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  1. You’re missing that a lot of PGA Tour money goes to charity. More than all other sports combined. And yet three players themselves make less. Perhaps. They still make comparatively little to other stars.
  2. Backswing way too long again. You know what that means about what else you’re trying to do.
  3. The tee was moveable. The tape is medical.
  4. iacas

    Food Thread

    I had a bacon/scrambled egg/cheese dish this morning that was DELISH.
  5. No, just right next to the 6'5" player. 😛 And the other is 6'3" or 4".
  6. Yeah, I always feel weird in these situations. I put in a lot of work to help them improve, prepare, etc. I coach them during the round. But ultimately I hit none of our 632 shots, and they all did. So… virtually all credit to them.
  7. Right. Otherwise, you'd have to try to tap in before ten seconds, or at least, right at the end of ten seconds.
  8. @Pretzel, from John van der Borght: Just a little history on this courtesy of "The Rules of Golf Applied" by Cliff Schrock: 1963 Phoenix Open - Palmer was in clubhouse in the lead. Don January was playing with Gary Player and Johnny Potts. Player had a 5 footer to tie Arnie. January putted first and his ball came to rest overhanging the hole. At the time the Rule just said the player was allowed a "momentary delay" to see if the ball would fall. January went up and thought the ball was still moving, which Player and Potts agreed with. January waited 7 minutes and finally ta
  9. My Penn-State Behrend men's golf team was fairly dominant in winning the 2020 AMCC Championship yesterday at Peek 'n Peak Resort's golf course. Behrend "hosted" the event this year, so I set the course up at about 6715 yards, and the conditions were a bit cold, a bit windy, but otherwise decent for early spring. We had three players in the top eight, including the individual champion Ryan Meyer (75, 74) and third-place Alex Pol (81, 77). My team shot 320 (75, 81, 81, 83) and 312 (74, 77, 79, 82) for a two-day total of 632 and the best team score each day. Ryan won by seven, and we wo
  10. That's not what this topic is about, so I'll be brief: They stressed the proper ball flight laws. They weren't the first, but they did. They talked about the trail knee extending. Not the first to do so. They talked about the hips sliding forward as a part of the weight transfer. Not the first to do so, but like the above, very much against what a lot of people were saying. They talked about how the spine extended and bent left. Not the first, but also against what a lot of people said. Sorry, where did I say that again? I didn't? Oh, I see. No, it isn't.
  11. Doesn't matter. The ball was overhanging the lip of the hole, so it was at rest under the Rules. He could have walked to the next tee and watched it fall in from there and immediately teed off. It's not "absurd" at all. What would be absurd is standing there for 30 minutes because a player claims his ball is "moving" while he waits for a gust of wind to blow it in. If the ball doesn't fall in after the time it takes to get there and ten seconds, we have to set some time limit, so they set ten seconds. A ball overhanging the lip only has to move about 0.83 inches at a minimum
  12. @Pretzel, the ball wasn't moving, and if all we have to do is say "oh, I think that ball is moving" and we can just all be forced to stand around and wait, then that's preposterous. It's a legal fiction. Just like a lost ball found at the 3:10 mark is "lost" even though it's right there, sitting in the rough.
  13. Oh boy. They said a number of things that went against what a lot of people were commonly taught. Their ten or twelve words hadn't ever really been put together like that. I think the "hands in" pair of words may have ultimately caused more problems than it solved, as did "weight forward" (this is one piece we NEVER really taught like they did/do)… I'd suggest you weren't necessarily doing it "correctly." PGA Tour players move their heads backward less than an inch from setup to the top of the backswing. That's years old and only ever had one video. Post yo
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