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  1. Wait, guys, I found some lies: There's one. There's another. Okay, but seriously now… Your next post, @ellamia, had better have some substance to it.
  2. This is a platform for discussion, not this lame marketing stunt. Put something out there for discussion or move along. So, out with it @ellamia.
  3. I’m open to hearing it. If he can back up whatever he’s got to say, we’ll be all in for it.
  4. Given the rates of transmission in sunlight and on surfaces, I’m looking forward to getting to take the flagstick out soon.
  5. And look, that's fine. But if you're trying to "win" here or something, it won't happen. And, despite how it might "seem," I'm not trying to "win" anything either. I'm just trying to get my point across. To that… Sure. Some people don't need > 60 FPS. But what do you do when you do need more than 60? What do you do when you want to get impact to check Key #3 and you're only getting the clubhead a foot before or after the golf ball? So are people's phones. Here's what I recommend: Use a tablet with your phone. Get MirrorVision. There you go - and even if you have to buy a cheap iPad or something (and then, bonus! you've got an iPad too) - for the cost of a Live View camera, you've got a better, more versatile setup that does 60 FPS… but also does 120, 240, 4K video (most smart phones), etc. And you have an iPad. I gave a lesson to a 72-year-old guy that had videos of his swing on his phone. I don't think phones are as hard to use as you're making it out to be. And, you still have to use a phone, because the Live View is just the camera. Sure. But also… You get to, but again, I feel I've pretty effectively told you why I disagree with you: It's a separate device. You have to specifically bring it with you. That's really not true of phones. It's limited to 60 FPS. I can record at 60 FPS on my phone if I want. But I have the option to go up should I ever want to. It's got its own battery. More to worry about charging (most people know what their cell phone is, and have chargers for it lying about). It's $350. For about that cost, you can get a new iPad mini, or a slightly older generation iPad. And then, you've got an iPad too! MirrorVision and other apps out there do all that the Live View app does, so you're not losing out on anything there. Again, man, you can disagree. But so can I.
  6. Let's stick to the topic. @ellamia? The floor is yours. Give us something.
  7. Pro does suck. Live (and if you have an OS that supports it) Classic are fine. When they've managed to pay the database vendor, that is.
  8. Tiger Woods documentary set for HBO, could run during November Masters First Michael Jordan and Lance Armstrong got the star treatment in ESPN documentaries highlighting their extraordinary careers. Now, it appears Tiger Woods’s life is set to be examined in an … Supposedly airing around the November Masters dates… The book is discussed here: I wasn't a big fan of the book. They got a lot of simple facts wrong, like the years in which tournaments were played and things you could pretty easily fact-check. Multiple people disagreed with events told in the book:
  9. It's not about "believing" you. The caps are for those who practice "handicap management." And there can be exceptions made, for example. I heard an example of a guy who was a five handicap but was in a bad car accident. He wanted to play in his club championship and some other local events in his golf association, and they decided that they could see how he played for a few weeks before the club championship and assign his handicap that way.
  10. Learn the rules my man. Two club lengths (and basically, your driver).
  11. Day 151 - May 28, 2020 Full swing work again. This is going to be almost everything that I do. Rainy day, so I hit balls for 15 minutes before and again for a little bit between lessons today. High arms, without being excessive. I still have to manage the hips and keep the width, but yeah… high hands works well. I worked yesterday, too, but it was my 15th anniversary so I didn't get a chance to post it. I could have at just after midnight, but that felt unfair. 🙂
  12. That’s you. Mine works. No asterisks. Setup is a nightmare? Maybe for Pro. Not Live. No, your tags just die. 🙂 Pro sucks. No doubt. Live still works pretty well.
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