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  1. Oh brother. Seriously, report them to the handicap committee. If for example they think they're still a 16 and they should be a 12, that's going to affect their NDB postings and some other things. It's not malicious.
  2. Day 18 - January 17, 2020 Full swing work again. This is going to be almost everything that I do. Good day. Got my head covers. Put in some good work on the full swing. Also spent some time hitting pitch shots, staying stable over the left leg, really just turning through and letting the clubhead go.
  3. NHL coaches can’t keep going on about the refs.
  4. Well you nailed that part. Just hit some 9-to-3 swings where you swing out. Then make it a little longer. Then a little longer. Keep hitting pushes or draws (or hooks). Feel the clubhead coming from "inside." Successes.
  5. Her website isn't much, but this woman traded texts with me for about ten days and then, when I finally had settled on everything on the morning of the 15th, she got to work and the items were in my hands at 2pm on the 17th. And it wasn't just one thing: I had ordered a driver, 3W, and hybrid head cover, plus an alignment stick cover and valuables pouch. The fabric I had in mind didn’t exist (black/grey predominantly with three other colors), and I really wanted hardcovers that would match a whole bunch of different themes and things and whatnot that I have going on (blue and white for Behrend, orange and black and white for LSW, black and red for 5SK, green and orange for Golf Evolution, etc.), so I settled on a colorful plaid. The first pic is darker and “pinker” due to my daughter’s window blinds.
  6. Yeah. To the Tour, he was assessed the penalty. Cam Smith can't go around calling him a "cheater." I think they're right about that. Move on.
  7. iacas

    Food Thread

    The two Delmonico steak sandwiches a friend and I ate tonight at a restaurant. Mine (right) was over 1" thick and overflowed on all sides. My friend's was nearly 3/4" thick and was the size of two buns and then some. Uhmmmm… It was a steak between a hamburger bun.
  8. I went with the same as last year.
  9. A black sharpie on the sole would wear off pretty quickly.
  10. Yup. I could see doing it to show your wife or something, but to then put it on social media… Oy.
  11. Day 17 - January 16, 2020 Full swing work again. This is going to be almost everything that I do. Good work today. I'd write more, but it's 12 to midnight and I still got this in, but that's all I've got.
  12. There are very, very, very few PGA Tour players who maintain the same flex throughout the swing. Virtually all extend the trail leg during the backswing. Final warning, @theeaglequest. I told you to take the conversation to another topic, as this is @troll2's topic, not your topic for general swing theory.
  13. iacas

    NCAA Football 2019

    That's not the "trouble" I was talking about.
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