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  1. I thought I remembered that too, but I think the plans were slightly different at the time. I think he was going to be moving to a new place, or doing something differently formatted… something.
  2. I get that, and I'm trying not to come across as if "you are the problem!" or anything like that. Just… I hope it's taken more seriously, and that "it's not going anywhere" isn't prophetic, and that people don't accept that "it's not going anywhere."
  3. It's a Phantom or something similar, yeah. I don't think it's capturing anything at the moment, though. It's not really pointed at anything.
  4. Yeah, that's not for this topic, just to show you what a good "number" is for "hand speed." Hip speed is even lower, of course. 😄
  5. Max hand speed is lower than most people think. 2:30 in.
  6. There is a difference between “shit” and what JT said. Accepting that it’s ”where we are now” doesn’t help us move forward. My wife is a teacher. It’s not “where we are now” across the country.
  7. Dings don’t add character to your $500 driver. No. They create a distraction or something that screws with alignment 10-14 times per round. And they hurt resale value for frequent traders.
  8. And I removed it because it actually is a -1 reputation point. 😛
  9. Let the clubhead fall behind you more (or make it), and then turn hard through.
  10. Ah, that’s different than what it seemed like.
  11. Another good article on this: A Lido in the Sand Barrens The Keiser family teams up with Tom Doak to recreate the lost C.B. Macdonald course in Central Wisconsin
  12. iacas

    2021 Masters

    I'd think so too, but… who knows…?
  13. iacas

    2021 Masters

    Full recovery is typical within 7-12 weeks.
  14. Photos: Famed Lido Golf Club to be reincarnated at Sand Valley Sand Valley in Wisconsin, already home to two of the top Golfweek’s Best Modern Courses in the United States, has big plans for a third 18. And while it will be new, this track by Tom Doak won’t be… A guy on GCA has been digitally re-creating the course, and I've heard they're going to use his map to convert it to a topo-map with 1' increments. Pretty amazing. LOTS of pictures in that article that I encourage you to check out.
  15. Day 386 - January 19, 2021 About 20 7-irons today. Some were shorter. A bit less flow, a bit more arms out and up with the shaft going \ (or / depending on your perspective).
  16. Yep. Seems that way.
  17. And those who continue to downplay it prolong how long it will continue to be used. A friend postulated that the word is much more common in the south. Can't say that's true or not, but it "feels" somewhat accurate. We said it in the early 90s, but even by the time I graduated from HS we knew it wasn't a good word to say at all.
  18. Those are bad reasons. Read up, and do the right thing. Unless/until we can get to a good % of vaccinations, the economy, our daily lives, etc. will continue to be affected.
  19. Why? No, you haven't. You also haven't posted elsewhere much despite repeated requests.
  20. I picked "other" because there's no "all of the above, depending on circumstances." Though almost never "pocket" or "Take off before round and replace after round" with the driver or woods.
  21. Are you questioning the three years part of the 40-50% thing?
  22. A Member Swing topic will be helpful to you, too. With masks, you don't even really have to worry about people seeing your face if you don't want to.
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