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  1. George.
  2. And you spelled this thread title "Taloymade" until I fixed it. That's enough out of you tonight. Enjoy your timeout. Record time for a non-spammer this year, easily. Great job.
  3. Back to the original topic… nay. @georgep had a muted blue Mizuno wedge that looked nice. I've always liked the darker or raw wedges, too. But that… no. I wonder how a dark green wedge would work… Nike had those dark green putters for awhile. Though a short while, so maybe dark green would be bad.
  4. Go figure, since you had the same IP address, and both of you just signed up… So, we merged your accounts. Tour players take the flagstick out when they shouldn't, too. And a lot of Tour players have more bounce than you'd think. Plus, I don't practice my short game for an hour+ per day. I hit it solid. Not at all correct. Dead serious. Look around. I shared links and topics with you… look around. I can hit a flop shot off hardpan with 22° bounce. You're also being a bit of a jerk. My handicap is lower than yours (despite the fact that I rarely get the chance to play or practice). I play Miura blades. I birdied the Road Hole the only time I've played it. Yeah, so that part about you being a bit of a jerk… there you go. Go read some topics.
  5. Do yourself a favor and click and read. You're not going to get very far here insulting people in your first few posts. I'm a better golfer than you (by a little), and my pitching wedge has 14° bounce. My lob wedge has 22°. Bounce is just one number, too. The grind, camber, sole width, etc. all play a role. Oh, and I can hit my 22° bounce lob wedge off a cart path or hardpan.
  6. That's about 5x too little.
  7. No. Just something you have to work on.
  8. Read @David in FL's post just above mine. No, it would not have been okay if he got his amateur status back again!
  9. It could also make it more likely to keep the ball in the hole by acting as a dampener.
  10. Take a week off, then visit with your instructor and talk rationally about a plan.
  11. Okay. But at this point, the thread is basically "Hey, today I played behind a slow foursome of kids." Guess what? The other day, in a twosome, I was behind a slow foursome. We waited on them from the 8th hole to the 16th hole when they finally let us play through. The sad thing is they probably thought to themselves "hey, look at us being good guys, letting these guys play through" when they could have done so eight holes earlier… or seven. Or six. Or five…
  12. Glad you liked it. FWIW I consider "chipping" (using the leading edge) on one end of the spectrum, and pitching (using the "glide") on the other end, with 99% of the shots occupying some place between the two extremes.
  13. I've never thought Oswald was the lone shooter and acted alone. But that's it.
  14. That looks like it, yeah. Maybe I'll dig it out here soon. I was into shooting way more a long time ago (nearly 15 years ago when I got it), but still hadn't done anything competitive or changing out triggers or anything like that, so I won't do much to derail the topic into a general discussion. Thanks.
  15. I hope you were joking somehow. I won't ever understand longer-time members of this site who believe things like that.