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  1. Guys, enough of the meta discussion. There are political components to BLM, but we aren't talking about those parts. It's that simple.
  2. Day 167 - June 13, 2020 A little pitching/chipping work before Natalie's tournament. She leads by five.
  3. It isn’t, and your constant arguing that it is does not advance the conversation one bit.
  4. He could just be saying it wrong, but yes, it's maintaining his inclination to the ball. His setup is decent, and then he turns very, very flat.
  5. Absolutely. No, you're far enough from the ball. Dude, just do the "driveway sticks" thing. Or Day 2. Film it. Post it here from FO and DL angles. And let's be clear about something: it's not about bending forward at setup. It's about bending leftward more during the backswing, about staying in your "inclination" to the ground. @Cantankerish, make today the day you commit to a positive, real change. Film your work in a mirror. CHANGE this picture:
  6. The left knee, the hips, the back - keep extending (to help you keep turning, too). Look at the left knee through impact.
  7. Looks good. Turn and extend hard. Downswing.
  8. He didn't even seem to notice.
  9. Where did you end up?
  10. Day 166 - June 12, 2020 Pitching practice with Natalie. She's now able again to hit the ball high in the air. 🙂
  11. They’re being compensated because it’s not like any other injury or disease. They’re able to play. The Tour isn’t letting them. I’ve heard the compensation is quite high. $100k on the PGA Tour and $10k KF (not per event).
  12. Have you seen his ball speed increases?
  13. Used properly it’s pretty good for golf swings. But it may not be your priority piece.
  14. Maybe you flip and hit your wedges too high.
  15. Nobody is saying police are the only issue.
  16. No COVID-19 Cases At Colonial, But Four Test Positive Within Korn Ferry Tour — Geoff Shackelford
  17. Did you read the linked article? There aren't many details but there are a few. Sounds like Gary was owed royalties, and so he got those plus the rights to his name back. Gary has some seemingly devious sons.
  18. Gary Player wins $5 million legal dispute against son | Golf World | Golf Digest Along with the payout, Player, 84, receives the rights to his name and likeness back from the company that bears his name. This isn't the son that was arrested for fraud.
  19. I'd get the elbows in a bit and let your stroke have a bit more arc. You open and close the face like it's an arc, but the putter goes back pretty straight. The arc and path don't really match.
  20. Day 164 - June 10, 2020 Putting with Natalie after her tournament (round 1).
  21. Update: the four positive tests: were from the home kits before players left for the events. were all Korn Ferry Tour people. this is scuttlebutt and hearsay from the Colonial event, where it's being talked about amongst the players, caddies, coaches, etc.
  22. Heard from someone who would know: four Korn Ferry Tour people* tested positive for COVID-19 and are out at this week's event. * The asterisk is because I don't know if it was players or caddies. I'm also not seeing news of this anywhere online, so I'm hiding the topic for now.
  23. Y'all mostly handled it, but @JGus: generalized statements don't mean "all." They mean what they say "generally." "Great putters have good distance control. That doesn't mean ALL great putters have good distance control on EVERY putt they ever hit." The only way we can talk about this stuff is to generalize a bit, while still being mindful that not everyone fits into that box. Not all policemen are racially biased or prone to reacting with excessive force, but enough are that it's a problem. Not all black people are afraid to even be pulled over for a traffic violation, but enough are that it's a problem. Etc.
  24. After awhile the click becomes the reward. @Big C, I’m not saying he says don’t look at the hole layout. He just says, IIRC, to not think “don’t want to go left here…”. And I know he says not to do the “don’t” stuff and that the body doesn’t understand “don’t.”
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