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  1. Red Bull commonly has sub-2.0-second pit stops in F1. Red Bull must give them wings. https://youtu.be/U1MnVvVRkSk
  2. Several strains of the flu are extinct now.
  3. A little filming today. I had my first over-15-minutes practice session (with some recording of video!) on Monday. I played well Tuesday and into Wednesday, and the front nine Thursday before it started to get a bit loose. The swings felt like they did last year: effortless, easy, and yet the ball just rocketed off straight and high. Of course, last year in February and into March and through April I practiced about an hour+ per day, sometimes two hours. Cuz, y’know, not much else to do. This year, the backswing is better (still feels extreme), but the left wrist goes into palma
  4. Let’s all cross our fingers for @cipher to get some good tee times tomorrow morning. I think the general plan is to try to play the big course in the morning (late morning, probably), and the Sand Box after that. BUT, since we’re not resort guests… we’ll take what we can get, and they’ve told Nate there won’t be much of an issue getting the times. We should have probably three days there, and six rounds counting the Sand Box rounds, so everyone should probably plan to have an extra $120 ($20/round) for some action. I don’t think we’ll have anything big, maybe just a little skins
  5. Gee. https://thesandtrap.com/how-to/add-an-avatar/
  6. Cole Beasley is going off on the NFL's COVID protocols. I think they are: Apparently nobody should get a vaccine because it was maybe "God's will" that hundreds of thousands of Americans have died? P.S. The NFL's message seems clear: get f***ing vaccinated.
  7. I thought you meant like a hamburger head cover, but they're just regular barrel head covers with patterns that have food on them or something.
  8. I think we can use context clues…
  9. Day 438 - June 18, 2021 Played 12 holes with Sculley. Mostly just practiced, all irons, no woods except a single driver off the first hole. Left wrist is going into that late A3.9 palmar flexion.
  10. I agree with almost everything you said except that good players stick it close pretty often. They don’t. They do hit greens and have tighter dispersion, but they aren’t sticking it to 8’ very often. Or 12’. Or even 18’. It can be easier to stick it close when you have a ton of wedges and soft greens though, too. But it’s still kinda rare.
  11. Play from the forward tees and keep score. It's easier to break par if you've done it before, even if it's from shorter tees.
  12. How’s your fitness? How’s your food and water intake on the course? Do you warm up beforehand? Do you ever play the 5700 yard tees to get comfortable shooting a low score?
  13. I'm all in. One of them should just go FULL heel. I've been saying that about Bryson for awhile, but maybe Brooks will beat him to it.
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