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  1. I'll encourage you to take another stab at those. Good goals are SMART: Specific Measurable Achievable Relevant Timely Not a lot of the S or M in your goals list. #trynahelp
  2. Their position in the Olympics is pretty secure. Golf is still on a trial basis.
  3. Oy. It's fun to mix it up now and then, in the opinions of most golfers. Three club events. Club takeaway events (when you win a hole you get to take a club from your opponent or add one back to your bag). Mixed events with big holes and small holes worth different points. Etc.
  4. iacas

    2019 Presidents Cup

    So the U.S. is down three. I think they close that gap today.
  5. iacas

    2019 Presidents Cup

    Not really accurate. Most of the matches were pretty close. Not DJ/Woodland.
  6. iacas

    2019 Presidents Cup

    Because they're trailing or because he did something else?
  7. Make sure your turn rate matches up. If you don't turn, your shirt seam will be further "forward" than it should be. In other words, you could leave your elbow there and move the shirt seam rather than moving the elbow relative to the shirt seam.
  8. Battery? You step on the front tire and pull up. Flip a lever, push a button… and it's done.
  9. iacas

    2019 Presidents Cup

    FWIW this isn't a links course.
  10. 1:50. We all shot in the 70s, and we were the only ones on the course. And it was a cart vs. cart match, so we were all trying, too. 6850 yards.
  11. iacas

    2019 Presidents Cup

    Oosthuizen with the putter, man. Tiger might be the only American to have overcome the jet lag at this point.
  12. iacas

    2019 Presidents Cup

    Tiger Woods doing Tiger Woods things. “Worth another look?” Yeah, cuz we didn’t see it the first time, duh.
  13. Five minutes? I pop mine open in < 20 seconds. Maybe 30 if I have the wheel cover on.
  14. iacas

    2019 Presidents Cup

    Tiger's group one up, but then the guy in the second group chips in for eagle. You'd think with only three matches on the course we'd see more golf shots. Like… what's happening on the second hole? We didn't see either of the group's tee shots. We don't know if Tiger's chipped yet. Ridiculous coverage.
  15. <sarcasm>Why does it say "2 on 2" when you birdied 15?</sarcasm> - Obviously the second "2" means Pinehurst #2. 😄
  16. This one doesn't make sense to me. Sometimes I grab my clubs and throw them on a cart and I'm gone in 15 seconds. Other times setting up a push cart, taking a phone call, waiting a little for a friend, etc. it might take me ten minutes from the time I pull in until I'm ready. I'm always fast on the golf course.
  17. Yep. The first thing is more important (arguably not with the driver), and the second piece matters too but not if you're hacking down and across.
  18. The trail leg should extend but not to the point of locking out.
  19. That's it exactly. People will ride for and even defend a player who breaks the rules if they behave properly after the fact. Then again, it's Paterpillar here, so he was doomed from the start.
  20. Yeah, the whole thing is in quotation marks, @NM Golf. Of course, it's off topic, but that's a @Buckeyebowman trait if there ever was one.
  21. iacas

    The War on Privacy

    I don't think they should necessarily have access to these things with warrants, either. If you want to encrypt things, you can. It's a personal choice. These companies are just making it "too easy" for people.
  22. Kiawah Island doesn't technically have bunkers - everything is just "sand." As such, good luck finding rakes. There aren't that many, and you may find yourself in a footprint. Look at Patrick Reed's ball landing in a footprint (before he breached the Rules). Those courses have enough money to rake the sandy areas… and still don't. Original bunkers weren't raked: why should modern ones all be raked?
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