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  1. The concession would take place after the infraction. So there may no longer be an active player to concede the putt to.
  2. Is the logo on yours backward too? 🙂 Good price. I think Callaway is Nikon.
  3. I’ve deleted probably eight posts in this topic. Follow the rules please. Especially “quote the red question” and “move on once the topic has.”
  4. Against the rules and you can concede anyway. M
  5. Mach 3, for one, requires more space. You’re swinging big ropes and chains and things.
  6. The fixed score thing lets you set the max score at double par, net triple, 10, etc. That’s not true of Stableford. USKG for example used to have a limit of 10, which is now perfectly legal.
  7. Don’t have it bowed much at the top, at 4. Bow it coming down.
  8. There’s no such thing as “senior” tees except by tradition at most courses.
  9. Yep, -0.084 strokes T2G. And 14.176 putting.
  10. That's a bad idea. Ideal launch conditions don't change for a pretty broad range of conditions. Hit it normally.
  11. I played that round with 6 to 11 handicappers. No string, mulligans, etc.
  12. I’ve seen it done where players get 10% of their handicaps and it adds up to the team handicap. So a 20, 15, 12, and a 6 get 5. But yeah … generally not handicapped and almost never SIX.
  13. A six person scramble WITH handicaps? 49 doesn’t seem at all out of the question. I mean I’ve shot 53 playing with four and no handicaps.
  14. iacas

    NHL 2019-20

    Took him long enough. 😉
  15. Oh, that's interesting. Might look into that more at the beginning of next year.
  16. Inspired by both this topic and a golf.com podcast, let's play a little game. The Rules of "Would You Rather" (WYR) are simple: I'll give everyone here a choice between two (or, rarely, three) things. Each reply should quote the statement and reply with their choice and a brief explanation of why they chose that option. The additional Rules are simple: After a minimum of three replies and eighteen hours of no new responses, anyone can switch the topic by offering a new WYR. Replying to the previous WYR then ceases, and all responses must be of the new WYR. The choices can involve anything in the golf world, but ideally will be creative and really make people think. Number each WYR sequentially, and post them in large, bold, red text so that they stand out. You cannot say "neither" or "both" or anything - you must pick one of the choices; no fence-sitting is allowed. As long as the topic is still “alive” and you have already posted your answer, you can engage in discussing the posts/choices/current WYR with others. Try to provide interesting choices. Here's the first Would You Rather…? Would You Rather… #1: Hole out from the fairway twice per year (for eagle) for the rest of your life, but never get a hole in one, or get a hole in one on the par three of your choice within the next year, but never make another eagle again?
  17. Did you read far enough? Both players get the general penalty: Player B takes a stance for a putt and makes the stroke while Player A deliberately stands in a location on or close to an extension of the line of play behind the ball for any reason. Player B is in breach of Rule 10.2b(4) (Standing Behind Player) for taking a stance when Player A is in such a location and will get the general penalty. Further, when Player A’s putt is on the same line as Player B’s and Player B makes a stroke while Player A is on an extension of Player B’s line of play, Player B’s breach helped Player A so Player A also gets the same penalty as Player B.
  18. Bamberger says: Moehringer, particularly because of Agassi's book, has a reputation for brutal honesty. Tiger's book could be great if he unburdens himself with an honest accounting of things via his memoir. Bamberger lays out a good case for how this might be more than just a fluff PR type book, and how it might truly be great in a way we can't imagine now (if you haven't read the Agassi book, I guess). Why Tiger Woods’ memoir could be among his greatest achievements If Tiger’s forthcoming book is indeed ‘definitive,’ it will unburden him and pave the way for the rest of his life.
  19. iacas

    NHL 2019-20

    Neal was played on the third line in Calgary, IIRC.
  20. A few points: I'll be the first to say that I don't think marijuana should be illegal across the nation, but that individual businesses, etc. still have the right to determine whether they want their employees using marijuana. The best laws or rules are the ones with a clear line. In certain cases the line may feel like it's too far to one side or the other, but if everyone knows where the line is and there's no grey areas, those laws/rules are best. The last thing I'd want is the commissioner or someone trying to determine on a case-by-case basis whether this was suspension-worthy or not. I haven't seen anything that indicates that Matt Every applied for a TUE (therapeutic use exemption). If not, why didn't he? He's been seeing the same physician since he was five? Pediatricians are prescribing medical marijuana now? The PGA Tour is following WADA guidelines, in part, because it helped them get the sport of golf back into the Olympics. The WADA technically classifies marijuana as a PED for now, though with lesser effects than some other more potent PEDs. In golf, one could see how it may be a performance enhancer for some. Why didn't Every just go the CBD route? Why go straight up marijuana? Also, remember this? This Interview With PGA Golfer Matt Every Is A Train Wreck
  21. You won’t know the daily adjustment that is automatically applied. Nor would you be contributing to the data that helps set that adjustment.
  22. Uhm, no thank you. To ALL of that. Ridiculous position to take, IMO. I think you’re secretly a No voter because you’re doing such an awesome job of tanking the “yes” side of the argument.
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