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  1. I moved it to Tour Talk. Really, it might be more "instructional" but since plumb bobbing doesn't work, I didn't think it was very instructional either.
  2. You won't be disappointed. Thanks for using the link - you get a fifth issue free for doing that. https://www.golfersjournal.com/shop/?journal_referrer=3038
  3. Yeah, I don't know man. I helped a player prep for the U.S. Senior Open there and I don't remember many putts that were 4%+. You'll get them occasionally, but you need to be 90° to a 4% slope to get a 4% read, after all. Or at an angle approaching 50, 70… 90 to a higher slope to get 4%. Do you have a specific green you could talk about? I mean, we may as well, since the original question has been answered already.
  4. You sure as heck saw them smoking. That’s worse by far.
  5. iacas

    My swing (porc)

    You swing low and left. Your path is left-ward.
  6. A: Plumb bobbing is stupid and doesn't work. B: Yes, they're using their putter as a straight-edge.
  7. Like I said, he could have landed it anywhere from there, to a bit short, to well long. He had a big area in which to land the ball.
  8. Yes. There's a long way from that slope to the hole. And if he flew it farther, it still grabs but doesn't kick as hard, so it works out too.
  9. You meant Koepka, but yeah. And, weirdly, two of those four were the PGA. 😄
  10. Day 499 - June 16, 2019 - Played nine holes with the kiddo in the fog. Her range finder sucks - it kept saying 10.0, or 9.9, or 11.4 yards in the fog. 🙂
  11. Kinda. You'll note it still tries to (and does) roll over late. Don't lay it down quite so much, and really swing into it without letting it roll over the top quite so much. You'll feel like the face is wide open. But it's pretty close, and it's WAY better than it was.
  12. 17 as you know is a par three.
  13. No. They're under their time par.
  14. Really thought Rose would play better today and take the W.
  15. And again from about 7' on the 10th hole to get to -8.
  16. Good on you for getting back to it, though I'm sure general quality of life was the real driving force. I don't know of anyone who has had their big toe fused, but you and Tiger have something in common now. 🙂
  17. BTW just saw Scott make eagle with the pin in from about 15 feet on #6 to get to -6.
  18. It wasn't working? His caddie got tired of putting it back? He got sick of being made fun of? People put flagsticks in his locker every week? He started having nightmares?
  19. I'm right there with you. Part of me wishes the USGA had said "You don't like playing for $12M? Then piss off. There are thousands who have tried to take your place. We've made some mistakes, yes, but not nearly as many as you think and we're trying to create a difficult test, not a PGA Tour course setup. Suck it up and play golf, or don't. We don't very much care."
  20. The second sentence is correct. The first is not - Tiger's is a cumulative total, it's not an average. An average would be if you took 0.622 and divided it by 14… and said Tiger gained 0.045 strokes per tee shot or something. And that total shows that, off the tee (on par fours and fives), Tiger is BETTER than average. Despite what you keep saying. He's better than average. Which makes no sense. Did you watch Koepka? Rose? Woodland? They hit some bad shots too. You ignored my earlier comment asking you if you had seen the 2018 British Open (which he led for awhile on Sunday) or PGA Championship (in which he finished second only to Koepka). Those are included in his approach shots, and that fifth hole is a par three: your point is that he's bad from the rough and his driver is what puts him there. No, because by going by what your eyes tell you, you come up with garbage takes like the ones you've offered up here. Some good stats, by the way: SG: Approach 2018 - https://www.pgatour.com/stats/stat.02568.2018.html (Tiger 3rd) SG: Approach 2019 - https://www.pgatour.com/stats/stat.02568.html (Tiger 13th) SG: Total 2018 - https://www.pgatour.com/stats/stat.02675.2018.html (Tiger 3rd) SG: Total 2019 - https://www.pgatour.com/stats/stat.02675.html (Tiger 7th) Scoring Average 2018 - https://www.pgatour.com/stats/stat.120.2018.html (Tiger 7th) Scoring Average 2019 - https://www.pgatour.com/stats/stat.120.html (Tiger 11th) So much for how Tiger is an "average" Tour player. Like when he led the British Open last year or finished second to Koepka at the PGA last year? 😛 Very bad take.
  21. More trash takes that don’t even make sense.
  22. What a trash take. Pebble doesn’t even require that many drivers. Ummm, did you watch those events in 2018? Again, what a trash take.
  23. ??????? It’s not even the BEGINNING of summer. Summer starts in six days.
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