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  1. Tom Watson was never a weight lifter and nearly won the British open at age 60! Just look at tiger woods it may have ruined his career. Mocked far and wide maybe I think his swing and the whole somax approach is spot on unless you wan't to be a football player go ahead and lift heavy weights.

    :doh: I'm taking a break from you @Mike Boatright.

    Seriously, you're either doing this on purpose or you're not, but in either case, it's not good.

  2. Rory is 24 years old he can do whatever he want's to get stronger until he realizes the truth.


    THAT is your retort? A SOMAX video?

    You do know that their videos and promotional materials and claims are mocked far and wide, right?


    What's he know yada yada... All you do is quote what do you know?


    What does Tom Watson have to do with anything? And how do you figure that "all I do" is "quote what do you know?" That doesn't even make any sense. I do a HELL of a lot more - for golf, for golfers, and for golf instruction.

    You? I have no idea at this point what you have to offer aside from troll-like posts.

    And to be clear, what I mean by "troll-like":

    • Your posts are provocative and argumentative.
    • Your posts offer little in the way of quality information. Quite often they're actually wrong.
    • You ignore the efforts and posts and knowledge of others.

  3. So what did you do with the student? Did you show him video and tell him your diagnosis? What did you do to try to fix the problem?

    That's not really the purpose of the post, and I don't really want to get off topic. I demonstrated why it was a problem and then worked with the player to help him fix it.

    As fixes and feels are often specific to the individual, I'm sure you understand.

  4. Key #1 should be called "Rotate About the Spine" maybe? This year I finally clued into what that feels like. I don't know why it took me so long.

    We like the name of it just fine… plus, your spine rotates, too. Nobody rotates "around" or "about the spine." That sounds painful! :-O :-D 

    We like the name of it just fine because all of them require a little more understanding to "get" what they're really talking about, and the word "Simple" means something to us.

  5. Is it safe to assume that new players often suffer from both vertical and lateral head movement but that many intermediate players - even after they've learned a centered pivot - still suffer from the vertical movement you've described? If so, is "coming up" on the downswing a result of making a compensation to another swing fault? Or is it simply a poor attempt at trying to gain club head speed?

    With a minute to think about it, I'd arrive at saying that I'd caution anyone against trying to put people in bins like that.

    Some amateurs sway off the ball. Some go up and down more than they should (to play their best golf - a little up and down is almost always fine and/or even beneficial). Those amateurs are from all different ranges of ability. I don't know that there's any real association of "higher handicappers do this, lower handicappers do that other thing." They all do different things differently. Lower handicappers tend to have a bit less movement in whichever direction they choose, and they tend to play more too so any movement they have is that little tiny bit more repeatable.

    But that's all I can really say about that… I don't think I can put them into lumped categories.

  6. Not sure if you have kids of HS or college age, Erik.  I can attest having been around both, (have 2 sons) kids don't think like adults and they certainly don't listen to dad, coaches, other adults or authority figures either!

    They're college kids, as I said, and they listen just fine. I'm not necessarily talking about my college kids.

    I followed my best friend and his son around an Ohio HS sectional golf tournament at CC of Hudson.  This young man, a HS senior at the time, took risks his dad and I would NEVER consider on a golf course.  230 yard second shot around the corner with nothing but 100' tall oak trees and the kid pulls a 3-iron and murders one from the fairway.  His dad couldn't even watch the shot.  Green side bunker his son ALMOST holed for eagle then 2-putted for par.

    That was likely the right play there.

    The OTHER thing I know is that those kids you saw doing dumb and bad things?  They don't care.  The reward was far greater than the risk of a bad score on one hole.  Kid makes an 8, he just moves on.  They don't dwell on things and certainly don't let it bother them.

    That's not my experience at all. They care. They care about every bogey let alone every double or triple. It kills them. It eats at them days later. Weeks later.

  7. Do D3 golf tournaments allow players to have caddies?

    No, plus it would be far too expensive anyway. I imagine a few D1 schools "could" do this, but I don't think anyone at the collegiate level can have caddies in collegiate events. Obviously if they're competing in USGA events or something, they can.

  8. I do align right with my driver, because of this diagram from Hogan.  However, I place the ball a bit more forward with my driver, almost to my big toe.  And my most common miss is a push, 2nd most common is a push fade or slice.  Hmmm.  When I square up to the target I fade/slice more often with my driver.

    Trust me…  I'm not talking about aiming a little tiny bit right. 

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