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  1. It's important in looking at these numbers to know how GolfTEC gets their numbers. Their measurement device, I'm pretty sure, is just one sensor on your tailbone.
  2. Day 91 - March 29, 2020 Full swing work again. This is going to be almost everything that I do. Mirror work in the living room. Tomorrow I'm going to start filming my April series of lessons.
  3. But the duffed chip and the four putt are mechanical.
  4. You sound like you’re giving too much weight to the mental game.
  5. That feels like a great question for the folks at Diablo. 🙂
  6. It's not offensive at all, and I don't know why you'd say that. It's just forum moderating: you don't need to start three similar topics, particularly when they don't even get > 1 page of replies.
  7. Unless they lied directly to me, they weren't. Jordan was a slightly above average length driver whose biggest skill was accuracy off the tee given his distance AND his approach shots. I doubt it. Those photos don't look all that different - except the camera angles. If someone has videos, cool. Otherwise… those two photos are nowhere near enough to say. Jordan's been on GEARS, and he's got his swings from 2017 on there too. Maybe even the 2015 swings. They know what is different now from then.
  8. One of these topics is enough, @phedrick. I also don't know how much of that is the "golf gods" and how much of it is just normal fluctuations of a golf game that could use some work.
  9. Home repair type places have to stay open because if your water heater dies, or something like that, it's "life essential" to be able to fix it.
  10. I shared my guesses with Mike. I added Stan Utley for the short game, so I listed eight. I wonder how many he will say I got right. 😉
  11. Dunno, @fredf, works for everyone else. You may have just had to click the name. On a computer I can use the arrow keys and the return key. On a phone, my finger, of course.
  12. Not really. I should make one… it's basically this technique with a wider setup.
  13. Discussing the actual definition of a word is one thing, because even if that word is religious in nature, the conversation is not religious. This has veered into discussing religion, which is forbidden. It ends now.
  14. Day 90 - March 28, 2020 Full swing work again. This is going to be almost everything that I do. Rehearsed a few of the things I'm going to be doing for my COVID-19 Practice Plan: Join me!
  15. Whenever you feel like it, pop in to this topic and say something you like about other members. Don't post an exhaustive list (hell, if I did that, I'd be typing for a few days straight), but post a few, say a few good things, and get out. You can always come back another day to say more. If you're excluded by anyone, don't take it badly. Like I said, I'm going to exclude a few hundred people I appreciate in my first post… it's just not practical. I will specifically though call out my appreciation for all of our mods. I don't have the time to do it individually right now, but they're all very helpful and great contributors. In no order, other than that I may have happened to see their posts recently, or seen a PM, or something… @ncates00, who I appreciate won't back down on his opinions, but also isn't so completely stubborn that he won't possibly change them and avoids feeling personally attacked and lashing back out. He seems to understand that we can all have different opinions, fight pretty hard for them, and then just move on to something else, and that we probably agree on more than is what is said because TST isn't really a place where we have a lot of "I agree" type posts. People only generally post when they disagree. @dennyjones, for welcoming new members like it's his job, and being so kind and nice and helpful. @Vinsk, similar to @ncates00, for being able to argue and disagree and not take it personally, and to give it almost as good as he gets it sometimes. I'd play golf with him in a heartbeat (I just wouldn't stand forward and left of him), as I would with most everyone here. @Asheville and @Rulesman have always been very much appreciated for their rules knowledge, and @Asheville (when he's not bitching about auto-merging posts) in particularly lately for his daily quizzes and questions. More of you should visit the Rules forum and check those out. Now, your turn!
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