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  1. Brutal honesty here… I need to either post less frequently or take more time with my posts when I do post.

    I like to post, but sometimes I do it poorly. I want to say something, but in trying to squeeze a response in between doing ten other things, it's short. Short posts come across poorly; far more poorly than I hear them in my head when I write them.

    I absolutely suck - always have - at getting my "tone" right online. I constantly come across poorly. Yeah, I can be a dick, but I'm a way bigger dick the way people read my posts than the way I write them, particularly when I'm writing in a hurry. Short posts come across so much more poorly (that's not the only problem, just one of the issues), more aggressively, than intended. This forum has never really had the conversational tone of short replies with some back-and-forth. Partly because I'm as likely as anyone (or more so) to post a long post.

    I don't know what can change about that, but… I'm aware of it. I get it, and get that I'll probably never even be "good" at it, but can be "better." And that I'm committed to working on that this winter in particular.

    If I post something that seems less than "good," PM me about it. Be specific. I might not agree, and I might explain what I'm thinking (which doesn't mean I disagree), but I'll look at what you have to say with an open mind.

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    2. Club Rat

      Club Rat

      With everything you have on your plate, I applaud you for the many great posts and the great site you run.

      While I see many posts by many members which sometimes lack descriptive explanations, they often are addressing a specific topic or exchange with other members.

      From a very brief time I had the wonderful experience of the Newport Cup, I got the impression you are a perfectionist and also you and Mike did so many wonderful things to make that experience the best it could be for everyone.

      Cheers to all the great things you do for so many    :beer:

      Never a bad post in my mind, just a short period of time you share with so many.

    3. TN94z


      I feel the same way about myself. I tend to come across with a bad tone or I get in too big of a hurry and my posts come across as though I didn't put much thought into them which, in turn, makes me sound like I'm new to all of this information. So I decided a while back to just read instead of posting that much. I occasionally post now, but it's not on a consistent basis like it used to be.

    4. iacas


      I disagree, @TN94z. Your posts didn't come across that way at all.

      Mine, well, mine sucked. I'm making some changes, here and in "meatspace," for the better.

  2. Just submitted my résumé for the Golf Digest Top 40 Under 40 list.

    The biggest detractor is my location - I'm not a teaching pro at a fancy, old private club somewhere.

    1. Lihu


      Cool. Best wishes to get in the top 10, where you belong! :-)


    2. nevets88


      All the hats you wear versus some guy who just teaches at stiff ass CC, you'd have my vote hands down.

  3. Added a security question to the registration process. Maybe it will slow these Koreans down just a little.

  4. Alternate Nostril Breathing. Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha.

    Seriously, people.

  5. Did not play very well today, but I know why and it won't be a problem the next time.

  6. Finishing up on some of the Lowest Score Wins presentation for the student class. It's going to be pretty good!

    1. iacas


      It's really good, guys!

  7. Finishing up the LSW Playbook today and sending it off to be printed!

  8. Going to the Pens game on Friday night in Columbus!

    1. iacas


      One game suspension. Ha.

  9. Gonna play some golf… outside!… today!

  10. Had late dinner with my mom. Was good to catch up.

  11. I hope the Pens can keep playing look the last five periods.

  12. I ordered a Magic Trackpad 2 today, then realized that my 2012 Mac Pro doesn't have Bluetooth 4.0 (it's never done Continuity). There are hacks out there (like the CAT), but I've never wanted to mess around with that.

    Bummer. My old Magic Trackpad is fine… I just wanted to try out the new stuff. More on my personal blog…

  13. Just about ready to head out for the PGA Show. I think we're going to duck over to Cleveland and head south on 77 rather than 79. It adds only 30 miles and only about 20 minutes to the trip. We meet up with the same route around Beckley, WV.

  14. Probably skipping PT today. It hasn't helped and I think it's a matter of willpower more than anything. Going to wait until later though to be sure.

  15. Replaced the motor and remote control on the bed. Took no time at all, really, and went smoothly.

    Now, so long as the wife can not wash the new remote in the laundry…

  16. So, apparently, Tila Tequila is having a meltdown on Twitter right now…



  17. Teeth feel fine. Back to a regular schedule tomorrow activity wise. One more day of salt water rinsing and no brushing.

  18. Very seriously considering getting Invisalign.

  19. Watching - and enjoying - Top Spin, a documentary about three Olympic table tennis hopefuls.


  20. Went to the dentist today. Though my first two wisdom teeth were removed at age 12 or so, my last one will come out in mid-February.

  21. Yeah, what the hey… let's try this avatar for a little while.

    1. saevel25


      It looks friendly :-D

  22. Had a few pretty good lessons the last few days.

  23. Heading to Rochester for the ECAC championship very soon. Let's go PSB Golf!

  24. Some good work today with @saevel25.

  25. These t-shirt submissions so far… suck. All of them.

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