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  1. I don’t think a “2 Plane Swing” qualifies as “unconventional.” Please embed videos here: https://thesandtrap.com/how-to/embed-videos/
  2. If you find yourself saying “slippery slope,” you should just stop… 🙂 Slippery Slope - Definition & Examples | LF Explanation and examples about the Slippery Slope fallcy. It’s not entirely that, but… still. Let’s see where it goes. And insurance companies would rather pay for a vaccine than a person getting COVID. P.S. The flu shot costs about $40.
  3. Happy birthday! Don’t tell us how old you are. We know where you matriculated.
  4. Step 4 in the Golf Swing Guru Crackpot playbook: play the victim, @woodzie264.
  5. Not remotely accurate. You haven’t received any warnings from any moderators for “thoughts and ideas.” You’ve received warnings for intellectual dishonesty and for failure to quote and properly tag members to whom you’re replying.
  6. That’s not the definition of “anchoring.” The definition of “anchoring,” as I’ve said a few times now, relates to keeping part of the putter (almost always the butt end of the club) fixed in 3D space.
  7. Here’s the problem, @Lane Holt: At any point after about A6, when the thumb is pointing almost directly away from the target, to impact (A7) when it’s pointing almost directly at the ball, the thumb is “rolling” across the grip. The back of the left hand goes from facing the ball, to facing the target, in this time as well. The thumb, from A6 to A7, is lower “horizontally” than the pinkie. Your next penalty will be 10 points (and will be given, as per our rules, by a moderator not participating in this discussion) which will put you at 20, with those restrictions. You have two
  8. The government doesn’t pay for the flu shot. Neither do I. And we don’t know at this point if it will become an “annual requirement.”
  9. No, you guys have got this one wrong. The ball is “deemed” to be at rest in that situation. Read up on Rule 13.3: If the ball does not fall into the hole in this waiting time: » The ball is treated as being at rest. » If the ball then falls into the hole before it is played, the player has holed out with the previous stroke, but gets one penalty stroke added to the score for the hole. The Rule wasn’t “modified” by the Rules Official. This is entirely by the book. Read the Rules. Convince yourself, maybe? It’s pretty clear. Not a bad ruli
  10. I'm going to give the app one more update cycle. This is a semi-recent issue. But after that…
  11. Then, I guess, don't argue for something you don't believe. Because in arguing for "you could ban them like this…" it puts you in the "ban Arm Lock putting" camp.
  12. So again: why? Why argue for how to write it (especially by quoting me) if you don’t care?
  13. Day 475 - April 16, 2021 Ten minutes downtown before Natalie showed up to do some work (before a lesson).
  14. Sounds like a good time. And y'all should have better weather this year.
  15. Why? And couldn't a person grip the club in an Arm Lock style such that they keep their hand against their forearm, so the putter is only contacting their hands?
  16. You could still Arm Lock with a 36” putter. Also what if you’re very short or very tall?
  17. Yeah. Basically. Your left arm can be straight but if you bend your right elbow and pull it "behind" you, you're very, VERY narrow. Conversely you could lift your arms straight up in front of you and be VERY wide.
  18. You're the one who added that. The later videos seemed fine here. Right, but you can stretch it "around" you more, or "in front of you" more. The right elbow can both bend and/or elevate.
  19. The right elbow can be farther off your ribs, no? 🙂
  20. And the need for yearly shots will go away if COVID largely goes away. It could become something they include with the yearly flu shot, too.
  21. The 5800 number says "fully" in the headline, but doesn't say "fully" anywhere else in the article, so I wonder about its accuracy. Anyway, 5800/77000000 = 0.0075%. Which are better numbers than expected. Those numbers don't change the herd immunity numbers, and are to be expected (though honestly they still feel low, but some people might have COVID but not get a positive test). But, yes, keep wearing masks and being "smart" about things. I wear my mask going through drive-throughs, even though I'm effectively "outside" and interacting with that person only for literally 5-10
  22. The anchoring ban banned strokes in which a point was "anchored" in 3D space, or "fixed" in space. The Arm Lock putting style doesn't fix the putter (or arms) in place like they do.
  23. Which isn’t quoted or anything. “This” problem is what?
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