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  1. It’s going to be “different,” but duh. It affects why you have to swing so far left and why your left elbow and left wrist act as they do during the follow-through. You should update your Member Swing topic with some good slow-mo including a face-on. I looked quickly but mostly saw DTL views.
  2. The right hand being “under” more would help you “square the face” more than the right hand being so far on top. The right hand being on top means you have to roll the forearms to get the face back to square. Your grip was incredibly weak.
  3. We’ll just get little Dechambeau/Hogan hat stickers, and have the finger pointing at it, so everyone will know what we’re talking about. As if the goofball with the push cart on the Sandbox wouldn’t already have told them all they need to know. I keep trying to tell myself this is a bit by @billchao, but it’s just not funny. Maybe Bryson’s ball spritzer guy can push your push cart around the 1600-yard course for you. 😄 It may actually be less work than the spritzing.
  4. Yeah, it’s us that’s making a big deal out of nothing. It’s okay, though, Bill. The other seven of us will just all wear “I’m With Stupid” shirts. P.S. I think if you use a push cart at the Cradle they’re legally obligated to toss it onto the train tracks. If not, they should be.
  5. Yes, even more so. And then don’t put your right hand anywhere near as far on top as you did there.
  6. If you take a push cart on the Sandbox I’m banning you. 😄 Why not? Imma let you figure that out.
  7. Dude. No. I’m going to assume you’re joking to protect my sanity.
  8. Just attach the same part of your hand more to the side rather than the bottom. You see almost no knuckles at setup. Weak.
  9. Grip across the palms. You attach your hands to the bottom side of the grip, so when you wrap the heel pad over, it’s weak. I think it’s in your head. The grips are the same.
  10. Not really, no. I mean, I know what you’re talking about, but generally, no. I have pretty strong legs, so I think that’s a big part of it. My arms aren’t exactly huge, and my belly is a bit smaller now.
  11. First: I don’t like people to grip the club on the ground. Second: Stop “attaching” the club so far underneath. It puts you in a very weak grip. Third: I mean, your forearm is turned a bit more in the one, but they’re basically the same grip. Your grip is too weak.
  12. Slow doesn’t necessarily apply to putting. Except that it means don’t just rapidly hit a bunch of putts. Take your time.
  13. The contest closes when the last group tees off today. The winner will be announced tomorrow.
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