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  1. 12 hours ago, Zippo said:

    I'm not sure if it's OK for me to reply to a blog or not. I checked the rules but couldn't find anything definitive. I apologize in advance if I shouldn't be posting here. I'm really not trying to get into trouble by commenting and will move on if needed.

    Huh? Why wouldn't you?

    No need for an answer. The question should tell you what the "rules" are - the same as the forum. Post a comment. Heck, start your own blog if you want.

  2. 13 minutes ago, Vinsk said:

    Thanks @nevets88. I’ve had two problems with this setup:

    1. The glare is a pain and I can’t see my iPad screen at all. I’ll probably have to try this in the evening.

    2. Within no time at all my devices, especially the iPad, get the ‘over heated’ warning.

    I’m way behind on my Evolvr as it’s just so damn hot...lol. I’ll find a way. 

    Are there any shaded spots? Lots of FL courses or ranges have the rolling covers.

    It would be baller if you showed up with your own. 😉

  3. 10 hours ago, saevel25 said:

    I was trying this out yesterday. Here was my step by step process

    1. Take a few practice strokes next to the ball trying to feel out the putt
    2. Look at the hole and try to take a mental image.
    3. Set up to the ball
    4. Glance back at the hole seeing the ball track into the picture
    5. Putt with that intent.

    Maybe it's correct?


    It's this way, really. Before you look at the ball, right before you putt, you take a picture of the hole in your mind's eye, and when you look down at the ball, you still SEE that same image in your mind's eye. Then, as if you were looking at the hole, you putt "into" that picture in your mind's eye.

  4. 5 hours ago, tucsonsean said:

    Nice distinction.  I'll give you "gimmicky," but then, metal woods were gimmicky until someone on tour won with them.  Lob wedges were gimmicky until Kite won the U.S. Open.  Lofted hybrids were gimmicky until Yang came from behind to beat Tiger in a major.

    Not the same kind of thing.

    Those were all advancements that took off pretty quickly. SLI are not, and have been around for decades.

  5. 14 minutes ago, saevel25 said:

    Hmm, I am not sure I am getting this mental imagery correct.

    When you are playing basketball, you look up and see the basket and react. You don't think "Okay, I'm 21.6 feet from the basket, so I have to toss it this hard." You just react. You toss the basketball to the hoop based on what you see.

    Or if you're looking down with a golf ball in your hand, and I say "hey, toss me that ball" you just look up, locate me, and react athletically to toss me the ball.

    Golf should be more of the same - take a picture of the hole in your mind, and even when you look down at the ball, "see" that photo and putt into it. That way it's more like you're tossing a ball toward a basket (or a friend).

  6. 1 hour ago, Righty to Lefty said:

    I don't talk about swing methods....I speak about impact, ball flight laws, D Plane, etc.

    You have if "swing methods" involves "how you get to impact." Specifically, the role of the arms in getting to impact.

    1 hour ago, Righty to Lefty said:

    The Earth is round I am more open minded than you think and this forum is proof of it.

    This forum proves how open-minded you are?

    This forum has shown that, when presented with actual facts, you deny them and carry on with your thoughts anyway. That's not being open minded.

    1 hour ago, Righty to Lefty said:

    Just because I don't agree with a lot of what is said in that forum doesn't mean that I don't understand what is being said.

    Given that you often "disagree" with facts then I don't know what says about what you do or don't understand.

  7. 1 hour ago, rehmwa said:

    I'd likely have to ask myself, 'why did he ask that specific question at that specific time'?  Was it truly a digression?  or did he need the info to cement what you might have been working on?  or......was he not understanding the focus of the lesson so much that this seemingly out of place question come up due to misunderstanding?  In all cases, I need to figure out why he's not on the same page as me and fix it.

    I didn't provide many details, so you'd have no way of knowing… but no, it wasn't any of those things. It was a question related to his stuff, but then I just kinda kept going into unrelated things. Good information, and relevant… if you're talking about just swing theory and why people flip and synchronization and Key #2/#3 and so on… but yeah, I just kept going too far and rather than giving him a thimble of information, gave him a coffee cup.

    2 hours ago, rehmwa said:

    1 - reset, 2 - understand their input, 3 - placate, 4 - respond and focus

    Yeah, pretty much.

    Except sometimes I just say "you know what, that's not really relevant right now, so let's focus on this." A lot of people are actually happy to not have to get the answer.

    Some need it, it gnaws at them, and I'll usually just tell them after the lesson.

  8. Quote

    (or I assume push carts are acceptable, just frowned upon)

    On the PGA Tour, push or pull carts are not allowed.

    And you're really under-estimating just how much endurance is required to play competitive golf on the PGA Tour for a season. That's a big part of why virtually every Tour player objected to Casey Martin. They understand just how integral walking is to the game, and thus, even carrying an extra 20 pounds around would add substantially to the challenge.

    PGA Tour players take caddies because they feel it's worth it, that they'd be at a disadvantage without it. That what they pay is worth what they get.

  9. 9 minutes ago, Buckeyebowman said:

    Even though the articles in GD were supposedly penned by "pros" or "top instructors", if I tried them and they didn't work, I discarded them!

    You don't know that you were doing whatever it is they asked of you properly or even that they were intended for you.

    9 minutes ago, Buckeyebowman said:

    But, even renowned scientists seem to have a problem with this.


    9 minutes ago, Buckeyebowman said:

    They seem reluctant to discard a paradigm that does not work unless there's another paradigm present to take it's place! Even when no paradigm would be preferable. 

    Scientists do? Because I strongly disagree.

    Please give an example.

    Plus what @Vinsk said.

  10. 3 minutes ago, badams69 said:

    Learn?  Did you never learn that getting the ball in the hole is the game ?

    And the way to get the ball in the hole the fastest is though ballstriking. Putting is the least important part of the game (of the four categories: driving, approach shots, short game, putting).

    3 minutes ago, badams69 said:

    Reason guys don't stay on tour is putting on all but rare occasions.

    Uhm, no. That's not at all correct.

    3 minutes ago, badams69 said:

    Why would I learn that some stats are supposedly a substitute for the game.

    Huh? You're not even making sense at this point. Nobody's said that "stats" are a "substitute for the game". I'm not even sure what that means.

    3 minutes ago, badams69 said:

    Guys have good weeks and bad weeks.  It is all about winning.


    3 minutes ago, badams69 said:

    Why would I want to "learn" something that has no actual value except that people who don't understand golf find it interesting.

    Who are these people who "don't understand golf"?

    3 minutes ago, badams69 said:

    The stats you mentioned are weekly stats when it comes to having any concrete value.  When taken over time their value is only in how a player could possibly use them - however a player worth their salt already knows most anything a stat will show.

    I'll tell you a true story.

    A few years ago Sean Foley asked Justin Rose what he wanted to work on in the off-season. Justin said "I want to work on my wedge game, from 120 yards and in." Sean said "okay" and "I'll see you in a week." A week goes by, and Sean does some research. He finds that Justin Rose is the best player on the PGA Tour from 120 yards and in.

    People don't always know what the stats show. That's why virtually every top player in the game is paying a statistician these days, and coaches who understand advanced statistics are making themselves more valuable.

    3 minutes ago, badams69 said:

    They normally don't need the stats.  Stats are for fans and just to busy ourselves with technology.


    3 minutes ago, badams69 said:

    Kinda like myth that calories cause people to get fat. ......why?  because scientists wanted to use a new invention --- the calorimeter.  Nation has gotten fatter and fatter ever since.


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