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    Michelle Wie

    I think she should concentrate on winning. She hasn't really done that yet. She's a tremendous talent, but every big winner I can think of places a lot of importance on getting into position to win and then closing the deal. I don't begrudge Wie playing the one PGA tournament as a PR stunt - it's fine. I do wonder when she's going to win. If she's good enough to nearly make the cut in a PGA Tour event (and this year who knows?), then she should be good enough to win two or three prestigious female amateur golf tournaments per year. At least the girls junior!
  2. There are two stances on this: Grooves help to impart spin Grooves channel away water, mud, grass, etc. The 98% figure I quoted on the blog is from memory, but is accurate so far as I know. However, there's a lot of misinformation out there, including information from TaylorMade and Pat Ryan . Here's more evidence to support the theory that grooves act as channels for debris and even goes a bit burther: The Ping irons of a decade or so ago weren't so great at imparting spin because they could "grab" the ball more, but because they were more efficient channelers of mud, grass, and water. What do you think (and what sources on the Web can you find) to back up your theory? Either way, I know to keep my grooves clean.
  3. Join up! There isn't really a way to do it without creating a separate league, but there are only going to be ten to fifteen or so of us, so it'll be very easy to see by how much you're kicking our butts, geezer. BTW, I'm 26 - which group should I be in?
  4. Right. You just have to have four. If you want to trade someone out, you have to choose his replacement right then. If you choose only three, your entry is rejected. Choose four. Any four.
  5. Welcome to The Sand Trap. We doubt that you're a geezer, but some of us are envious of that "Southern California" beneath your username!
  6. You like the ONE Black too, don't you? Bridgestone also makes the Nike balls. That sounds good... Didn't they do the PowerBILT stuff many years ago? And aren't Maxfli or some other ball also Bridgestone? Hmm... My memory is faltering at 2am. B330s can be had for $39.99 at GolfGalaxy but I didn't find them on too many other sites.
  7. In the hands of an experienced player, though, a rangefinder can really just be good. "168 to the middle, 175 to the pin, but downwind so playing 168 or so, but a tick or two uphill, so I need my 170 club."
  8. I don't have one, but I've looked at a few. I keep wanting the $500 ones, though. And that's too much to spend on a range finder. I chose the third option above, but I'd like to find a good range finder for those times when you aren't in the middle of the fairway, are playing to a very deep green (which throws yardages off), play a new course, etc.
  9. I posted in the "what did you shoot today" thread about my course conditions today. I'll make it simple: tough to play golf when the normal winter conditions = course under a foot or more of snow.
  10. Quick quote from that article: My problem with those things is that they draw a big ugly line around the ball. If I could find a system that'd let me draw only a small line, I'd be much much more willing to go for it.
  11. I've got one: excessive length. Skim this: Sounds good, right? Now, for the fun part: the course is 7500+ yards long and has a slope rating of 152. The course is also featured on The Sand Trap blog, as image numbers 44 through 53 (i.e. add ?picnum=xx to any URL on the blog, such as "http://thesandtrap.com/?picnum=48"). thunderhillgolf.com via the very, very nice golfclevelandohio.com .
  12. Argh!!! I played today in semi-cold weather and forgot to wear my Scotty Cameron Red X Skull Cap !
  13. I hit two 3W off the tenth tee today to see how I was doing. I hit a high draw and a low cut. The hole is a 90 degree dogleg (with a gentle bend, not a harsh one) left. Distance is supposed to be about 440, but you can hit driver, 9I pretty easily if you cut the corner. Today, again with the dead calm and the soggy fairways, I hit the two balls with the two different shot shapes. This is how they ended up. Guess there's something to be said for consistency.
  14. iacas

    None in One

    My course has four par threes measuring (in order): 4: 175 yards 8: 210 yards 12: 150 yards 14: 165 yards They've got some elevation changes, so the 150 plays about 10 yards shorter (they can stretch it to 180 if they want though) and the 165 on the back can play 185 and is also downhill. Anyway, I put my tee shots on 4 and 14 today to a combined total of six feet. One was three feet right, the other three feet behind and left. Argh! I'm not sure what I would have done if I'd have gotten a hole in one today. I'd have had no witness!
  15. This thread typically gets started one way or another, so I may as well start it here. When you play a round of golf, pop open this thread and add a comment. Tell us your score, tell us how you played, and so on. I'll kick it off... Today I shot what would have been about a 78 or a 79 at my home course. Tough to say since I didn't putt (I gave myself two putts on all but three holes where I'd stuffed it within 5 feet - any missed I'd have made there I figure would have been balanced out by the five putts I had from 5-10 feet). Temporary greens, you see. A week ago we had a foot or two of snow. Today it was 40-45 degrees and the ground was soggy, but very little snow existed. I was one of about ten golfers out there. The lack of much wind was nice - 45 degree weather plays about a club shorter. I'll write more later. Gonna post a picture or two from my camera phone. Note: this thread should contain only posts about your score. No replies, please!
  16. I've yet to see a whole lot of proof that balls are so badly balanced that putts are truly affected. I grant that a putt will be affected, but how much? If a 20-foot putt is affected by an inch, maximum, then who's to say you weren't an inch off to begin with? In other words, perhaps the unbalanced ball helps you make a putt. Dave Pelz sells a spinner thing too, and he's the putting/short game master (to some). I've heard smart people say that they've drawn the line on the ball, put the thing in, and spin it around again and the line goes right back to where it was, so the ball must be slightly unbalanced. I don't own one of the spinners, but I'm not really one to mark my balls up with a big ugly line all the way around. I think it looks bad. I don't see a whole lot of PGA Tour pros with big ugly lines around their ball, though I know of a few LPGA pros that do it (and they may just be drawing the line, not balancing). At 10,000 RPM, I think that even a very, very small imbalance will show up. Incidentally, you can check the balance of your balls yourself. Get some soap, a bunch of salt, and a cup of water. Salt the water until the balls float, and put a little soap in to reduce surface tension. Dunk a ball and spin it around. Let it settle. Take a Sharpie and touch the top of the ball to make a mark. Let it dry, then dunk and spin it again - the mark should be at the top of the ball again, and when you putt, the mark should be on top again (leaving the heavy spot at the bottom so it rotates end over end when you putt).
  17. I've never gone on a golfing vacation. My uncle and his crew travel to the Pinehurst area most years. They used to go to Myrtle but have given up because, in his words, "we're too old for the night life, we go to bed at 10 now." (My uncle is about 50). My fiancee golfs, so this summer we're looking to do some weekend trips to places in PA, nothing big. And before this I lived in FL, so I didn't really need a golf vacation. I was there.
  18. Bump again: did everyone get their stuff? I received mine awhile back. I've thanked the dude who sent it (don't want to say his name here for fear of spoiling it). The present I sent was received awhile back too, so all is well here. Todd? Aaron? Kiran? Jeff? How was your secret santa experience? Oh, and since it won't give anything away, I will list what I got... A gopher headcover (the girlfriend adores it, so she owns it now... but her clubs are in my living room, so....) A sleeve of Nike ONE Blacks A couple of Stinger tees (they really do work) The list above probably cost a little more than the $10-$15 total we'd all agreed to, but I believe that the person sending it was trying to say "thanks" for having the blog and forum. Listing what I sent would give it away, so I won't do that.
  19. I also putted really well for a number of years with the old "Bullseye" style putter. You can find them quite inexpensively. And the 8802 models, too.
  20. Jeff, you may want to save up for a Scotty Cameron. His blade putters are very, very solid and widely used. So too are Pings, of course. The putter you've got is a pretty traditional one as those go - heel/toe weighted and so forth.
  21. I got a Golf Digest "365 Golf Holes" in full color (and it's not a stupid gift), but no tips calendar. Sorry.
  22. You know where I could easily spend about $250 on hats? A Titleist outlet store! I want about twenty of these... (okay, so that's about $400, but I'm hoping for a discount and a little bit of prudence!)
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