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  1. Added a security question to the registration process. Maybe it will slow these Koreans down just a little.

  2. Had late dinner with my mom. Was good to catch up.

    • I don't feel very well at all today. Blech.
    • I hate the Adidas catalog. Who the fuck uses a FLASH catalog? Just give me a goddamn PDF. Like Adidas clothing; hate the catalog.
    • My TT blades (and rubbers) should arrive tomorrow!
    • I'll probably be too sick to play with them. Best not to push it.
    • My swing was decent during the summer. Just watched some older stuff.
  3. Replaced the motor and remote control on the bed. Took no time at all, really, and went smoothly.

    Now, so long as the wife can not wash the new remote in the laundry…

  4. Alternate Nostril Breathing. Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha.

    Seriously, people.

  5. I ordered a Magic Trackpad 2 today, then realized that my 2012 Mac Pro doesn't have Bluetooth 4.0 (it's never done Continuity). There are hacks out there (like the CAT), but I've never wanted to mess around with that.

    Bummer. My old Magic Trackpad is fine… I just wanted to try out the new stuff. More on my personal blog…

  6. Did not play very well today, but I know why and it won't be a problem the next time.

  7. Had a few pretty good lessons the last few days.

  8. Some good work today with @saevel25.

  9. These t-shirt submissions so far… suck. All of them.

  10. Took the kiddo to the orthodontist already today because she couldn't turn her expander. Five minutes later we were out the door. She hadn't turned it enough the first time, so while it appeared you could put it in the front hole, you couldn't quite get enough of it.

  11. Working on a presentation today for the men's golf team to kick off their winter program. It's going to cover my "instructional philosophy" and get everyone on the same page as me with regards to some information I do not want to have to repeat thirteen separate times.

  12. Heading to Rochester for the ECAC championship very soon. Let's go PSB Golf!

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