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  1. Again… Nobody said he won the British Open or PGA Championship. But his performance in those tournaments speaks directly against your stupid idea that the only event he can win is the Masters. Duh. Let's be clear: it's an opinion that he hit shots "as bad as you'd see at the monthly medal." They both have a major this year. Tiger beat Koepka down the stretch to win his four months ago. Those are all facts.
  2. Not that I know of. Nat used to do it when she was pissed about something, or pouting. I didn't like that. It looked stupid.
  3. It's not just a hinge, though, as you still want to roll to expose the bounce/glide. But, yeah, it's more of a wrist thing than a "moving your whole arms thing."
  4. Paging @NCGolfer. And others. @Asheville may be able to help you out tooo.
  5. I think you may have dreamed it. Google reveals nothing. Sorry.
  6. No, the company that produced it for us split off from Medicus, etc. It's not longer available. Very happy you enjoyed the book!
  7. What a dumb response. Of course it is. It's an opinion; not a fact. What you said is not "true" because it's not a "truth." Except when he beat Koepka all of four months ago. Again, either way you take your posts, they're stupid.
  8. I preordered two of those if so. So again what’s different?
  9. @amished said it pretty well, so re-read what he had to say. I'm not touchy, I just dislike trolling. "He still has too many amateur level shots that crop up in his rounds. Today was no different. Some really horrible errors." Stuff like that is either trolling, or you don't know very much about golf, and you seem to enjoy flaunting this. If it's the latter, well, good luck. If it's just trolling, well, that's equally (but differently) stupid. You said the stupid shit about "only at Augusta" before, too, completely ignoring the fact that he almost won the British Open last year and finished just behind Koepka at the PGA. And that Watson nearly won the British at 59. It's just dumb.
  10. No, it's about whether he breached a rule or not. If you accidentally move your ball in the fairway and it rolls, it's not enough to say "it rolled into a worse spot, and it's unintentional, so just play it." It's a penalty and you have to replace it. That's fine for the "intentional cheating" argument… though at the same time, he's a top golfer, and this is basically the follow-through of a putting stroke, so I still think that action was intentional. That does not compute. He moved a ton of crap behind his ball, letting him get on the back of the ball cleanly. It was made a helluva lot easier by moving all the crap out of the way. Maybe he just cheated so often (see again, Tom Watson) that he didn't think anything of it. See again, Lexi Thompson. Officials like Slugger White rationalize not penalizing guys all the time. See his comments on slow play. See how often PGA Tour players are allowed to get away with some pretty ridiculous things. They know who ultimately signs their paychecks. And… the guy was facing away, and he may have just been a walking scorer or something.
  11. Many people care. We know you don’t care about the Rules. That is well established.
  12. FYI (http://www.ruleshistory.com/rules1972.html#Loose😞
  13. We have an article, written long ago by I-no-longer-remember-who, here: https://thesandtrap.com/b/swing_thoughts/he_cheated. It discusses some very brief bits about how Gary Player may have cheated a few times. Recently, someone commented on the article with a link to this video. Watch the little bit at 0:08: Here are some screenshots (though, IMO, the video is more damning): Why do that? Did Gary Player cheat (or breach the rules) by improving his lie here? You can move loose impediments, but this appears to be an area of sand and/or loose soil. Or maybe the rules were different then?
  14. Flights into Vegas aren’t expensive.
  15. Andrew Putnam is 30th. Ryan Moore was the only player to finish 3rd at Valero this year. So yeah, you should've just named him.
  16. To build off of that, you have to make a determination of where your original ball is likely to be. If you play a shot with a provisional ball at a spot beyond that (nearer to the hole than the spot at which your original ball is likely to be, as judged by y'all), then the original ball is abandoned and your provisional is the ball in play. If you later find your original ball nearer to the hole than your provisional, it doesn't matter. It's where you think it's likely to be.
  17. They have those stats. They just don’t share them.
  18. I’m not too worried about long term. Dude is over 40 already. Four years. That’s about all that matters.
  19. Yep. A bit closer to the ball target line, and a bit lower, too. But yeah, like that.
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