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  1. You sure as heck saw them smoking. That’s worse by far.
  2. iacas

    My swing (porc)

    You swing low and left. Your path is left-ward.
  3. A: Plumb bobbing is stupid and doesn't work. B: Yes, they're using their putter as a straight-edge.
  4. Like I said, he could have landed it anywhere from there, to a bit short, to well long. He had a big area in which to land the ball.
  5. Yes. There's a long way from that slope to the hole. And if he flew it farther, it still grabs but doesn't kick as hard, so it works out too.
  6. You meant Koepka, but yeah. And, weirdly, two of those four were the PGA. 😄
  7. Day 499 - June 16, 2019 - Played nine holes with the kiddo in the fog. Her range finder sucks - it kept saying 10.0, or 9.9, or 11.4 yards in the fog. 🙂
  8. Kinda. You'll note it still tries to (and does) roll over late. Don't lay it down quite so much, and really swing into it without letting it roll over the top quite so much. You'll feel like the face is wide open. But it's pretty close, and it's WAY better than it was.
  9. 17 as you know is a par three.
  10. No. They're under their time par.
  11. Really thought Rose would play better today and take the W.
  12. And again from about 7' on the 10th hole to get to -8.
  13. Good on you for getting back to it, though I'm sure general quality of life was the real driving force. I don't know of anyone who has had their big toe fused, but you and Tiger have something in common now. 🙂
  14. BTW just saw Scott make eagle with the pin in from about 15 feet on #6 to get to -6.
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