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  1. Drew was in the pine straw but otherwise this yes.
  2. Firm bunkers with less sand is good.
  3. I disagree. Lot more to it than those two things. Every sport has faster athletes. Golf is no different.
  4. Natural Born Putter?

    Nah. Some people naturally have a better motion, but all people can be trained to putt better, and some of the better putters I know now are people who were bad but put in the effort.
  5. No "full" shots inside ~150 yards

    Sure, bit I could hit a 7I 140 too. It’s not automatic. It’s just more likely than not. Flighted shots are easier to play, control, etc.
  6. Vintage Equipment Event for the PGA Tour?

    Big difference between modifying the scoring system and changing the equipment.
  7. PING's Color Code System

    The rep didn't tell me "black dot." The factory did when I tried to order "-1 inch" and "purple." They said "using the new conversion chart she's black dot now." But if black is just lie angle, why is she -1"/black and not -1"/red or -1"/orange? Why did -1"/purple (-1.5°) become -1"/black (0°??)?
  8. I disagree. He's said players today are higher skilled. He played against club pros. That doesn't mean - not one little bit - that the players WERE more skilled. Too many other things changed, too, for you to say anything. I think history would side against you. Players in EVERY sport have gotten better. Golf is no different. Players today are more skilled than players in the past. The facts are against you there.
  9. I don't understand PING's color code system (note: as of July 10, they reverted back to an older style, eliminating some colors like "purple" and going from 3/4° adjustments back to full-° adjustments). For example, my daughter @NatalieB was fit for -1" and purple (1.5° flat) color code in her irons. This tells you what you need to know: length and lie. But then PING wrote to say that my fitter was using the old codes, and that purple was no more, and she would fit into black. They included these two images (bottom of post). Now, someone tell me what I don't understand: black just says standard lie angle, but if irons are ordered 1" short, is the lie angle standard, 1° flat, 2° flat… or what? Isn't the color code just a stand-in for the lie angle? It seems to me two pieces of information are needed: lie angle and length. Yes, they often or usually go together - 1" long and 2° upright, or 1/2" short and 1° flat or whatever - but they don't have to. You could like an upright, shorter club… So how does a color code solve anything when you still need to know two things: length and lie? Is the color-code just a stand-in for the lie angle? If so, shouldn't purple (-1.5°) be red or orange now, with the -1" adjustment? How did she go from -1" and 1.5° flat to -1" and standard lie angle?
  10. Jack Nicklaus has said so. Said the modern top 30 or do would have been superstars in his era. Said the players are all better nowadays. Jack competed against Club pros for crying out loud. Paging @Phil McGleno?
  11. working the ball easier with low lofted irons?

    As you know, nowhere near 52° loft at impact. If he was a righty, cutting the ball that much would have been nearly impossible.
  12. Vintage Equipment Event for the PGA Tour?

    I'd watch. But it won't really ever happen. Not in any "volume." Totally counter-productive to the players. The good ones like the status quo, the bad ones nobody cares to watch. And time spent "prepping for" or "learning" the "vintage" gear is time not getting better at the way golf is actually played in the 21st century.
  13. Power is a skill. Shorten the ball and he’s still gonna be a short hitter.