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  1. 41 minutes ago, Vespidae said:

    Yes, I do.

    You don't. I mean, this isn't an opinion. You went one route — you don't know that route was the "best" because, again, you didn't have several alternate universes in which to test other methods that may have been better.

    41 minutes ago, Vespidae said:

    His assessment was "your scores are ok but ... you'll never be any good because you just don't have a swing that repeats. And to create a swing that repeats, you have to ditch that shit you're doing now."

    Everyone's swing "repeats" to within a pretty small degree.

    41 minutes ago, Vespidae said:

    So I hit thousands of SW shots. Still do. Just to find the face of the club at impact. I've worked on rebuilding my swing over the last 2 years and am playing the best, most consistent golf of my life.

    I'm glad. Still doesn't change what I've said.

    41 minutes ago, Vespidae said:

    My point is ... which no one apparently agrees with ... is mechanics matter.

    Nobody that I know of here disagrees with that.

    They're disagreeing that the way you went about it should be followed by others. I'm pointing out the fact that you don't know if it was even the best plan for you. It's the one you chose, so you're going to believe in it, but you can't know.

    I'm glad you're happy.

    Thanks for adding the avatar.

  2. 30 minutes ago, Yukari said:

    Vaccines for SARS and MERS were never developed as, fortunately, the spread was contained and limited.

    COVID-19 is a same family as SARS and it is referred to as SARS-Cov-2 to indicate it is the same family of virus with similar symptoms.

    My point was that it may be difficult to make a vaccine for COVID. Results are promising, but many vaccines can fall late. SARS and MERS still exist in the world. They're not eradicated.


    A look at all the vaccines that have reached trials in humans.


  3. 22 hours ago, billchao said:

    Something clicked in my head when I read this. I forgot about the chest down part (we didn't focus on it much in Erie because I kept dipping too low), but I thought about it now and put everything together and realized what I'm trying to do is a hip hinge like I would do when weightlifting. So I started practicing a hip hinge as my transition move. I played on Sunday with that feel and hit the ball pretty solidly, but had some clubface control issues. I practiced today to refine everything:


    I think these swings are probably the best ones so far. I learned today that my clubface issues come from the arms lifting too much in the backswing. If I get them too high, the club tips out and I hit too much across the ball with the face open. Big push-fades. Need to keep feeling the left arm stays lower in the backswing, almost too flat - Ben Hogan pane of glass feel.

    Bill these were so much better.

  4. 2 hours ago, Vespidae said:

    That's the point I'm making. 

    And the point I'm making is that:

    • The long clubs are not all that different than the short clubs. What's different about a 6I versus a 7I? Not much.
    • The long clubs — like a driver — are often fun to hit. People forced to hit only a SW until they can hit it "consistently" (by some definition) might quit golf before they are allowed to hit something else.
    • The driver is often more "forgiving" — I know you already responded to that, but it's true. The ball's on a tee, it has a huge club face, etc.
    • People need to learn to hit all the clubs, and I think it will slow their progress to hit only or primarily one club.

    I get people with enough speed hitting driver in the second lesson for beginners, typically. And our juniors, it's day two as well in our three-day camps.

  5. 19 minutes ago, Vespidae said:

    My point is why don’t you have a club you can consistently hit? It’s because you can’t make solid contact, compressing the ball and flying the correct distance, direction and trajectory. So work on that before you try to master all 14 clubs.

    Huh? There are days I shoot 71 and don’t hit the ball “consistently.”

    If people did what you’re saying they’d never hit a long club and would quit golf.

  6. 35 minutes ago, fredf said:

    I went nuts on speed drills for a while, including this speed the backswing advice. An unintended consequence was my swing got much shorter without me being aware at the time. (Not blaming the theory, just the dope with the club in hand.) So buyer beware.

    They mention it in the video too. That’s what I call a “sooner” swing. You start down “sooner” rather than just making the same backswing faster.

    So I’d say you just didn’t do it quite right. Your feel wasn’t “real” to you in the right way.

  7. I'd called or left a voicemail or text about it, but I wonder if you don't feel that your right knee twists inward during the backswing. Almost the opposite of the old sevam1 direction, where the knee (through the quads/hammies more than the lower leg) twists inward during the backswing a little.

    The feeling can work — that's not my question. The question is do you ever feel it that way?

    Another general question but for you specifically: if your issue (one of) is with your left hip flexion stuff, do you feel it during the backswing or is it a downswing thing only, and if it's the former, do you have any left hip feels or is it mostly right side feels for you?

  8. 4 hours ago, Missouri Swede said:

    Is that true?  Inoculation/vaccination with live attenuated forms of some pathogens are used to produce a response, but without the full disease in the patient.  Are there data yet for coronaviruses? (I haven't specifically looked yet--so if you've seen a link, I'm happy to learn.)

    Yes. If you have a low viral load your body may not ramp up the machinery to make antibodies.

    Also we don’t have SARS or MERS vaccines. It’s not an easy vaccine.

  9. 24 minutes ago, johnclark12 said:

    If you mean left and right handed, both of these are right hand videos. One is just the camera angle. If you mean my swing being this horizontal, it depends on the day

    The camera angle won’t make you look lefty unless you mean it’s a mirror camera recording.

     Neither video is from a good angle.

  10. 5 minutes ago, Mr22putt said:

    No....all my info from lpga.com is from 2019.

    Then yes you have the wrong year.

    5 minutes ago, Mr22putt said:

    Why would your friend be creating handicap information on pros golfers?....isn't a handicap for a pro golfer whether it be a touring pro, competitive pro or even a PGA Class A pro be viewed as irrelevant....I believe most pros...if not all pros.... don't identify themselves with a handicap or carry an official handicap.......and when they play competitively, they all play straight up....'gross' events.

    He calculated it to provide data for the conversation. Simple.

    Let’s move on. This isn’t going anywhere.

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