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  1. On 7/14/2019 at 4:41 PM, leftybutnotPM said:

    And... Tour Velvet grips are by far the most popular grips used on tour. That must mean something, when they can have whatever they want for free.



    They’re paid to play them too. So no it’s not unbiased.

    I play nothing but PURE Grips.

  2. 2 hours ago, PerfectStriking said:

    Maybe your wife's clubs are great clubs who knows, I'd probably swing them better than yours right 🙂 The point is not everything is a swing problem and you unfortunately just reaffirmed that every teaching pro thinks that as the first reason.

    I didn't "reaffirm" anything.

    You've been asked repeatedly to show your swing. Until then, and until we can see that, I'm just pointing out that you could very easily be swinging left, producing fades and 25% of the time slices with your driver, and pull-fading your irons so they go far but low. It's pretty common, and 7-irons go straighter than drivers.

    I'm only "reaffirming" facts here - it's highly unlikely that your "fix" is going to be changing the shaft.

    And I'd wager a good sum that you're swinging left with every club in your bag.

    That's not "re-affirming" anything, because it's a guess based on… wait for it… not even having seen your swing. Why? Because you don't want to show us your swing?

    2 hours ago, PerfectStriking said:

    Ok so people saying this probably isn't a swing problem, but then saying it probably is seem not to be able to stop contradicting themselves,

    What are you reading?

    2 hours ago, PerfectStriking said:

    Will let you know in a few weeks who was right ok 🙂 and after that if anyone makes the PGA tour I'll give you the credit to contradict yourself regardless of whether it makes sense.

    You're just trolling at this point now.

    2 hours ago, David in FL said:

    What people are saying, is that without seeing your swing, we cannot tell if it’s a swing problem. However, in the vast majority of cases, problems are much more likely the result of swing issues than equipment.

    We have a winner.

  3. So you make sweeping claims about what “golf pros” would do based on your experiences of the last week?

    And you still haven’t posted your actual swing?

    Okay dude.

    P.S. You might come over the top and hit low pulls and little fades that go far but aren’t necessarily the best shots. It may very well be your swing. Probably is in fact as I can play with my wife’s clubs and beat you.

  4. 1 hour ago, Shindig said:

    I can.  I have noticed that I have a lot more 3-putts when I hit more greens.  I had four (one from the fringe, three from the green, two of which were GIR) in my recent 77.  Obviously, Tiger is better than I am at all aspects of the game, including putting.  3-putt avoidance is, to some extent, a statistic on how often one starts on the green inside 35' or so than it is a measure of putting skill.  All of my 3-putts started outside 30' -- obviously two-putting would be preferable (as would be hitting it closer).

    I'd be a lot more curious for some statistic that blends strokes lost 3-putting.  This is probably not the best description for what I want, but someone who periodically hits an approach to 50' and 3-putts is in a different boat from someone who 3-putts from 10'.  

    All that. Yes.

  5. 3 minutes ago, colin007 said:

    This is quoted from an ESPN article. Extremely disheartening.

    "For this season, Woods ranks a modest 61st in strokes gained putting. The trouble shows up from inside 10 feet, where he has made 86 percent of his putts to rank 168th; he's just 164th from 15 to 20 feet. And he is 189th in three-putt avoidance, with 22 three-putt greens in 540 holes."

    I generally hate “inside x feet” stats.

  6. I’m out all day but once again don’t confuse feel and what we have measured and know to be true.

    The trail leg doesn’t do much of anything. The feet don’t do much of anything. And I’ve never said the left knee “locks.”

    You’re being vague and talking about stuff that has literally been to topic of dissertations.

    If you have a specific question, theory, idea, etc. cool. Share it. But this far I don’t agree with much that you’ve said and think the scope is entirely too large.

  7. 6 hours ago, PerfectStriking said:

    I might just let Jack Nicklaus and Jim Flick have my last words on this to show I'm not trying to make up something that just "worked" for me once, I'm actually trying to learn what the greatest player and one of the greatest coaches meant when they said...

    What's your point?

    Feel ain't real. We know the trail leg doesn't do much during the downswing, and again we've never said the lead leg is "passive."

  8. 1 hour ago, PerfectStriking said:

    Ball position is another whole issue right? Interestingly in Golf My Way Jack said one position, but hard to say right? I think one position obviously doesn't work with the modern driver but if all balls are hit off the ground / very low tee probably one position works, I hit it out of about centre + / - 1 ball so nearly centre for everything off the ground which is all clubs and all shots except the driver and the driver is different right! That driver head is just so big! Jack hit it out of more of a forward position for everything, but maybe that is because the equipment was generally harder to swing through and get the face closed, I don't even carry a 6 iron, hybrid and fairways from 6 up. No matter what any teaching pro says I believe you can get a much more consistent swing from getting a consistent feel and club swing across all your clubs and distances, for instance a 90 gram iron shaft equates to a 50 gram driver shaft feel and 110 to a 60, but try explaining that to a teaching pro who will say you just need to correct your swing fault, yeah right the club is making my swing fault and different swing reacting to the different club feel but that is all in my head right? Ball position could be a whole year of trial and error IMHO it will mess with your head but maybe that is just what we all have to go through, I've settled now and won't change so good luck!

    No, man.

    To several of those things, no.

  9. 1 hour ago, PerfectStriking said:

    Imagine trying to hit a golf ball standing on ice and see if you can visualise making a good shot, that's the problem with passive use of the legs and simply straightening your left leg


    Some facts:

    • The trail leg doesn't do much. The foot provides a little traction so that your hips can rotate, but the leg itself is pretty passive.
    • The ice stuff is pretty irrelevant to extending the lead leg.
    • Nobody's said here the lead leg is passive. It extends - often with quite a bit of speed/force - in the downswing.
    1 hour ago, PerfectStriking said:

    I think a lot of my bad shots come from my legs behaving weakly and not grabbing the ground and firming up the muscles (not joints) through impact.

    The legs don't "grab the ground." They simply use the feet (your shoes) for traction against the ground, and to push off the ground both horizontally (shear forces) and vertically (lead leg GRF stuff).

    1 hour ago, PerfectStriking said:

    I'll think about posting my swing but it really is more about concentrating on separating my use of my legs from the rest of my swing and the upper body, in fact I may just post the use of my legs without swinging.

    Post your swing. Without seeing it, it's all just guessing, and feel ain't real.

    1 hour ago, PerfectStriking said:

    What about the more powerful trailing leg side? And how should both legs including the abs and glutes work together what is their shared purpose into and at impact?

    The trail leg doesn't do much of anything.

    Beyond that, dude, I don't think you understand what your last sentence asks. Someone could quite literally write a Ph.D. paper on that in biomechanics or something.

    28 minutes ago, Buckeyebowman said:

    I keep hearing this, yet I continue to see things that make me think the contrary. Playing today, I saw my buddy's right foot shoot out from under him two times!

    If his right foot was pushing off, it wouldn't slip out. It slips out because it gets mostly unweighted, and the hips apply a shear force backward to the trail foot.

    28 minutes ago, Buckeyebowman said:

    And just a couple of years ago I saw a Tour pro have his right foot blow out from under him to the point where he was injured, and limped all the way to he finish of the third round! 

    Seems like some folks are still pushing off the right foot! There's NOT just one golf swing!

    If they were pushing off the right foot it wouldn't slip out like that. You've got it almost exactly backward.

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