers can very quickly learn to save shots. AimPoint Learning to pitch properly Distance control Aiming their putters
  10. Lots of sports are still "for the minority." Once you get past the basic level, every sport can get expensive.
  11. Yeah. Let the turn give you the depth. We should make a video on that.
  12. You can't map out each shot because you'd have to be freakishly good to hit the ball into those spots. Even the PGA Tour players can't do that, outside of being very general. Buy LSW. It tells you all you need to know about building a GamePlan in the section called, oddly enough, "Building Your GamePlan." It's the whole third section of the book. It works for every golfer on every golf course, and it's easy.