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  1. Titleist (Acushnet) has issued a statement: There's more. It's a 686-word statement.
  2. You cannot improve your lie. You can lightly rest the club on the ground.
  3. The poll is up above. Really consider your choice. And, if you re-consider later on, change your vote.
  4. Pretty weak. I'd likely strengthen it a bit.
  5. He was penalized two strokes. Even if he had done it intentionally… it's two strokes.
  6. It depends on a ton of things. What's your point? Generally, "less" if the player has a putter for which they were fit.
  7. Expectations are nuts. Thanks. I still haven't heard it. 🙂 Heh heh. Actually I just started it… then got home. Still hearing the promos and basic introductions. Haven't heard Dave or I talking yet.
  8. Would you rather...? #19: Be able to play golf as well as you do now BOTH righty and lefty, for the rest of your life… or… Reduce your handicap by 25% relative to +4 (i.e. an 18 is 22 strokes away, so 5.5 strokes) for the rest of your life?
  9. But… if they lose money, that kinda negates what you're saying.
  10. I think they might all lose money broadcasting golf. But if CBS doesn't, that would explain the ten billion commercials we have to endure.
  11. It's tough to have confidence in a putter that you might mis-aim and which is not fit for your perception of distance control.
  12. I just wrote up that I still like it MORE for the two things that are NOT the "shallowing" thing: The takeaway, as in not rolling the hands to get the clubhead under, or not taking the hands out and away from you. The follow-through, continuing to pivot hard through to a finish. https://www.tourstriker.com/product/planemate/?ref=750
  13. Day 51 - February 19, 2020 Full swing work again. This is going to be almost everything that I do. Hit a number of balls today righty. Really liking the last feel I had yesterday. Hit one shank when I went pretty slow, and the rest were smashed. Also hit about 30 balls lefty with my 8I. The swings felt like half swings, which probably means they were 3/4 swings. 🙂 I like the lefty clubs… except the shitty Winn grips.
  14. It's not like all 10,000 rounds have to be reviewed. You can spot check a few, and the "cheats" at any given club tend to be pretty well known. Local associations will often post the players scores FOR them in events, and clubs will do this as well. They will also often notice if someone plays frequently without posting. IMO, vanity handicapping is more of a "problem" than actual sandbagging. You can find the tables with exceptional tournament score odds. It's not zero, but it's not exactly high, either. This is incorrect. Every year. And, the course rating at a lot of the courses set up for PGA Tour-level major championship tests are approaching an 80.0 course rating anyway. Well, cool, but you've not gotten a bunch of basic facts right. The normal conditions of the course are considered, including stimp, slope of greens, rough height, width of fairways, etc. They're factored into green targets, etc. Obstacles along the entire length of the hole are considered. A bit more so for the bogey rating, while obstacles within 20 yards of 250 yards (effective length) forward and back are considered a bit more heavily for the scratch golfer. A true USGA course setup often doesn't have an actual course rating or slope. They're not the normal playing conditions, and because players in a major aren't posting to their handicaps… it'd be pointless to re-rate with those conditions. This year, the PCC will help the rare players who play those courses a week or two before a major, but… this is hardly what I would call a "big" issue. Look, I've been a course rater for ~15 years, and captain of the course rating team for ~5. You can have an opinion, but I also get to question the foundation upon which that opinion is based. And, honestly, I find the foundation weak.
  15. Says who? You? What’s your experience with courses rating? Plus if the conditions are tougher than rated this year the PCC would help.
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