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  1. Ping Glide 2 Stealth Wedges

    Because they look good? I agree. How does the finish hold up? How many balls have you hit so far?
  2. I'm not sure about the multiplier. Right now (with the multiplier) we beat our handicap index (via the differential) about 1 in 5 rounds. It should be 1 in 4, but the multiplier makes it a little bit more difficult. At 8 out of 20, without a multiplier, I expect it may be about the same. (4 out of 20 rounds should beat the index, and that's 1 out of 5.) That makes me think that the 8 out 10 replaces the 0.96 multiplier.
  3. Ping Glide 2 Stealth Wedges

    The Stealths look good. And, you know, I helped name them, so I like that, too.
  4. My Swing (Dai)

    My wife just said "what is he looking at?" In other words, put your chin down, look directly at the golf ball, and read over this topic:
  5. Day 46 - March 20, 2018 - Spent 45 minutes or so practice. Really pleased with how I hit the ball when I was trying. Downswings were nearly full speed, backswings were slower, focusing on two things: elbow softening early, backswing stopping very early. I hit some with a ridiculously (for a full swing) short backswing, and was still able to generate good speed, and contact was awesome all day, so I'm pretty pleased with this.
  6. 2018 WGC Match Play

    I suck at this stuff, as does everyone, because it's match play so who knows which way things will go. Any given day of the week, #200 OWGR could outplay #1 OWGR.
  7. Statistics Help Needed

    Yes, it's a matter of prioritizing. I'm only looking at the results, and sometimes it's tough: contact isn't great, but neither is the flight. So you have to try to attack both things via one change. But yeah, certain flaws lead to certain problems.
  8. The hole is 4.25" wide. The ball takes - 14/30th of a second to travel from point A to a point just inside the hole. Doing some measuring, the hole is 212.46 pixels wide. The ball covers a distance of 1274.7 pixels. That's about 25.5" (to the edge of the hole - the ball covers some of the distance over the hole, too). 25.5" in 14/30th of a second, or 2.125 feet per 0.466666667 seconds. That's 4.55 feet per second. The diameter of a golf ball is 1.68" and thus the circumference is about 5.28". 4.55 feet is over 10 revolutions per second. So, the ball most likely doesn't drop. And… the limit for a ball dropping into the hole is 10 revolutions per second, and that's only if the ball hits the exact center of the hole (and the hole is level; this hole is situated on a downslope, which is probably why the ball rebounded UP slightly - the flagstick was likely leaning slightly away from the incoming ball). Conclusive? No. But the only chances that realistically exist are if the ball slowed down from 10.35 revolutions per second to below 10, and that's highly unlikely. Most likely the ball hits the back edge of the cup, pops up, and rolls about a foot past. 10 is the limit, and that's with a firm, crisp, even-height far edge with a ball striking the exact middle of the hole on the near and far sides. This hole is on a downslope. And look at the frame on the right: the ball doesn't appear to have gone down at all. (We don't know if the ball is before or just after impact.) I wouldn't say I'm "okay" with it. I hate the rule. But if you want to shoot the lowest score, and one of the two conditions aren't met (lean, wind), yeah, leave it in from 30'. Hell, leave it in from 20' if your distance control isn't awesome. Yep. Probably more than that. Tiger said he "hammered" it IIRC. It's on a little downslope, too, which is why the ball barely slows down during the last half of its roll. Factoring the hole in, it most likely hits the back lip and rolls out a foot or two.
  9. Your eyes are lying to you. That ball is moving pretty fast. It would have missed.
  10. Yes, and I've made that point a few times in this topic, IIRC. That balances against the reduction in distance and thus time for the ball to fall into the hole. At low speeds there's roughly no impact or effect, and at higher speeds it keeps the ball "closer" but some people think it kept the ball OUT entirely. That'd have to be a heck of a steep slope.
  11. Why Don't More Clubs Paint The Holes?

    Tell your home club. I've seen it done at some fancy clubs, but even some of those only do it for special events. I'm just sharing the reasons I was told.
  12. Why Don't More Clubs Paint The Holes?

    It's a paint. They have a contraption, they put the spray can in, and push down and twist it around. As you say later on. Maybe. But if you can't see the hole, you can have the flagstick tended for you. I didn't say it was expensive, I said it has a cost. Time and money. That's why they don't do it - time and money, and very little upside: your course is not being shown on TV.
  13. Why Don't More Clubs Paint The Holes?

    Because it takes time and costs money, and the white paint you see on TV is primarily… for TV. And it may prevent the green from stitching back together quite as easily as raw dirt-on-dirt does? Some courses used to have (I don't see them much anymore) liners they'd use.
  14. Club Championships - Match or Stroke?

    https://thesandtrap.com/how-to/add-a-poll I added the poll for you, @NEhomer, but it's pretty easy to add them yourself. I think a club championship should be stroke play, and over enough holes to mean something.
  15. It is BS. Their slow-motion swings that produce bad results would look almost exactly like their slow-motion swings that produce good results, particularly since the camera angles are never exactly consistent, they're often swinging different clubs and/or trying to hit a slightly different shape, etc. The whole point of linking to that existing topic is to expand on that: those swings look identical but one shot is a cold shake, the other was flushed. I don't even pay attention to the things they say, because I know better. I know you can't look at one swing and say "aha, that right there, that's why they hit a bad shot." That is what is bullshit. I'm very good at what I do, and I can look at a swing and say "this right here is a big part of why this golfer tends to hit pulls and cuts" (for example), but I can't look at a video of a golfer prior to impact and definitively tell you what the ball is going to do… not for a good player who hits a LOT of good or great shots. Their swing will look "good" and the same as when they hit those good/great shots.

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