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  1. 30 minutes ago, saevel25 said:

    Since the putter doesn't hang straight down, it will always have an arc in it unless you do some strange adjustments with the putting stroke. 

    That's not entirely true. The putter shaft could be full of loopty-loops and it could go SBST, but generally our bodies aren't set up to do so.

    To the OP, @KevinBlake, virtually nobody swings SBST for a stroke of any length. We play golf on a tilted plane, and generally our bodies work on that plane.

    You could make an argument that Michelle Wie, with her back almost horizontal with her table top putting stance, could have putted SBST, or very close to it. But unless you set up something like that, or manipulate your arms or wrists in some way, it's awkward to putt SBST.

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  2. Hey, it's almost a month earlier than we did this last year!

    Kickstarter of the Year

    We sometimes don't give out these awards, because often the major championship topics rank at the top (that happened this year too), sometimes long-running topics like "5 Minutes Daily" or "What'd You Shoot Today" are at the top. And sometimes they're just an easy win, like the "Tiger Catch-All Topic."

    But this past year we dealt with a pandemic, and are still dealing with it, and we also saw some interesting developments from within the golf world. So, without further ado, our Gold, Silver, and Bronze medalists in the Kickstarter of the Year, the people who started some of the busiest topics of the year, are:

    KOTY #3: TST's Bronze Kickstarter of the Year is…

    @Piz for asking what we were all doing now given the quarantine earlier in the year.

    KOTY #2: TST's Silver Kickstarter of the Year is…

    @ShawnSum wondered just what in the heck Bryson was doing, and a lot of other people wanted to talk about him as well!

    KOTY #1: TST's Gold Kickstarter of the Year is…

    @dennyjones asked whether COVID-19 was affecting your golf.




    Rookie of the Year

    These members joined the site within the last month of 2019 or any time in 2020 and amassed the most reputation points while remaining in good standing throughout the year (only points earned in 2020 count). Just as you'd expect, of course! These members have a bright future ahead of themselves!

    Note: winning Rookie of the Year does not preclude you from also winning Member of the Year awards. It'd be like a rookie in a major sport also winning the MVP - it can happen. It just didn't happen this year… 😄

    ROTY #3: TST's Bronze Rookie of the Year is…

    With 32 reputation points in 175 posts (a 0.183 ratio), and after joining on Christmas Day, 2019, @Sandy Lie!

    ROTY #2: TST's Silver Rookie of the Year is…

    Joining on June 22, 2020 and earning 37 reputation points in 100 posts (0.370), we haven't seen him in awhile but hope he will return, let's congratulate @ShaftFarmer!!

    ROTY #1: TST's Gold Rookie of the Year is…

    Racking up 56 reputation votes in total, this member joined May 15, 2020 and racked up a winning total in only 276 posts (0.203)! Let's congratulate @StuM on his Rookie of the Year award!!


    Now, it's on to the big one. The one we've all been waiting for. The…

    Member of the Year

    These members are the best of the best. They amassed the most reputation points during the calendar year 2020, and remained in good standing throughout the year. Their peers - you guys and gals - felt their posts were worthy of the most thanks, skins, fist bumps, high fives, or reputation, whatever you want to call it. These are the elite. The people who make insightful posts that help further the discussion… even if you disagree with them occasionally. Or frequently.

    Reminder: staff (me, @nevets88, @billchao@boogielicious, @phillyk, @DaveP043, @woodzie264, @georgep, and @TN94z — in no particular order) are ineligible for yearly awards, or we would have taken home some hardware here. But, moderating you fine folks is prize enough, and we thank you for your contributions to our community here! Without further ado…

    MOTY #3: TST's Bronze Member of the Year is…

    After joining on August 21, 2018, and making 1,950 posts, roughly one third of which include the phrases "white belt" or "ice cream [truck|man]", this member works hard on his swing when he works on it, and the rest of the time dreams of the days since he was able to wear a white belt. Having long surpassed his "rule of 35" in both of the ways, he amassed 346 points in 2020. Our bronze Member of the Year for 2020 is… @ChetlovesMer!

    MOTY #2: TST's Silver Member of the Year is…

    This member made a new year's resolution a few years ago and has stuck to it ever since, unlike literally everyone else in the world. His new year's resolution was to post witty rejoinders and join us in making merriment. He joined on January 1, 2017 and has made 2,958 posts since then. In 2020, he amassed 414 reputation points. For 2020, the silver Member of the Year is… @Double Mocha Man!

    MOTY #1: TST's Gold Member of the Year is…

    When this member isn't busy dealing with the health crisis, injuring himself on skateboards or bicycles or something, or dealing with the health crisis in his own game known as Accute Hosilitis, he's amassing 502 reputation points in 2020! With a current content count of 6,809 posts since joining on March 24, 2014… He's the… uhhhhh… Dustin Johnson (?) of TST for 2020, the cream of the crop once again, and a repeat gold medal MOTY winner… @Vinsk!


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  3. 29 minutes ago, Zippo said:

    I'm not convinced of the accuracy of that statement. I'm not a materials specialist (though I did stay at a Best Western, once) but when I look at high speed images of the golf ball deforming on impact it appears to me as if the surface of the ball is pretty much smeared against the club face. I'm not sure how that dimple pattern could provide more surface area to contact the club surface. But, that said, I'd probably buy them anyway 'cause, hey! Why not?

    Here's Titleist's ball test lab showing what looks to me like elastic deformation of the ball on impact:



    That's a fake video. That's not at all what a golf ball does.


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  4. 27 minutes ago, NCGolfer said:

    So I had some time at our indoor facility and Trackman.  I put the Swingspeed radar down to compare it next to Trackman to see what the difference in numbers were.  Had some interesting (and strange) results.

    First I hit some 7 irons to warm up.  On trackman I averaged about 85 MPH but the Swingspeed was registering around 78/79...so it was consistently lower.

    When I hit driver I was averaging around 102ish on Trackman but the Swingspeed radar was consistently around 110 or even higher.  I hit 105 on Trackman but topped out at 115 on Swingspeed.  I'd say that Swingspeed was averaging a little under 10 MPH higher with the driver but it was 6 MPH lower with the 7 iron.

    Has anyone else seen results like this?  I was left slightly confused.  When I've done fittings in the past and been on Trackman I was normally in the 100ish range so my swingspeed is definitely up a little bit but not as much as I thought it would be.

    I think you can play around with the positioning and angle of the SSR. With the 7-iron often it will hit higher up on the shaft and measure the speed of that, while with the driver sometimes it can measure the toe instead of the COM like the Trackman will measure. (But that shouldn't be 10 MPH faster. A few.)

  5. 13 minutes ago, phan52 said:

    I voted yes because it was not cursing. They get fined for that on tour. He used an unacceptable, derogatory pejorative for gay people and he needs to banish that word from his vocabulary. I don't think he even understood that it is offensive but it is no different from the "n" word to some. He strikes me as a smart, empathetic person and will use this moment and his platform on the Tour to promote inclusion. 

    I'm pretty sure he knew it was offensive, hence the immediate apology.

    Why it was so readily available, I don't know, though.

  6. 7 hours ago, dchoye said:

    Its such an individual thing.  Why mic golfers and expect there would be no cussing.   It happens in every profession sports and probably more so in other sports if football players or baseball players were mic up.  
    Why are we putting golfers in a different category? 


    3 hours ago, dchoye said:

    Please Let me know which cuss words are more acceptable. 

    This topic was about JT saying “f***.” This year it hasn’t been about that word. I think you’re assuming we are talking about the original topic, not the homophobic slur.

  7. This is not a video you'll want to watch. It's 11 minutes long because there's a LOT of slow-motion parts with multiple swings with stuff in between.

    • I was primarily working on A1-A3 here.
    • This was early in a long (for me) session today.
    • I noticed in this video that I could let my right elbow bend a little bit sooner, so I spent some of the rest of the session letting that happen.
    • I'll be on to A3-A5 here very soon.
    • The left knee could extend just a tiny bit sooner. 🙂 (That's for later. Much later.)
    • I'm pretty happy with the path on these, even though I'm not yet working on even the transition.
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  8. 7 hours ago, SEMI_Duffer said:

    Argue with the owner of a forum; be disrespectful of the forum, its members, and said owner, get banned.  Shocking.  One fears poor Bones is in for a rude surprise if he expects anything else anywhere else.

    Funny thing is he didn't even argue with me. Not really.

    I told him to relax, and he called me names for changing the title of his post (and offering to change it again if someone could give me a better title than what it has now).

    7 hours ago, SEMI_Duffer said:

    One fears poor Bones is in for a rude surprise if he expects anything else anywhere else.


    7 hours ago, SEMI_Duffer said:

    I've long wondered about that strike I've seen through some members' nicks.  Now I know--complements of ex-member Bones.

    Often, if someone is banned, the content that got them banned isn't visible.

    We ban roughly one non-spammer per month. It's really uncommon. And @bones was leaving anyway.

    5 hours ago, Desperado said:

    Changing the title of a dude’s thread, unless against a code of conduct, makes this place waaaaay less desirable.  

    And then you get sensitive about his retort??  WOW!!!

    Guess you showed him, Boss!!!

    Yeah, we changed the title. Oooooooooooooh. His original title didn't make any sense.

    You're welcome to show yourself the door at any time. We did nothing wrong here.

    Let's get back to the topic, now, please.

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  9. The point is made that the men have a 100-year head start, and thus some of the issue is the lack of exposure.

    I don't think it's even the majority issue, but it is an issue. Some people seem to think it's entirely the issue - that the women haven't had the exposure, and if they were given it, they'd be just as valuable as the men in short order.

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