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  1. 17 minutes ago, Patch said:

    There may not be that big of change in golf instruction from the dinosaurs' perspective. The real dinosours did die off completely. Today's golf dinosours are being replaced with younger dinosours' teachings.

    I disagree.

    There's a limit to how much we can know. To how finite information is while still being "helpful." We have the science to measure just about everything we could want to measure right now. We've reached a saturation point, basically.

    The older dinosaurs didn't know a lot of what they were talking about. They thought weight transferred back in the backswing, or that the path primarily influenced the start direction, or other types of things we now know to be false to a rather detailed level.

  2. 1 hour ago, TallSouthern said:

    Not to threadjack (my favorite cheese) but is the difference between sweeping and picking the weight shift?  Nicklaus said he played every shot off his left instep and had a vertical swing.  This works well off mats and low grass, but when you hit off a good bit of grass especially with a fairway wood shouldn't you play the ball back and hit more level? I feel like hitting off of mats and crappy golf course semihardpan ruins the release.

    The longer the club, the more forward it's usually played in the stance.

    You seem to have a good number of questions… Post some of them in this forum: https://thesandtrap.com/forums/forum/12-instruction-and-playing-tips/.

  3. 15 hours ago, nevets88 said:

    North America is in the stone age.

    No… North America evolved into a huge land with things spaced far apart. As such, we need cars.

    I could bike to Golf Evolution, for example, but often when I go it's raining, or dark, and the extra 30 minutes it would take me is not worth it. I couldn't bring as much stuff (training aids, etc.).

    You live in NYC. Things are closer. People don't need to drive, with subways and public transportation.

    "North America" doesn't live in NYC. Many of us live in the suburbs.

  4. 3 minutes ago, Vinsk said:

    @iacas This sounds like an awesome experiment! I'm gonna try this tomorrow if I get out to the practice tee. Curious, how did you do when you did it? Is this something you thought of? I don't believe I've ever come across this test.

    I striped two over the flag. This is one of the reasons why I've always been a pretty good golfer. It's also why I was a good hitter in baseball - I could put the ball between the first and second basemen if that was my goal (say, a runner on second base) more often than not, and much more often than most other players.

    I generally keep my ball inside the ropes.

    I don't know if I came up with it. I'm sure someone's done it before me. I don't recall reading about it anywhere, if that means anything (it doesn't to me - almost everything is recycled). "Everything is a Remix."

    As kids we used to have our buddy yell "low fade" during our backswing and then we'd have to hit that shot.

    The other day I'd say "left" or "right" or "straight" to try to train one of my college golfers to feel what those things felt like, by actively creating them in the middle of his swing. That's NOT what "control" means - he was learning what they felt like. Because before that, he'd hit a duck hook (started way left) and then a big block… and he'd say they felt almost the same.

    We eventually arrived at him setting up with a square clubface and then feeling that he holds it off a little through impact. That works much better - for him - than what he was doing previously: setting up with a right-pointing clubface and trying to time his "release."

  5. 7 minutes ago, Jack Watson said:

    A lot of folks here are very shut at the top.

    So are some Tour players. Heck, I had a very good golfer trying out for the college team last year whose clubface pointed BEHIND him at the top. Not toward the sky more than you want, but literally to his the camera's left filmed down the line. Wasn't a student of mine at all. Returned the clubface in almost the same position (slightly right pointing) every time. Very good clubface control.

    I don't know that I agree with you that "a lot of folks here" are anything. Never mind the fact that I have no idea what "a lot" means to you.

    7 minutes ago, Jack Watson said:

    As far as the semantics point,  you have to admit clubface control is a difficult thing to describe.

    Clubface Control: doing what's necessary to return the clubface to a desirable position at impact.

    I found that pretty easy to describe.

    7 minutes ago, Jack Watson said:

    However I would posit that things are happening so fast at the bottom that we almost truly get a sense of them from memory more than we actual CONTROL the exact alignment at impact.

    "Control" doesn't have to be "active" nor does it have to be "at the bottom" of the swing. Like I said, you're seeming to take it more as "manipulation." That's not it.

    You're all kinds of off-base here.

    7 minutes ago, Jack Watson said:

    I know when my six iron will be a little right without looking up. That's experience. Memory and learning.

    In fact no golfer truly has control.  Pros do well but they do not have control.

    Uhhh… no. You're wrong.

    Good players do things that help them return the clubface to a desirable position at impact. Bad golfers do things that hinder their ability to do so.

  6. 4 minutes ago, Jack Watson said:

    In a good swing you don't CONTROL the face.

    Yeah you do. You control it by gripping the club properly. By moving your body parts properly. Etc. You're defining "control" differently. You're taking it as "manipulate." That's not what it is.

    4 minutes ago, Jack Watson said:

    Anyone selling the idea that you CONTROL the face to me is being semantically inaccurate.

    I would argue that you're the one being semantically inaccurate. Great players return the clubface to the proper orientation at impact, not pointing left or right. They do this a number of ways, and it's possible to have the other four Keys but be lacking in #5.

    4 minutes ago, Jack Watson said:

    In a good swing the face absolutely does rotate relative to its starting position.

    I've never said otherwise.

    4 minutes ago, Jack Watson said:

    Really,  I have a bit of a problem with looking at the number of folks following 5sk who are absurdly shut at the top.

    I don't see it.

    4 minutes ago, Jack Watson said:

    This is not a fundamental.

    What isn't, Clubface Control? I never said it was. It is, however, a commonality.

    4 minutes ago, Jack Watson said:

    Again I like most of 5sk but shut at the top is weird and then adding inside path is a strong recipe for a hook miss or rattlesnake in ones pocket.

    That's not 5SK.

  7. 29 minutes ago, phillyk said:

    After my two shots, the extreme weak position kind of hurt.  My wrists aren't that flexible and don't bend like that.  Thus the weak grip shot sucked.  The strong gripped one was actually solid.  Sure it hooked maybe 20yds, but I had good contact.

    It's not about the contact. If it hooked 20 yards, you probably failed. Key #5 is about clubface control, not solidness of contact.

  8. 5 minutes ago, nevets88 said:

    A little advantage for folks with a stronger grip, they've got 50% of this down, no? I would think neutral grip players have an advantage they're halfway between each extreme.

    Not really. I'm asking for an extremely strong or weak grip.

    When I did this:

    • Strong: The entire back of my left hand was facing away from me. My left thumb was at about 3:30 on the grip.
    • Weak: My right thumb was at 8:30, the "V" on my right hand pointed outside my left shoulder, and the back of my right hand faced away from me.

    That's extreme.

  9. I think you'll find most often @phillyk that they roll that ankle because of a hip sway (and maybe a corresponding head sway back as well, but often not).

    My best advice if you're looking to really make teaching a big part of what you do as a PGA pro is:

    • Develop a good filter for good information quickly. This will let you ignore stuff that doesn't pass the most basic of tests.
    • Ignore most of what you hear from your PGA teaching seminars. They're just not very good. Individual teachers can be, but the manual, and the other stuff they have you do… learn it enough to pass the tests, then kinda forget about it. It's not good. This is redundant if you're able to achieve the first bullet point. :-)
    • Talk to Mike and I at the Newport Cup.
    • Find BUSY instructors nearby and ask to observe their lessons.
    • Then find GOOD instructors nearby and ask to observe their lessons. Compare your notes. They may be the same people, but there are plenty of busy but BAD instructors. A successful instructor is a bit of both - busy and good.

    To the last point, I'll speak generally of a busy bad instructor. He's really not very good - his students don't get better, his understanding of the golf swing, technology, etc. isn't great. But he's busy, because he's a great guy, very nice, makes people feel good, etc. And for some people, that's what they want. He's been around forever too so that doesn't hurt, but generally, people like taking lessons from him.

    Contrast that with another local instructor who is neither busy nor good. He sits in a chair and smokes and sometimes drinks during lessons. Not all the time, but enough that it's his reputation. He is NOT busy.

    But if you observed the first one, you might not learn about the mechanics of the golf swing or how to teach for improvement, but you'd learn about bedside manner and that sort of thing.

  10. Spoiler
    27 minutes ago, downbylaw11 said:

    well im happy you improved your game, and are satisfied spending a lot of money on a book. it's reassuring to know that the promise of lower scores will still convince people to empty their wallets

    after researching i realize now that this book was written by erik so basically this thread has become an ad. coolbeans

    None of the information provided in this topic cost anyone a cent. None of the information freely provided anywhere on this site has cost anyone a cent. Thousands and thousands of posts… free. And… I don't need to advertise the book (certainly not here) - the people who have bought it do it for us. Word of mouth. We've never "advertised." We have a Twitter account, and that's about it.

    Our readers advertise for us, because they like what we've said, and we help them shoot lower scores. Kinda like this…

    But hey, keep on keepin' on, man. Don't learn anything. Don't open your mind up to new ideas. Just plug your ears and hum a tune.

    FWIW, none of this crap is on topic. Let's get back to that, mmmkay?

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