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  1. Uhhhhh, the point is tight there. It’s not that the Tour caved to FedEx. The playoffs matter more. The Tour disagrees with you on how much. Do you understand what “more” means? I did not say the regular season does not matter at all. Golf isn’t other sports. And other sports do carry over in the form of byes and home field, etc.
  2. What if you log on to the site. Click My Rounds.
  3. Did you let it completely transfer and process? Do you use Android?
  4. D. Work on your putting.
  5. Huh? They're playoffs. They're worth more than the "regular season." The majors are part of the regular season.
  6. That’s not what a swing thought is. A swing thought is just a feeling.
  7. Please re-read what I wrote, then. It's pretty logical (not my post, the actual system). Again, handicap holes 1-9 are the holes where a higher handicap most needs the strokes. Handicap holes 10-18 are the nine holes a higher handicap player least needs the strokes. So if you give the 9 handicap nine shots, and the 18 handicap eighteen, the higher handicap player gets the nine shots on holes 10-18 (handicap index) where they least need them. They should get them on holes 1-9, where they most need them. It's a skins game, so it's more like match play than just "total score." For a total score stroke play event (only), strokes aren't even assigned. They're just subtracted from (or added to) your score.
  8. Agree. Being out of position is all the warning they should need.
  9. No. That’s not what you do. It actually flips the way handicapping works so it’s wrong. Handicap hole 1 is the hole where the higher handicap player needs a shot the most. Your method would give an 18 playing a 9 strokes on holes 10-18. The holes he needs a stroke least.
  10. You're the second person in the past two minutes to say that, and like the other, I didn't miss the point. Patent pending means almost nothing. It doesn't mean they've been granted a patent. It costs very, very little to submit a patent application. Nobody's said "cheap as possible." Except you just now, and me in quoting it right here. The grip may be an aftermarket grip. Dude, it's not an expensive putter. If you can get $10 or $15 for it, go for it. That's my recommendation. It's a flat piece of metal on the end of a stick. I could make a putter that "rolls" things perfectly well enough for $4 in parts from Lowe's and a putter shaft. Hell, a hammer could "roll" it well. You're missing the points: The putter is nothing special. It's not worth much $. It's probably from some overseas, cheap, Chinese type place with no actual web presence or any sort of actual company. If it was a known company, Google would have some information on it. The lack of anything on it is a big key bit of information that you're ignoring.
  11. I didn't miss the point. At the end of the day, hitting the ball far requires speed and good contact. Move on now, please.
  12. I don't know what to tell you. You don't want to hear it. It's not a high quality known putter. It's a run-of-the-mill, Wal-Mart level putter. If you Google "Red Zone Putter" or "Red Zone Golf Clubs" you get a bunch of junior sets. I have. You didn't read the bit above about how easy it is to get a "patent pending." What do you think is "patentable" about your putter? It's used, no? He's not saying it sold originally for $10, but that's about what it'd be worth now. Milling can be much cheaper than an insert. Milling isn't anything special.
  13. Most relief isn't mandatory.
  14. I just don't see the point in pointing out an exception when he said "the majority."
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