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  1. I think it was a minor gag. It's not like Baddeley has never won anything before, either, so he stayed with it. Furyk could have put the match away, but there you have it. He hit a great shot and just didn't hit some great putts coming in. Maybe if his putting routine wasn't four minutes long...
  2. Eh. The Pirates are what they are. And until the current ownership moves on, they always (probably) will be.
  3. iacas

    Poker Chips

    That's my goal. Parents, my fear is, wouldn't realize that their kids gamble (bet) all the time anyway. Like I said, when I was a kid, there was ALWAYS something on it, even if it was a new ball or a buck or something. I think I'm going to push to give them out, maybe with a note that the parents have to sign. The parents - most of them anyway - have gotten to know me. My mindset is that playing with poker chips is almost no different than playing with monopoly money - it's literally a stand-in for actual cash, and the kids are smart enough to see that. But we'll see...
  4. I think the proof was in the pimento. The winning score was -7.
  5. 250 grams (10 irons, 110grams versus 85 gram shafts, ignoring small differences in clubhead weight...): 0.55 pounds. So very little difference at all.
  6. Yes, they monkeyed a bit with the core firmness. But it could have gone from 70 (in both TP Red and TP Black) to 72 in the BlackMax for all we know. And it's still made out of the same thing. Go look: http://maxfli.com/blackmax/ .
  7. That's backwards. You want it on the toe (so the toe lags behind because it's heavier). It's cheap, yes, but you need a good bit of it (at least 4 grams or so, which is eight 2" strips, I believe...?). Anyway, the 905R, the HiBore, and a few other drivers have all appeared closed to me. The HiBore recently was the worst. To hit it straight, you may have to lay the face open a little bit. Literally point it right of your target. This is a temporary thing meant to tell you one thing: if it's the face angle that's getting you or some mental thing. Note that this isn't just rotating the face open in your hands - you have to grip it while it's open too or else you haven't accomplished anything. If you suddenly start hitting great shots again laying the face open, I'd buy a different driver as it's likely closed. "Laying your driver open" is no way to hit consistent drives, so that's what I recommend. My miss has always been left more than right, so that's why I get the TP drivers from TaylorMade and the "Tour" models or fade-biased or neutral drivers from others. Be careful too because sometimes a "neutral" driver (like yours) is actually anti-slice to some degree.
  8. iacas

    Poker Chips

    I had an idea for the high school team (of which I am the assistant coach) this year. It's a fall sport where I live. Here's the email I sent to the head coach: The coach's concern is that it "encourages gambling." When I played (as a kid), we bet all the time - just a buck or two (a pop or two), but we bet. This wouldn't even be real money... But I understand his concern. What do you think of the idea?
  9. So it seems that walking is what causes the problems, not the golf. Right? Graphites won't be less stressful on your back - just your wrists and elbows. They'll help you generated a tad more swing speed, too, cuz they're lighter. But on your back... that doesn't make much sense. Seems like someone's trying to make a sale. I'm reading this: Hurts when you walk Doesn't hurt when you ride Doesn't seem to have much to do with shafts.
  10. Please read the actual posts before commenting. You responded as if he was asking about ball position for full swings. He was not.
  11. Your experience parallels my own with the HiBore. I can't hit the 905T for the same reason(s). And like you, I won't "flop shot" my driver. Titleist doesn't make "Tour" versions of any of its clubs. Well, except for the Tour of course. I mean for retail... It's a shame, too. Anyone want to buy a 905R with a UST ProForce v2 shaft? J/K... barely.
  12. You got confused. He was talking about himself first, then the other guy. And if he does hit his 3-iron 250, then he needs to get a driver fitting, because 280 out of a driver is at least 20 yards shy of optimal. Unless I know the person, I apply the 10% rule. Subtract 20% of whatever yardage they say they get. And half the time you're still overshooting.
  13. I swear I'm not disagreeing just to be disagreeable. But I think John Daly is clearly more swinger than hitter, and Tiger is also (though not nearly to the extent of JD). In fact, I think you'd be hard pressed to find many hitters on the PGA Tour. Even Nick Price, with his super-fast tempo, was a swinger. But if we call him a hitter, Tiger and JD are a pretty good distance away from him. I think that the transition is far more important. Every PGA Tour pro maintains a good angle and releases the clubhead very late. It's "lag" and they all do it (and they all do it a lot better than 99.9% of average golfers). You've got the right general idea. A smooth transition typically requires a slightly weaker flex than one with a hard transition. Basically, it boils down to one thing: do you pause at the top? It's a little more involved than that, obviously, and I'm assuming you don't have a horrible cast or anything, but that's it in a nutshell. Yeah, if you're between an R and an S, you can get there with tip trimming an R. That's a helluva lot of lead tape.
  14. iacas

    Phil's Two Drivers

    For most players, we'd have to label one "Big Slice" and the other "Duck Hook." In fact, "BS" and "DH" sound about right for this kind of thing... Would a 460cc driver be a D cup or a C?
  15. The R flex seems right. Better to think "swing smooth" than "I have to hit this ball hard" too. Email me about pricing. I can find the LT2 in an R flex for you pretty inexpensively.
  16. No offense, but that's practically impossible unless you play on cement fairways. I swing at about 105 and my total distance is right around 275 under optimal conditions (launch, spin, smash factor). If you're talking about 5I swing speed, obviously ignore the above. If your driver swing speed is around 90 MPH, you're probably in the R flex range. Right around the middle, in fact. Look at the Rifle 5.5 or even 5.0 if you want to go that route, or the lighter weight steel shafts. You'll get more control without totally hosing your swing speed.
  17. Exactly: http://www.bogeylounge.tv/archives/2...iver_like.html .
  18. Not to get off topic, but it's not just about swing speed. It also has to do with tempo and timing. People with a pause at the top and smooth acceleration can go with lighter flex shafts. Anyway, back to topic: the 905R, like the HiBore, is closed, and for that reason I don't particularly care for it a whole lot. I don't like to have to lay my driver open to hit it straight. Unlike 90% of the golfers out there, I don't have problems slicing everything from here to Lorena Bobbitt.
  19. Nice! I just wonder how long it'll last... A few bunker shots or some hard dirt and I've gotta wonder...
  20. iacas

    Phil's Two Drivers

    A bad example. Just like the "R, S, and X" flex shafts and the "basketball vs. golf" analogy. No need to launch personal attacks, JP. Chill out.
  21. Well c'mon now you tease, where's the after picture already!?!?
  22. iacas

    Phil's Two Drivers

    There are some kayak fishermen I know who would test your opinion on this issue. They don't have to. It's not like you can get an Aldila NV 65-S with ALL the same characteristics EXCEPT torque. No, instead, the only time you see a 3.6 and a 3.8 it's in an entirely different model shaft. Ditto the above. Nobody steps their shafts down two grams within the same model line. Actually I have a mortgage... and I wouldn't bet it because Callaway, like most companies, is run by people. And people typically don't like to be laughed at. Callaway would be laughed at if they seriously started telling people to buy two drivers. There was never a rule that said wood heads had to be made of wood. C'mon man... and Gary Player tried fiberglass (right?) shafts a looooong time ago. We have standardized rules for equipment. Please, go look them up. And yet, even back in Ben Hogan's day, he called it a putting contest. Dave Koseter has shown repeatedly in The Numbers Game that hitting greens and putting well is how you win. And guess what? It's pretty much always been that way. So if putting is so important, why do you care so much about graphite shafts? Not many people have graphite-shafted putters. So is the idea of using a club called a "spoon." Golf moves on. You may want to try it. There aren't many pros out there using clubs that offer a lot of "fault-correction." And I guarantee you clubs will not help someone more than decent practice will. Sure there is. It's called "we won't call travelling even though 99% of basketball players take more than two steps before a layup." And that's a bad call. If you want to compare equipment, look at other individual sports that use a lot of tools. Even the bowling ball has undergone massive changes in the past 30 years. The tennis racket. Even the pool cue, wow what they can do to pool cues these days. Comparing basketball and golf is like comparing, well, basketball and golf. That had little to do with technology and a lot to do with pushing a course over the edge of the hill. The USGA was temporarily insane there. Disagreed. I miss it too. Except occasionally I see it on a par 5... But that doesn't make golf less exciting for me. I've learned to adapt and stay with the times. If you don't understand shaft flex, then your participation in this particular discussion really should come to an end. It's very easy to tell the difference between R, S, and X shafts, particularly in drivers. Oftentimes you don't even need to hit the ball. Graphalloy (True Temper) is merely saying they make that particular shaft in those flexes. Some shafts don't come in all three (R, S, X), some only come in lady/senior flexes, and so forth. Uhm, and a different flex. Which is really the point... Flex (not all "S" are the same). Appearance. Tip diameter. Given we've not yet defined "the average golfer," I'll leave this one alone except to say this: nearly every golfer would benefit from being fit for a driver, including the shaft in that driver. It would behoove them to learn what range of shafts and characteristics suit them. You are very wrong here. Given shaft A from manufacturer A in 45" length, mid kick point, 3 degrees torque, and an "S" marking weighing 75 grams, and shaft B from manufacturer B with the SAME characteristics, there will likely be differences. Why? Because the manufacturers have different flex ratings. That's why. And I can hit a stiff 3-degree-torque shaft horribly and hit another with nearly identical specs really well. In fact, I did so last year when I went to a driver fitting. And I watched 20 or so other golfers experience the same thing(s). Not only measurable, but noticeable differences in performance between very similar shafts. So I can not only say I disagree, but I feel safe in saying that you're wrong. I don't think shafts are "the next great thing." I think we have a lot of shafts because there are a lot of different kinds of golf swings. It's about more than swing speed. Fourteen guys with the same exact swing speed will have 14 very different swings and, if properly fitted, anywhere from 7 to 14 different shafts to perform their best. My driver fitting took about 30 minutes... Because if I'm going to spend $400 on a driver, I'd like it to have the best shaft for me installed in it.
  23. I don't know if they have or what. It's very closed. And once you get past looking at the cutout in the back, it's pretty obvious too.
  24. iacas

    Getting Loose

    The training grip throws it out. You could regript it, and then you can use something like the Momentus as one of your 14 clubs. In other words, if it meets the criteria and rules for a club (after you change the grip, as you know that's not legal), there's no rule on weight for irons or drivers, so you're all set. For a second I was thinking you meant the Medicus (I had Medicus and Momentus mixed up in my head), and clearly that's not legal. It has a hinge.
  25. I still think the only pointer you needed was mine: just hit the ball further towards the toe. It makes sense. Glad you've worked through it. I wouldn't want you to pay for my golf AND lose all your money to me in two weeks...
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