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  1. Brutal honesty here… I need to either post less frequently or take more time with my posts when I do post.

    I like to post, but sometimes I do it poorly. I want to say something, but in trying to squeeze a response in between doing ten other things, it's short. Short posts come across poorly; far more poorly than I hear them in my head when I write them.

    I absolutely suck - always have - at getting my "tone" right online. I constantly come across poorly. Yeah, I can be a dick, but I'm a way bigger dick the way people read my posts than the way I write them, particularly when I'm writing in a hurry. Short posts come across so much more poorly (that's not the only problem, just one of the issues), more aggressively, than intended. This forum has never really had the conversational tone of short replies with some back-and-forth. Partly because I'm as likely as anyone (or more so) to post a long post.

    I don't know what can change about that, but… I'm aware of it. I get it, and get that I'll probably never even be "good" at it, but can be "better." And that I'm committed to working on that this winter in particular.

    If I post something that seems less than "good," PM me about it. Be specific. I might not agree, and I might explain what I'm thinking (which doesn't mean I disagree), but I'll look at what you have to say with an open mind.

    1. Lihu


      Yeah, I hear you, but it doesn't seem like your bad posts are all that "bad".

      However, I felt like my own posts were not very good either, and decided that I should probably play more golf, shoot more guns, bows and what not rather than making potentially offensive posts. I peer out of the woodwork every now and then, but for the most part, I agree with what you are saying more in regard to other posters though, rather than you per se. . .

    2. iacas


      I can't do much about other people, @Lihu, just myself. And I intend to.

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