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  1. Quote

    He mentioned her knee position pointing inwards and the foot off the ground, and that the knee should be pointing more out than in and the feet on the ground.

    Another reason to have people turn their toes out a little bit.


    He adjusted her turn, now knowing how her specific body turns and it turned out she needed to have a left leg pivot.

    Eh. Actually, I'll just save myself the effort, and please add an "eh" to every other thing you wrote about what Plecker taught you.

    Look, yes, people have different ranges of motion, and it can be important to recognize that when teaching a student. No, you don't want to make someone try to do something they can't do.

    But that girl, assuming she didn't have some very rare or major type of disability of some kind, could be a "left pivot" or a "right pivot" or a "centered pivot" too. These folks - Mike Adams is another - will measure some things on your body and declare that you're an "exit 1" or an "exit 3" type player, and a lot of it is just bupkis. A marketing way to try to differentiate yourself and make the student feel they got something different from you than what they could get from anyone else.

    Everyone is ultimately built pretty much the same way. Nobody's knee bends backward rather than forward, nobody's elbow is a ball joint instead of a hinge joint, etc. Different players have all sorts of different body shapes, sizes, capabilities, etc. But everyone can hit a draw, everyone can hit a fade. Everyone can hit it higher, or lower.

    That's not to say - at all - that everyone gets the same swing. Some of my students swing pretty upright, some pretty flat. Some go forward with their hips more than others. Some hit fades, some like to see draws. The list of differences goes on.

    But ultimately everyone's body works kinda the same way, and you can find great players of all body types who do things very differently within their body types than the other guys with the same body type. Can we all have the extreme right elbow position of a Jason Dufner? No. But does that mean we can just let someone's right elbow go way around behind them? Not necessarily.

    Just be careful. The more you learn about instruction, the more you'll see that this type of stuff sounds great at first, and then can start to easily be picked apart.

    Want to hit a fade? Swing left and feel that the handle exits low, Chuck.

    But hey, that's just my opinion. I'm not saying there's nothing to the "body" stuff, just that it is often overblown. And I'm biased, too, since Dave and I teach instructors ourselves. But I will add many of us have told us they learned more from us than they have from any of their PGA classes, or their previous training seminars.

    @mvmac, maybe you can share what I'm trying to say more clearly than I was able to up there, specifically maybe about the Mike Adams stuff. You'll remember when Chuck went through the Mike Adams bit… and was shocked at how easily JD started hitting cuts… but the feeling was just swinging left with a new "biomechanics" name attached to it. :-P

  2. On 7/25/2017 at 10:10 AM, nevets88 said:

    The side guards prevent pedestrians and cyclists from being run over should they fall under the truck. Also in the last dashcam video I posted, it would have prevented the passengers in the car from being decapitated if it t-boned between the truck wheels.

    Look at the recent wreck in Erie, right on 12th street. Those side guards are flimsy and purely about helping aerodynamics. That wouldn't have done squat to help the people in that car… who were not just decapitated, but where broken into many, many pieces.


    On 7/25/2017 at 10:10 AM, nevets88 said:

    Add another thing to be paranoid about when cycling and driving. I've always steered clear of big trucks when driving and cycling but couldn't put my finger on a specific reason for driving (blind spot is obvious) other than an innate feeling that it could do much bodily harm. Now I have a gory specific one.

    Blind spot:


    Those are some HORRIBLY adjusted mirrors. You shouldn't have your mirrors pointing down the side of your car or truck - what is the point in seeing the side of your car/truck? You already KNOW it is there.

    You are supposed to angle your mirrors out. If you can see more than a sliver of your car, you're doing it wrong.



  3. 7 minutes ago, Piz said:

    The assumption, however, is that there was.

    No. Why? Huh? He hit a golf ball with a golf club.

    7 minutes ago, Piz said:

    If a golfer were to tee up an orange; I dare say the swing would, after impact, result in a different posture.

    I don't think that is true at all.

    He's a baseball player. That's a home run style golf swing on the left. It's what he knew.

    Now he knows the swing on the right. For golf.

  4. 18 minutes ago, Valleygolfer said:

    I'm not sure what you mean but you tag your shot and it records each shot, recognizes which hole you are on by using the tags on your clubs. Usually I keep a scorecard as well to ensure I have tagged all shots. As much as I have used it, I still miss tagging a shot now and again.

    You can also just use the free app without tags, but you have to manually choose to tag each shot.

  5. 10 hours ago, CMartis said:

    I know it's not an option, but I think bi-weekly would be good for me. Gives a little time to adjust to the suggested changes. I need to jump on the lesson deal that's going on at a local course. They offer 10 1 hour sessions for $300. Absolute best I can find in my area. Lord knows I need it... lol 

    Sounds like a possible "you get what you pay for" situation…

  6. 45 minutes ago, sirhacksalot said:

    Have you tried turning the sound off completely and just doing a voice over on the video to combat wind?

    It's nice to hear the sound of impact, if nothing else. And a VLOG without sound just feels funny… You can put the mic by a headcover or otherwise shield it form the wind, and then the sound of impact still tends to make its way through.

    For the Newport Cup, we're not looking for perfection. Just a way to see people a bit, get to know them a bit better.

  7. 3 hours ago, No Mulligans said:

    Yikes!  Can you pin point anything that caused the injury?

    Yeah… when he swung. I don't want to answer for him, but I think he said it…


    I addressed the ball and quickly felt comfortable with the shot.  I had no idea what that swing was going to cost me.  I began my swing and on the downswing near the point of contact, I both felt and heard a loud pop.  The club went flying in the follow through and I immediately hunched over grabbing my left arm near the wrist.  The pain was excruciating.

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