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  1. Okay. Maybe let's not do that though. Right, so one or two, not hundreds. Let's just save the massive exaggerations. Then you guys missed it. It doesn't mean the swing "looked better." Big fans of keeping things on topic here, so… I'll only say that there are a few feels that tend to work, but as always, it's pretty dependent on the player.
  2. Well, yeah, but could you answer the question? 🙂 Or can you literally not not do that right now?
  3. The recommendation had more to do with the decrease in spin. The V1x originally was the slightly firmer ball, so it always had higher ball speeds… it just might not have performed the best given the spin characteristics.
  4. I don't know that I'd question the "trigger" itself. A lot of good swings have a trigger move, because you're going from somewhat static to motion. Mike's movements are still within the realm of "steady" and they're still mostly rotational. They still honor Keys 1 and 2 (and all those Keys entail).
  5. Do you play better when you look at the ball the whole time?
  6. @Yukari, you're reading it wrong. If someone's chances of getting a pathogen are greatly reduced, that's a form of "protection" against the pathogen. It doesn't have to be 100% effective to qualify as "protection." You can wear eye protection, but that doesn't guarantee nothing will damage your eyes. UPMC close to immunity test that could help end lockdown UPMC is developing an immunity test that could allow those with antibodies against COVID-19 to safely return to a normal routine.
  7. iacas

    2020 Masters

    In that last image, you'd think they could do better than a white rectangular sticker on a hanger. Engrave the names or something!?!
  8. I don't know what's going on here. your club face is laying WIDE open on the red line, when it should be about 70° closed to that (green line). I'd spend a long time looking at your grip and figuring out just what in the heck is going on here. It's going to be nearly impossible to play good golf from that position. Yes, and this drill teaches each person — hopefully — what they might need to feel, as well as introduces some people who have never felt palmar flexion to feel and see that.
  9. Day 5 – Delivering the Clubhead As golfers, we’re aware of the fact that we hit the ball with the clubhead. This can cause problems, however, if the hands become overly active and we end up throwing the clubhead, our hands, or our arms at the ball, instead of using our body — our core — to help deliver the clubhead to the ball. Today’s drill is a simple one, but it’s one that can help you feel a better impact position and fix: flipping the clubhead at the ball. hands rolling over quickly in the early follow-through. your chest and hips remaining too square to the ball through impact. loss of speed and power by the core/hips stalling out. The drills for today include: 1:00 – Review yesterday’s lesson to ensure you’re in a good place at A6. 5:00 – Swing to A6, make a small “pump” move, hit the ball with a good pivot forward, and slam on the brakes. Check your positioning. The "check your positioning" means you should see: Arms extended (not bent). Armpits somewhat off your ribs (no dragging the hands WAY left). The leading edge of the club at about 30-35° or so, roughly matching your inclination. No flipping or rolling of the hands, wrists, or forearms. Video:
  10. Municipal courses are a service to the community, too. They don't have to be profitable. Most of the other parks - basketball and tennis courts, baseball fields, general parks, etc. - don't turn a profit, either. That's part of what your taxes pay for - recreational opportunities.
  11. For a fade, sure. Tomorrow's drill may not be quite as easy for you. Not all drills are "great" for everyone, but everyone can learn things about themselves if they do the drills.
  12. Day 97 - April 4, 2020 Full swing work again. This is going to be almost everything that I do. Not true again, but the muscle strain is nearly healed. Today I worked in the mirror while some videos were rendering/exporting.
  13. On the bright side, golf in March and some parts of April are almost "bonus" golf for PA and OH. And if they're closed, they're not paying much in wages…
  14. Which might mean Day 1 wasn't done all that well. 😉 The left wrist condition doesn't really change much from A1 to A2. It merely hinges.
  15. Please show me the legal contract tot signed where they guaranteed they’d be open for you to play on whatever days you wish. C’mon. You don’t have a legal leg to stand on here.
  16. Okay, that's not what I thought you meant. I don't call "swinging faster" really "getting around" technical limits.
  17. Cuz it's kinda arched at A4. Get a little cupping in there.
  18. That's not new (2016), but I don't know if it's been posted.
  19. He was probably happy to have someone to talk to after being shut in for a few weeks. I get what you're saying, but it's not that bad. In fact, I would say it's pretty good.
  20. Oh boy! Don't push too hard. Not early.
  21. That doesn't answer my question: what contract?
  22. It's not. There's no such thing as "sidespin." Really, there's no such thing as "backspin" either, though you can get "pure backspin" if your spin axis is 0°. There's just "spin" about some axis. The axis for virtually all golf shots is relatively horizontal. You can mathematically break "spin" — both the rate (revolutions per unit of time) and the axis angle — into component vectors, and that's what's historically been called "side spin" and "back spin" but that's just a way of making something "feel" easier to understand. There's just one "spin" on the ball. P.S. Some believe there's a "rifle spin" but I haven't seen anything credible on that, really.
  23. Yes, thank you, good catch. Fixed it here and on the Golf Evolution site.
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