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  1. It's fine that you just play, and if you enjoy golf doing that, I'm happy for you.

    But I suspect you might enjoy golf more if you chose an instructor and actually practiced. Then you'd actually be able to have a sense that things were going to come together.

    You're just doing the same things you've always done. You likely won't get any better, and as you get older, you'll just slowly get worse and shorter.

    You're bumping into the ceiling of how good you can get with the tactics (all play, almost no practice let alone lessons) you employ.

  2. 3 hours ago, JonMA1 said:

    Not saying a practice or casual round isn't real golf, or that I don't keep score on these types of rounds. Just making the determination that if I knowingly break a rule, I won't apply that towards my HI.

    You know this violates the rules of handicapping, yes? :-) You're supposed to be posting almost everything you play, even if you concede putts, etc.

    3 hours ago, JonMA1 said:

    What I wouldn't do is post it towards my HC. Maybe there's a way to do it under 4.2, but I don't know that rule applies in this example.

    Hole not played under the rules of golf. Par + handicap.

    1 hour ago, Hardspoon said:

    What you are talking about (to me) is what makes a real score. That would only include rounds played in accordance with the RoG.

    I tend to agree.

  3. Quote

    But that one act automatically turns an official round into a practice round.

    It doesn't. It's just a hole not played under the Rules of Golf.

    Also, what is "golf" depends on the context. I'll talk about "playing golf" even if I'm having a practice round and hitting a bunch of balls, or when I'm with @NatalieB and giving her mulligans or having her re-putt a few times, etc. No official baseball rules have "ghost runners" but sandlot players will still say they're playing baseball.

    Within the context of the rules, though, "golf" is whatever follows the rules. Even leagues that modify the Rules of Golf could be said to be playing a sport other than "golf." The rules define the game, and unlike the NCAA and football or basketball (etc.), there's one set of rules for "golf" and that's across the entire WORLD, not just within a specific league. Poker, why, that's just the "conditions of the competition" or "Local Rules" - you're still playing "poker" even if fives are wild (I'm guessing - I'm not a big poker player) just as you're still playing "golf" with different CoC/LR in place.

    So long as someone else is enjoying the game, too, I don't really care what you do and call it golf. Have a blast. So long as we're not talking about it in the context of the rules, I'll call it "golf" right alongside you. Just don't brag to me about your 75… because again, that's when the context of the rules matters.

  4. 13 minutes ago, Wanzo said:

    I'll be doing fine for a while, but then shank a couple or just not hit them squarely and worry that "I've lost it, I need to hit some good ones".

    I typically do one of two things when that sort of thing happens in practice. Sorry, one of three things:

    1. I don't worry about it at all. Maybe in swinging a little left I tend to toe the ball, so I take a shank here and there as a good sign that I'm working on the proper thing and it's changing the picture.
    2. I take a break. Sometimes it's a loss of focus, or a little tiredness, or whatever. To stop from overthinking it or getting more frustrated, I take a short break.
    3. I hit a few balls just trying to hit them solidly. I don't work on my "piece" - I push the reset button and flush the system of those shanks.

    Right now in my own swing I get a little steep with my forearm rotation and trial shoulder/elbow action, so I'm working on what my arms/hands do in transition. It requires a lot of attention and focus, and so sometimes when I swing down to hit the ball at even 60% speed, I'm focusing so much on what that part of my body is doing that my lower body doesn't do much - it's kind of "still" and doesn't do its usual slide/pivot. So sometimes I hit the ball like crap (relatively speaking) for a bit. If it's really bad, I'll hit some shots trying to do the A3-A5 stuff a little while mostly getting my lower body back into action, and that cleans things up, and "reminds" my lower body to do more than just my torso off the ground.

  5. On 12/12/2016 at 11:12 PM, JonMA1 said:

    I think land up here is still around $2000 an acre, maybe a bit higher with a creek running through it. So for $50,000, I could have the land. The wife and I have talked about our next home having acreage, so 25 acres isn't completely out of the question. Sadly, that would probably be the cheapest part of the deal. 

    What kind of a course are you going to put on 25 acres?

    Or did I misread your post?

  6. Uh, yes, you need to work on your putting.

    I don't even think your short game might not need much work… if you chip it to seven feet and then miss the putt most of the time… that's not your short game at fault.

    This is backed up by comparing your stats to the various handicap levels.


    Now, Strokes Gained done properly doesn't care what you do with the resulting putt, so you're still losing a few strokes with your short game… but not many, and not compared to the true glaring weakness: your putting.

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